Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Hat, Some Socks, an Ornament

I saw this hat on Instagram the other day and thought it was so cute. The pattern wasn't listed so I went on a search for it and it took me about two seconds to find it. Isn't it CUTE?! I made it this afternoon in a couple of hours. I'm not sure exactly how long it took because I was interrupted with a long phone call, but it was somewhere in the 2-hour range. I love the big fat tassels that kinda look like pigtails!  Here are the details:

Pattern:  Big Tassel Hat by Pixiebell, Purchased on Craftsy but it's on Ravelry too:
Craftsy:  HERE   Ravelry:  HERE  
Hook:  I used a size N hook (Pattern calls for an L)
Yarn:  I used Bernat Softee Chunky in White

I can't wait to make another color. I have to wait until we go into town, which may be a while because we have a winter storm coming tonight with 6-8 inches of snow expected. I'm so excited for the snow!

I also made this little Christmas Stocking:

I was a fun make too. It's a free pattern on Le Monde de Sucrette's blog. She recently got a new website for her blog, but it acts up every time I go there and I couldn't get the link for you. It's there in her free patterns if you search for it. I'm going to make at least one more of these in purple and white to match our Christmas tree.

Look what we got in the mail...

Christmas gifts from my mother-in-law! Aren't they so pretty? I nearly died. A friend of hers knitted them for her. I wish I could knit this well! I've just been staring at them and examining the stitching the last couple of days. I love them. 

We found this ornament today at the second-hand store in town.

We went there specifically to look for an ornament to get for our first Christmas here in our new home. It's more perfect than anything I could have imagined. I love this too! I just love everything today, don't I?

We went home and hung it together on the tree. It's exactly what we were looking for only better! I think it's hand-made, but I really don't know. There's no writing or label on it anywhere. It was only 50 cents!

I'm off to bed to read my new magazines.
They've been waiting for me for over a week.
My new favorite magazine is the HGTV one.

I hope I wake up to snowdrifts!