Monday, November 09, 2015

A Cow, A Recipe, Crochet, and WHATEVER


We came across this cow on the side of the highway. I took this pic right out of the car window. She was very close, but she wasn't bothered by us in the least. I wanted to take her home, but Ken wouldn't let me. He's no fun!

What I really want is a goat, but that's another story for another day. Seriously...I want one...or two.

Ken got me this little red vase for my birthday.

 It went in my lighted curio cabinet with the rest of my glass.
You can never have too much glass in my opinion.

Here's a great recipe for y'all.
I made this stuff last week.
It's all gone now.

It all starts with a box like this.
(Recipe at the end)

Half of the dough...

Sausage, cheese, and lots of spices and herbs.

Roll it all up...

So freakin' good!

The other half of the dough smeared with butter...

Brown sugar, white sugar, and cinnamon...

Then a few raisins...

Oh yeah!

Here is the recipe for the Sausage Bread. I made half of the filling and just one loaf filled with sausage. The other one I filled with the cinnamon roll stuff.  I didn't use a recipe for this part.  I just schmeared it with plenty of soft butter, combined the sugars and cinnamon in a bowl (maybe 1.5 to 2 cups total sugar? and 2 tsp cinnamon), spread it out evenly over the dough, added raisins, and rolled her up and cut into 1.5-inch slices, placed each slice cut side up on a baking sheet, and baked at 350 degree F for 12-15 minutes. The glaze was made with 1 cup of powdered sugar mixed with a Tbsp of milk or so and a few drops of vanilla, and then drizzled over all after baking.

I wish I had made all of it into the sausage bread and just frozen the extra loaf. The cinnamon rolls were good, but not nearly as good as the sausage bread.

I crocheted yesterday while watching the race and football...

I used my favorite fingerless glove pattern.
I've probably made at least 6 pairs of these over the years.
I always give them away. They're such a great gift!
You can find the pattern HERE.

Thanks for all the kind words on my last post. I don't say things like that to get a response from y'all, but I always do. You are among the many reasons I don't want to stop blogging. I love the record of my life, I love you people, I love your comments, I love reading your blogs, and I love the outlet it gives me for my feelings. Some people don't blog their feelings, but that's just the way I am. I'm a very emotion-driven person. My emotions are very much a part of who I am. I need an outlet for them sometimes when they build up so much I feel I'm going to burst. This blog provides that for me. I just have to keep myself from thinking about who's on the other end of this reading if I want to keep it honest and not hold things back. I don't want to be a blogger who just logs my crochet, my recipes, my photos, and just THINGS. Not that there's anything wrong with doing that for some people. It's just not what I want and need my blog to be. It's more for me than for anyone reading. Does any of that make sense or am I just rambling? Ha. Whatever.

And as far as locking it up and only giving the password to a chosen few, NO. I like people being able to get here randomly and accidentally or through a crochet link or other means. Locking it up with a password seems silly to what I'm saying here is so super-secret and so important that it needs to be password-protected. Ha! How dumb. If what you say is so damn secret-squirrel, double-agent, this-tape-will self-destruct-in-five-minutes, must-use-a-password-confidential, just write it down on paper the old-fashioned way and keep it offline, right? Right! Get over yourself! That's exactly what I need to do: get over it. I irritate myself sometimes. Get outta your own head, Pam!

I'm going to another party on Wednesday night.
That's why I made the gloves...a hostess gift.
Such a social butterfly these days.

See ya.


  1. Love your pretty glass, love the look of that recipe, love the gloves and most of all, love you !! Good to hear you're going to stick around in the blogosphere for a bit longer. Oh and that cow - she's somethin' else. Good luck getting your goat. xoxox

  2. That is a lovely cow, I would like one too but I'm not so bothered about a goat, what I would really like is some sheep, I have a thing about sheep. Love the vase and your glass cabinet is so pretty you have some lovely pieces there. That bread roll looks so yummy I could really eat some of that right now. Those gloves are perfect, I love the colour what a lovely gift. I'm glad you are going to keep on with the blogging Pammy Sue I would miss your posts if you stopped. Enjoy your party on Wednesday. :) xx

  3. I for one love who you are. Granted I don't know you personally, but I do understand your feelings. There are some of us out here, (I'm talking about myself) that can become over loaded with all sorts of baggage that I just want someone to vent too. So whatever is on your mind, please off load it here. We blog readers and posters understand. Life can be too much sometimes and we need to lean on each other.

    Oh man, what wonders you've made with that "Hot Roll Mix", YUMMY times 100.
    Those beautiful fingerless mitts will come in handy in the north.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a few goats. You could make your own goats milk cheese. Pair the goats cheese with figs on crostini and you have a real winner.

    Sending hugs to you & pats for the pups!

  4. I am definitely going to copy that recipe for the sausage roll. Yum! Your glass and gloves are very pretty. I'm so glad you've decided to keep blogging. I would miss reading about your life and like you said, the blog is for you, not for anyone else. Good for you, going to another party! Fun times. And we have definitely got to get together sometime soon.

  5. Love the gloves, as I am currently heading into summer I am thinking I might make some ready for winter as my other fingerless gloves have holes in them :)

  6. Really enjoy reading your blog. Great post today. I saved the sausage bread recipe and I just might try that one of these days.

  7. Great looking sausage roll. Loving the fingerless gloves, a lovely gift to give. Way to go Pammysue with your outing on Wednesday. Hugs

  8. I think hubby should have let you take the cow home. lol


  9. Glad that you are keeping going! I agree with all that you said! Enjoy your new friends! xx

  10. Yum! Both look delicious! Hope you're feeling better!

  11. Yummy sausage roll! I'll have to try I need all the cheese...but oh well, go for it. Love your collection of colored glass! I'm a thimble person as far as collecting, but my small collection is limited.
    Wish I could just curl up for the day exactly where you took the landscape header picture on your blog! What a glorious day it would be...proved it was warm and the sun was shinning!

  12. Love cows!
    Glad you will keep blogging, would miss reading them if you stopped.
    That food looks yummy, bookmarked.

  13. Dear Sister.....No matter what you say or what you do, I will always love you. I thought about you all day on your birthday. It looks like you and Ken have found a lovely new home and a new life. I only wish the very best for you both.


  14. Pammy Sue, I think we might have been separated at birth. I'd say you're my real mother but I don't think you're old enough. I'm struggling with the same things you are and I always have. Little known fact about me: I started blogging way back in 2006 but had to delete it when I was stalked online by people who didn't like what I was saying. They were people who should have supported and cared for me since birth but did not do that. They should have behaved better if they wanted me to praise them when I grew up. Instead, the moment I said anything remotely negative about my situation on my own blog, they swooped in and made my life hell. I was ahead of my time. I joke that I could be Soulemama by now if I'd been free to continue blogging without fear of recrimination. I wanted to try again for years, and finally got the courage in 2012, mostly under the guise of wanting to be a crochet blogger like all the lovely ones I'd read for years. I've never told them about my blog and I don't plan to, but I know they'll find it. I'm starting not to care so much if they do, I think it's time to start being more honest with my readers. If I have one more comment to the effect of how "perfect" my life seems, I think I'm going to punch a hole in the wall. So.far.from.perfect it's unbelievable. But then again, what goes on inside this house, with these four people, IS almost perfect. I've worked my ass off to make it that way. It does mean shutting out the bad people who want to cut me down for having a good situation, but I'm not afraid to do that anymore. Hey, if you ever want to talk privately, you can always email me. I really do understand, especially the emotional stuff you discussed in your last post. I've been going through the same exact thing since last week myself. I get it.

  15. The gloves are lovely - a really nice colour. If we had more room we'd keep a cow or two. My brother had goats for quite a few years - I bought him two for Christmas many years ago!

  16. I thoroughly enjoy your blog I like because you are honest with your feelings and share them with us. I love your pictures too it's so beautiful there and your recipes too. I enjoy you sharing your treasures too. I love the gloves you made I want to make several pairs for myself. Wherever I been I always look to find your blog to see what your doing. You bring laughter and love and honesty to your blog it makes me feel good when I read your blog. I myself been really making hats already over a dozen now making scarfs to match them. I give them to people who help me and of course my best friend in the world. My physical therapist told me working with needlework is one best theraphies for my health and well being. When you think about my pain seems to be gone for longer periods because I am concentrating on my needlework. Well my friend you are very special to me and always will be. I learning not to let people or family push me around any more. Well my friend you take care and do what you enjoy the most. I enjoy anything you share on your blog your the real woman on this page. Sending you lots of love and huggies and prayers your way.

  17. Hope you have fun at the party tonight! I tried the sweet potato chili last week and loved my version of it :) I t occurred to me [and not for the first time] as I was reading through the recipe, that I rarely follow recipes exactly....and the same applies to my blog. I don't try to post three times a week, and keep waffling back and forth about trying to earn some money from it. It appeals to me as a form of artistic expression and kind of a cool way to have pen pals. I try to avoid the gritty part of life. I appreciate that you trust us with some of your struggles, I ask God to bless and encourage you, Pammy Sue.

    I look at it this way, I one has to read what I type or view the photos I post. If they choose to and like to comment back and forth then I think it can be great fun. I have chosen to preview comments before I post them just in case I get some I don't want shared, but that is my choice and one of the beauties of blogging...I like publishing my version of blogging and following bloggers like you who I choose to follow :) xx

  18. You could tell ken that the cow followed you home. It does have a cute face. I love your sausage roll just add some nice dipping sauces.the would be yummy. I love your color glass my mom had bunch of small collectibles which I have. Always love it when light would shine through it.

  19. Well Miss Social Butterfly...
    How was Wednesday's party?
    I bet the hostess was Over the Moon THRILLED with YOUR Hostess Gift!!!
    And I'd like to say this... and please know that I MEAN IT...
    That's what I LOVE about your blog... about YOU... You Keep it REAL {as my Mother would say}. There's a lot to be said for that.
    I always love reading everything you have to say.
    I love your honesty. I like for people to have the freedom to be exactly who they are. Just wanted you to know my feelings.... and now who's rambling...;-)
    Happy weekend to you,
    Love the cow by the way!

  20. Fantastic post!! Full of so many fun things. You are so very talented.

  21. First off let me say I forgot to comment on the crocheted hat you made, other than it is cute, love the color and perfect, you are gonna get plenty of use out of it. The glass Ken bought you with was the perfect gift. Love it when a man actually puts some thought into what to buy his gal. The recipes look yummy as usual. I have about 100+ cookbooks and no one to cook for anymore. I just hope when I'm gone my girls divide them between them and also my cookie cutter collection. I have collected since forever. I even have my 7th grade cookbook from Home Economics class. Your gloves are cute too. Perfect hostess gift. As for locking out people from the blog, I agree with you. My take on the whole thing is that it makes a person look like a snob of sorts. I am sorry if this ruffles some folks feathers, but it is like erecting a fence, and for all intents and purposes a fence speaks volumes, mainly "STAY OUT". It is hurtful to those people who were faithful followers. I will never do that with my blog and if the time comes for me to stop blogging I will shut the whole thing down, hopefully after explaining why. Bloggers are wonderful folks, sharing and caring. I have always felt blessed for anyone who visits me.


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