Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Not Much Happening

I finished the knit hat.
I could not wait to get this finished and over with.
It's not supposed to be that way, but that's how knitting makes me feel.
I feel like I'm taking an ass-whippin' instead of having fun.

So I made some crochet gloves and had a ball doing it.
That's more like it.

The pattern is Lady Kathryn Fingerless Gloves...
For purchase on Etsy at Northern Cottage Gifts, $3.50
(Not my shop and I didn't get anything for advertising it here.)

We put the tree up.

Our beautiful...



Beautiful home.

As you can see, most of our snow finally melted. The temps have been in the high 30s for several days now and it's been raining. More snow coming later in the week though. Yay.

And finally, two of our babies to make you smile...

Janie (Jane Doe)

If you don't know the story, she is blind. We found on the side of the highway while on vacation three years ago. We spent at least two hours trying to find her owner that day and looked online for months after we brought her home, but we were unsuccessful. At that time she was only blind in one eye, but she has slowly lost the site in her other eye over the last three years. She's quite remarkable in how she lives with her blindness. She's always happy and maneuvers her way around very well. What an angel dog.

Eli (Elijah), the alpha dog in the family.

He keeps himself separated from the rest of the dogs 99% of the time. They all lay around in piles on top of each other, but he will not join them. He definitely thinks he's in charge and routinely keeps the others in line with his growling and snarling and general bitchiness. He rarely will play with any of them either. He's not that way towards us at all though. He's happy and playful and always wants to be where we are. He's especially fond of Ken. He's a daddy's boy for sure.

I'm outta here.
See ya.


  1. Your tree is gorgeous! So are your pictures where you live is so beautiful. I know what you mean about knitting, it takes so much longer than crochet and crochet feels like home because you know it inside and out and every-which way where as knitting is still a big mystery in someways. The hat came out great and those mitts are gorgeous! XOXO Neicee

  2. I know how you feel. I love to knit, and I wish I was better. But I suppose I will always be a crochet girl first and foremost. and like you said, sometimes knitting just feels like a butt whoopin instead of fun. I think your home is beautiful too. I would love to see it someday in person. The Northwest is on my bucket list. Beautiful tree!! Hugs!!

  3. Love your dogs and your pictures of them.
    I have fun knitting, but I feel more home with crochet. Knitting puts me under pressure, whereas I feel free with crochet as it is so easy to undo some stitches and do them again so that it pleases me.
    Take care!

  4. Big thank you for the pup-dog smiles.
    Sweet Janie and sweet you for being a kind soul and taking her home. Bless you both!!!
    Eli sounds a lot like my long departed father. (enough said)
    Loving your needle work and your ever beautiful home.
    Merry Christmas to you all

  5. Like your Christmas tree. Good lot of knitting and guess very welcome while so cold. The photos are beautiful and know how you feel with your surroundings. We have the same here in the Marlborough Sounds top of the South Island New Zealand. I like it even when the cloud is down so low. Usually the water is very calm and still while they are like that.Sailing along or motoring along on a launch is incredibly peaceful with those sort of days. Have a good week.Shirley

  6. Well I think your hat is lovely even if you didn't enjoy making it. I too prefer to crochet but I like the fit of knitted things better, a knitted hat fits more snuggly than a crochet one. I love your gloves too and your nails go so well with the colour of the yarn, beautiful photo's and cute doggies. Your tree is so elegant I'm not putting one up this year, well I might later will see how I feel. :) xx

  7. I'm struggling with the whole knitting thing too. My mom and grandma were knitters so I feel like I have to carry on tradition, but crochet is way more fun. Lovely pictures of your beautiful Washington as usual.
    The doggies- so sweet! Have a great week. Send me some snow :)

  8. Pretty, pretty tree! Your hat turned out great and so did your gloves. I'm a crocheted first too, but the more I knit, the more I like it. It's been in the 60's here at Mandy's, but it sounds like we'll arrive back in Washington with snow falling if the predictions are true. I must say, I prefer the 60's!! Your doggy pictures make me miss my Chloe even more. Have a great week Pammy Sue.

  9. I am a crocheter! I've tried to knit but it was boring and too slow for me! Love your tree and your fur babies!

    Grace & Peace

  10. Lovely tree my dear... Sweet Jane so nice you were able to get her before something happened.. Cute doggies and love thos gloves... Sending love fro me to you... Janice

  11. Your hat turned out lovely Pam. Did you make it for yourself? Love the fingerless mitts too. You'd probably need both for where you live now. Those pictures look as if its rather cold !! That first one of the lake with the reflection is beautiful. Poor Janie - I had a blind Pug many years ago and it was the same with him .... knew his way around like he was a fully sighted dog. xox

  12. Enjoy your crafting and the beautiful scenery while you are getting ready for Christmas! xx

  13. Aaawww... I love the dog photos! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  14. Beautiful tree! I feel the same way about knitting. It was the first thing I learned how to do but it's too slow for me. Weather looks too cold and damp for me.

  15. Your tree is beautiful as are all of your scenery photos.


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