Thursday, December 03, 2015

Hunkering, Knitting, Crocheting

It's so big and squishy and wonderful.
So much fun to make!

 Excuse the unmanicured hand. Ugh.
I just wanted you to see how big the stocking is.

Pattern:  Christmas Stocking by Maggie Weldon, Free HERE.
Yarn:  Paton's Classic Wool (Worsted-Weight Held Doubled), Bright Red
Yarn:  Wool-Ease Chunky (Not Doubled), Silver Grey
Hook:  Size N

Notes:  I made this while watching the tutorial video at the bottom of the pattern in that link. It was helpful and made it easier for me. Thank you to my sweet friend Neicee for the pattern and info. Love you, Neicee! You are inspiring and beautiful. ♥♥♥

It's so beautiful outside and cozy inside I can hardly stand it!

I hate to end on an bummer note, but I do want to say how awful the events of yesterday were. I happened to be watching Shep on Fox News (I'm a news buff! I'm always watching the news!) when the story broke yesterday. We turned it off after the last news conference at 11:00pm (Pacific Time). I also want to say how ridiculous it is that the media is being so politically correct and "delicate" about saying what it is...TERRORISM! Wake up, people! Do you think they would have been so hesitant to give names and what exactly was happening if the suspect names were John Cook and Diane Smith? NO! For God's sake!

And while I'm bitching about the media, why don't they show videos of the hundreds of police officers that are shot and killed FOR NOTHING every year? Why do they run videos over and over again of black men being shot by police and call it racism. I'm not saying the officers are not wrong in certain instances, because they have been VERY WRONG, but why is it given so much attention and police officers villainized and idiots riot in the streets when the exact same thing is happening to police officers everywhere regularly and it barely registers in the news, if at all?? I'm so sick of reverse racism! That's exactly what it is! I do not believe that the vast majority of white people in this country are racist against black people or anyone else. Yes, there are some, but there are just as many blacks with a huge chips on their shoulders being racists against whites. GAH. I'm sick of it, I tell you.

Our country is going to hell in a hand-basket. We're well on our way already. I'm glad I'll probably be dead in 30-40ish years and won't have to see what it comes to.

Oh my. That was an unplanned rant, but those are my thoughts at the moment. I really don't care if you agree with me or not. So there.

My thoughts and prayers for those victims and families in San Bernardino.


  1. The snow is beautiful.
    Thank You for the link to that cute stocking, bookmarked.

  2. I agree whole heartedly. During all the Treyvon Martin fiasco, there was a young white mother in Alabama that was broken into in the middle of the night by two young black men. They raped, murdered her, robbed the home, and killed the infant too. It NEVER MADE THE NEWS, because they were too busy reporting what was happening in Florida. And it doesn't help when we have a president WHO TAKES SIDES, instead of supporting us and bringing us together as a nation like he should ("If I had a son, he would look like Treyvon" if thats not taking sides and inciting hate, then I'm a monkey's uncle). Like you, not saying racism doesn't happen, and there are dirty, trigger happy cops on the take out there too (New Orleans comes to mind). But I was under the assumption that our goal was to be a color-blind society so that ALL would be treated equally. That has not happened. Racism is racism, and it crosses all color lines. Being white, is not a prerequisite to being a racist. Some of the most racist people I've ever encountered, were not white, and some of them are regularly on tv when ever there's a photo-op. Now THAT is an inconvient truth. And its not politically correct. But I've always thought that political correctness is just lying with style. And I'm pretty sick of the media at large telling me what I should think and how I should feel. I finally just stopped watching the tv news, even Fox. They are ALL corrupt and out for the ratings.

  3. I adore the stocking. As for the rest, I am lost for words as to what to say about all of these things that happen. Stay safe and warm. xx

  4. Love that stocking and must check out the video. I know I have some red and white yarn around here somewhere :) I've never seen snow like that - it must be amazing although I guess you might be used to it ? Did Ken have to dig out that path? If so, I imagine that would be very hard work. I also saw that horrible news story yesterday - so senseless and upsetting. My thoughts are also with family and friends of those killed and injured. Very sad indeed. xox

  5. Loving your snow photo's. I see you've cleared a nice path for the pup-dogs.

    In the US the media will not state what is obvious like they do in the UK. In the Daily Mail (UK newspaper) they had no trouble stating the facts about the two murderers in yesterdays attack.

    The Daily Mail stated they were a radicalized US Muslim couple named Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27. You can read the un varnished truth about the attack here.

    Thanks for the stocking pattern. You're is so cute!

  6. Pammy Sue the stocking came out great!
    I love your knitting I'm so proud of you.
    stay warm. I would kill for a snow day. I'm from the north so I remember the cozy winters inside. Now I have to crank Ac to use fireplace.
    agree with everything you said this country is in trouble. Xoxo Neicee

  7. Well, I do agree with you for the most part. There are always a few that make any group look bad....police, muslims, blacks, whites, Republicans, and on and on. Locally I have been seeing more reporting of police going above and beyond doing something positive.
    As far as the media....I believe that caution in their reporting is a good thing. We were getting reports as the situation unfolded, not hours after the fact. I especially liked how the San Bernadino Chief of Police handled the media.
    The bad things that happen are always what makes news, but I truly believe that there are so many more good people. When something like this happens look at how many reach out to help compared to the two who did this.
    The stocking looks great....but what are you knitting? The colors are lovely.

  8. Lovely sock Pammy Sue. Thank you for providing the pattern for all of us. We had lots of ice at our house this morning according to my husband. He called me on his way to work and said that he had slid through two intersections before he got to just wet pavement about 3 miles south of our house.

    Boy do I agree with you almost word for word on the state of this country. I haven't been able to watch any news since I've been here. My daughter doesn't like our granddaughter to see it. So it's just what I've been able to find online. But it sure does sound mighty suspicious to me what I'm reading. We need to call a spade a spade and take care the problem once and for all. But I'm with you I think this country may be too far gone to rescue. I'm glad I won't be around much longer to see it. And on that happy note I'll stop.
    Blessings, Betsy

  9. I agree with you!

  10. This tragedy was way too close to home! Agree with you 100%.
    Love the hat! Way to go! Love the stocking! Love the snow! Love Adele!!
    XO k

  11. Yesterday was an incredibly sad (and maddening) day for us too. How much our nation and world has changed from my childhood days. Yes, I know we have always had evil and hate. And I know how the media focuses on the bad, rather than the good, but our world has changed--and not for the better. Thank you for your courage in expressing how you feel--I too am sick of PC.
    On a more positive note, love your snow and that first photo! Joining you in prayers.

  12. Agreed! I think most people feel the same way but we are silenced with the whole racist threat. On the bright side, the stocking is adorable. Looks like a winter wonderland where you live. You must love it there.
    xx Beca

  13. Amen! And they can't blame a flag this time either! Can't wait for January 20. 2017 to finally get rid of the biggest mistake America has ever made!

  14. Hi Pammy Sue, I always read your posts but don't always get the time to leave a comment. I agree with your rant there, things are really bad all over, the world's a scary place right now. I just love your stocking I think it needs some embellishment are you going to add the little tree, I think a sprig of holly would look good too. The snow looks so pretty, we have gales at the moment so I'm staying snug inside too. Have a great weekend. :) xx

  15. Agree with Charlotte Huffman! I can hardly wait too.. am tired of being "too politically correct" about everything... we are Americans.. this is America and we need a leader who will fight for us.. not every other country in the world. Loved your rant and I agree.

    That stocking is gorgeous.. I may give it a try. I LOVE crocheting! Haven't done enough lately but you are inspiring me. I got one of my large table mats done last night... burgundy with silver threads throughout.. and a white (with silver threads) for the border. someone will get it for Christmas. Trouble is.. I've made so many over the years, and given away so many, that I can't remember who I've given them to! I need to keep a list. But so far, when I got visit them, they are still using them after years and years. So so fun. You are doing great on the knitting too. You have so much talent!

    We just got rid of our 10" of snow from before Thanksgiving.. is so nice to see the ground again! When you have a white ground all winter long, it does get tiring. I'm sure though, that the newness of it is wonderful for you!

  16. What a CUTE stocking!! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  17. Amen to that, and love the pictures and patterns and measurements too very good idea!


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