Saturday, November 14, 2015

First Snow

We've had a couple of days of our first snow this past week. Thursday it snowed from noon to around 3:00 with very little accumulation and it melted off before nightfall. We were driving into British Columbia to go to Walmart when it started coming down. We decided we could get what we needed and get back home before the roads got too bad. We rushed through our shopping and drove home and it wasn't bad at all.

I must have taken 50 photos trying to get some good shots of the snowfall, but I wasn't very successful in getting good ones. Here are a few of them.

But first, the coolest thing we saw that eagle sitting in a tree. I took about 10 photos of him, but they all look like this...

It was so quiet and still and the snow was falling as I stood outside the car and watched him. It was very cool! I really wish the photos had turned out better, but I wanted to share this anyway. 

Here's a very short video of him...



Walmart parking lot in Trail, B.C.

One-lane bridge approaching the border crossing back into the U.S.

Are you laughing at my silly "snow" pictures?
I was so giddy that it was finally snowing.
I've been waiting for it.
Soon I will have more impressive ones, I'm sure!

Back home a few days earlier, I took this photo from my front door.
See what I mean when I told you we live in the clouds a lot of the time?
That is not smoke; it's a cloud.

Fletch enjoying the fire.

A hat I finished crocheting yesterday.
I didn't use a pattern or I'd link it for you.


I took those last two pictures above while following my next-door neighbor to her daughter's house on Wednesday night. Her daughter decided to become a Pampered Chef consultant so I went to another party. This one was FUN! I had a great time. I was so glad I went. I met some new people and a few I already knew. There was talk of more PC parties and also a Christmas cookie decorating party coming up which I'll be attending. Yay! 


Eli has injured his hip somehow and is a bit gimpy since yesterday afternoon. He won't jump up or down on anything without help (the bed, the couch, etc.) and even needs help going up and down the stairs to get outside. I gave him a baby aspirin with some canned food about an hour ago hoping to help him. He's had sensitive hips since he was very young. He'll be 7 years old next month. It's probably a genetic joint problem that so many dogs have nowadays. I'm sure this cold, damp weather doesn't help. I hope it's just a flair-up and he's back to normal soon.

Bye-bye from a tiny-bit-snowy Washington.
See ya.

Too soon for snowmen?


  1. Awesome photos. You live in such a beautiful place. I so love that you get to shop in BC. Very cool. I love that Eagle photo and the one of the trees while driving at night. :) The hat super cute, too. :)

  2. Getting snow can be exciting. We're at 1,000 ft here in Portland so we seldom get snow. The last time was the winter of 2008-2009. Sure wish we'd have a white winter this year. Fingers crossed.
    Sorry to hear about Eli's hip. Hope he's back to feeling normal soonest. I worry about the little pups. Do you guys have a good local Vet?
    It's wonderful that you're going out and having fun with the local gal's. Nice to have some good friends. Maybe you guys could start a once a month get-together group, ie. book club, quilting, crochet/knitting or all of the above. You could rotate and have it at each others home(s).
    Take care and don't forget to store some snow chains in the trunk.

  3. Ha! I would have been snapping pictures of snow a hundred miles an hour! The eagle sighting was very cool. I love your hat. I've been looking for a pattern with a pom pom like that. I bet you're going to get a lot of wear out this winter.

  4. My, My What a Beautiful land you find yourself living in now Pammy Sue!
    So very gorgeous!
    I love the trees with the beginning of snow on them.
    You're going to enjoy the snow so much!
    We're still waiting for our first flakes to fly.
    Every year is different in Illinois.
    I'm sure we'll be buried before long :-)
    Loved the Eagle video!
    I'll say a prayer for Eli and his hip.
    My little Mack has the same issue :-(
    Happy weekend,
    So glad you are enjoying all of your new friends and party's!

  5. Wow, you got snow before we did!
    Lovely photos. Enjoy the Cold crisp weather, I love it!

    Nice har you've made. I have launched my knitting pattern for a hat.
    You should try it.

    Wish you all the best, and lots of love for the hurting hip.

  6. Yay for you! Snow! We had a dusting the other day but it didn't stay long at all. There was snow up top of Mt. Spokane for a couple of days but it's gone now. You take great pictures. I'm SO glad that you're making friends and having a fun time. Dennis just said this morning that we need to meet at the Thai restaurant soon. Did you get snow tires? They could come in handy soon. :-) Hope your little one is better soon.

  7. You take such beautiful photos Pammy Sue!
    Cookie decorating party sounds like so much fun too.

  8. Love your first snow pictures. Beautiful place your live. The hat is cute and clever of you not using a pattern. Hope your little friend feels better soon.

  9. When I moved to central Oregon from up by Vancouver, WA, when we had snow, I took hundreds and hundreds of photos! I love them all! by Vancouver, WA, we did have a few winters with 2-3 feet of now, but only every few years (for which I was very thankful as I had to drive to work in it!). Now that I'm retired, it's much nicer, but I'm kind of sick of snow now as we've had so much in central Oregon (and always do!). You may tire of it after awhile! (after much digging and driving in it)!!!! :-) For now, I'm sure it's all brand new and a real novelty.

  10. An Eagle, how beautiful. Love the pictures, so majestic and beautiful. Not to keen on the one way bridge. Beautiful scenery. Have fun at PC party. Glad you are feeling more comfortable and making new friends. The first snowfall is always the best, even where I live, and the last one even better LOL. Enjoy...and it's never to early for the cute little snowman. Who doesn't love a snowman. ?

  11. Very exciting for you! You got some good photos of it, and there will be more to come I am sure - snow and photos! - which will be good to see as and when. Glad you got home safely again. I hope that Eli will be OK. Enjoy the snug and warm and getting to know your new friends more, they sound lovely! xx

  12. ahh the snow it's great love the recipe I am going to try this one for sure!

  13. Fab pics.. love the snow, we had snow here in Launceston unbelievable really... not a lot but it did happen.. crazy weather... :))

  14. I'm so glad you had fun at the PC party. I'm sure this is just the beginning of a very happy social life in your new place. The snow photos are lovely. I can't wait for snow here. Maybe soon, actually, it's supposed to be stormy for a couple of days. Best wishes to Eli, I hope he's okay. Take care and have a good week, Pammy Sue.

  15. Glad you are enjoying your new home. Do you have to use a passport whenever you go to Walmart?

  16. I love the pics, and I will never, ever tire of them. The pink hat is pretty. Your model is way more attractive than mine!!!
    Poor Eli. Hope he is better now!!
    XO Kris

  17. Oh, I am so, so, so very glad you went to the PC party and had a good time. You love to cook and for most women these parties are right up their alley. Besides, men love to eat and my guy never complained about the kitchen gadgets I would buy. I have had 3 parties myself and they were fun, plus have gone to several. I don't think there isn't a piece I don't own and they are fun to use. Their recipes are great and there is a holiday wreath that is not only tasty but pretty too. Doing the Cookies will be fun too. So glad you are finding new friends in this small community. Maybe you could round up a small group of women who would enjoy knitting and crocheting together, even a bunch who like to read for a book club. Maybe they already have one and you could ask your new friends. I just know that you make some lovely things and have a lot to offer in the way of crochet. You like to read, book club could be fun. Can't remember, is there a library? Could ask there too. Crazy that you have to go all the way into Canada to get to the nearest Walmart. Do you have to show a passport to cross the border? Love the eagle. They are such a regal and majestic bird. They are the perfect choice for our nation.


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