Monday, January 04, 2016

A Clip and Food

I was in a bad place yesterday. I cried all day. It started from the moment I got up, and I did not and could not shake it. I couldn't distract myself from it. Such posts as yesterday's result from days like that. I need a place to dump it, at least some of it.

I'm broken. If any of you readers and blog friends feel like I'm stand-offish or I'm not as close as you'd like me to be, don't take offense or take it personally. I know for a fact there are some of you who wonder why or if you've done something to make me be that way. I just have no trust in people and I don't even want to right now, if ever.

That's one of the REAL reasons I removed my comment section. I don't want anyone to feel they have to comment to posts like that. I don't want people to think I'm trying to get the attention or draw comments from ugly posts like that. There are a couple of other REAL reasons I removed the comments too, but I choose not to share those. I shouldn't have given a false reason to you when I decided to remove them. I'm sorry if anyone took offense to it. It was bullshit, but it seemed easier than telling the truth.

I'm broken, but I am not a victim. I don't like playing the victim, feeling like a victim, or being a victim. I am not a victim.

Sometimes things come to you when you need them to the most. Last night I saw THIS on TV. I have been recording and watching these sessions each week. Some of the speakers I thought were not very good or were too over-the-top or preachy, but some were excellent. Anyway, I hope one person gets something out of listening to this clip so I'm sharing it.

Moving on...


I tried to distract myself yesterday and spent at least two hours in the kitchen. Sometimes that helps...

I made 30 meatballs (baked not fried) and a big batch of meat sauce. I froze the meatballs in two separate batches for later meals, I froze two containers of the sauce, and we both had a plate of spaghetti and put more in the fridge for leftovers today. Holy Moses, it was YUM! I got both recipes from the same site I got the Chocolate Chip Muffins from. Here are the links:

Meat Sauce:  HERE  (I added chopped green pepper and dried oregano)
Meatballs:  HERE


I love him.

Sweet little Ollie foot.
I love him too.
Damn, my hand looks fat. Meaty even. Ha.
I think I need more food.


We got three more inches of snow last night.
I'm starting not to be surprised anymore.
But I AM always a little giddy about it.
I open the curtains and screech a little.
Look! Fresh snow!
On top of the old snow.
On top of the even older snow.

Pammy Sue