Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I Didn't Die and Random Stuff

What started out as a potholder became the front to a pillow. I extended the pattern so it's 14 inches or so. I've started the back which is the same design but without popcorns. If I ever order a 16-inch round pillow form, I'll use it. It was something to do. I still have that aqua doily to finish that I lost interest in a few weeks ago. I'll pick that up again soon. The center of the pattern (up to half of the diamond shapes) is from Emma Lamb's book, Crochet Home. I just kept going with the pattern to finish out the diamonds and make it bigger to fit a pillow.

I survived the Pampered Chef party. Nobody asked any questions at all. Most people were friendly, but there was a group who stayed huddled in a corner who didn't speak to me or even make eye contact. That didn't bother me at all. Although I thought it was rude, I don't think it was aimed at me personally. I won't go into specifics about anyone or anything since I have my suspicions that someone around here knows about this blog and might talk, and before you know it I'll be black-balled for life around here. Ha. Anyway, it was a nice party with lots of good food, and my neighbor was nice and friendly, as always. And also as always, I fretted for nothing.

I ordered the large pizza stone, and under-the-counter jar opener, and a can opener.  I have an under-the-cabinet jar opener that I brought with me from our old house because I love it so much, but it's old so I got a new one.

This is what it looks like.
You can use it by hand or mount it under the cabinet.
I like it mounted under a cabinet and use it nearly every day.

I bought these cookies in the Canadian grocery store the other day.
They are THE BEST cookies ever!
The cookie part is so fresh and light and airy.
And the maple flavor is to die for.
Way to go Canada!

I tried to make an egg in the microwave the other morning and it exploded all over the microwave. LOL. I still ate it! I think the little glass bowl got too hot. I should stick to my plastic microwave egg-cooker from now on. I don't know why I put it in this little ramekin to start with.

As you can tell, I have nothing to blog about. I just needed a break from work and thought I'd let you know how the PC party went on Monday night and that I didn't die of anxiety or run out screaming or anything fun like that.

I still haven't caught the jets on camera or video. They just flew over a few minutes ago...first time in days. It'll just have to be a fluke if I ever do catch them when I'm outside. The dogs are so used to me getting excited when they fly over, they jump up and start barking when they hear them now. Hee-hee.

What else? OH...

Spiced Squash & Eggs

I made this recipe last night and it was INCREDIBLE! You have to try it! I got it from Amy's blog, Love Made My Home. You can find it HERE. (FYI...the oven temperature is 400 F and my eggs took about 9 minutes.) I was a little leery of the mustard seed and curry, but OH MY WORD, it was the most delicious thing I've had in a while. It smelled like heaven in my house. Ken doesn't even like curry usually, but he loved it too. He even wants me to try those same spices with some other types of roasted veggies.

It was my first time cutting up a butternut squash. I watched THIS little 48-second video that showed me how to do it. It worked great. It tasted like sweet potato after it was roasted.

I broke a tooth in half on Sunday. That was fun. I'm sure I'll need a root canal, a crown, and probably brain surgery of some kind in order to fix it. I love handing a dentist more than I make in a month just to let him drill into my skull and keep a tooth in my head. I hate teeth. I think they are a design flaw. We should have just two big long plates in our mouth or something, and they should not rot out or get cavities under any circumstances! Somebody didn't think them through very well.

Yes, I'm rambling now about stupid things.
See ya.


  1. Well I sure am glad that you didn't die!!!! I would have felt awful after practically - ok, actually! - ordering you to go to the party!!! I am sure that someone said it in the comments, but mostly people are more interested in talking about themselves - probably what the group in the corner were up to! Hopefully that will give you the confidence to go and do other things. Thank you for the recipe mention, I loved how the picture of yours looked just like the picture of mine! Thank you for the temp conversion, I will try and remember to add that to the post. It has been a crappy day for me and this really cheered me up and made me smile. I am so glad that you went and that you had a good time!! Way to go Pammy Sue!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh dear Pammy Sue ~ I'm sorry about your tooth. Damn, I to dislike dentists & doctors. Completely unfair to hand over $$$$ and endure pain for the privilege of repairing a tooth. CRAP to that!!!
    I'm going to try that butternut squash recipe. Sure looks very tasty.

    Very happy the PC party went well. There are always those "little groups" or "covens" I call them, that keep to themselves and ignore others. Frankly I keep clear of that sort. Just not worth the time nor trouble.

    Love the 'pillow top, it is very pretty.

  3. sorry about that tooth, but I got to tell you girl, you made me laugh out loud about the dentist and teeth being flawed, too funny.

    The pillow top/potholder is really pretty lovely color of blue.
    Crochet On Sister ! I'm stuck in a hook funk so at least yours is moving. Squash n eggs looks good, interesting combo.

  4. Well, you just made me laugh out loud with your rant about teeth. But...I'm so sorry you have to go through that pain. I like your pillow top, veggie and egg dish and I'm sorry about the exploding egg in the microwave. I don't know anyone but you in your new little town, so although I live relatively close, I promise I won't be sharing blog stories about you. Ha!!! I think I need a jar opener like that. Wish I knew someone who sells pampered chef products. Hmmmm. Have a wonderful evening Pammy Sue.

  5. Hahaha its ok pammy sue i didnt mind the rambling... I like the pattern i think it will be a nice pillow. I been going back and trying to completes some doilies I left hanging so far got one finished and im almost do e with the second a d have a few more to do... Glad the get together was ok. Egg and sqush bake looks good have a greag evening with love Janice

  6. Oh Pammy Sue don't talk to me about teeth I'm just about getting over the wisdom tooth fiasco, I agree with you entirely teeth are nothing but trouble, I hope you manage to get it sorted soon. I saw that dish on Amy's blog but have yet to try it, it does look yummy. I'm glad that you enjoyed your evening out, I don't go out that much but when I do I always find groups of people keeping very much to themselves, my take on the situation is this, they only feel secure in their own little group with people they know well, to speak to someone else especially strangers takes them right out of their comfort zone. I love the pillow cover it's very pretty. :) xx

  7. So much fun going on here.
    Ok, i just microwaved my first egg too. But a little larger bowl, splash of water and covered with plate, 50-55 seconds, perfect poached on toast.
    Glad to hear you survived, know all about the nosey neighbors, they are just insecure and jealous to hoard in a group. But keeping your blog secret is the best idea. I hate abd had to quit when the drama with a few got too much.
    You feel about teeth the way I feel about hair, wishing all bald.
    Are you staying warm, welcome to your first real winter.

  8. I'm glad you went to the party and enjoy most of the people. I have a way to deal with those who won't look at me.. I go up and introduce myself and start asking them questions. Pretty soon it's all good. The way they treated you was passive aggressive. I just was at a meeting where an old woman went around the table and hugged everyone and whispered to them.. except me. I got the message loud and clear. Wretched old witch. I also have some dental work needing done.. completely freaks me out. ::sigh:: Oh well.. we must fix them or lose them. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Way to go Pammy Sue, whew you did it. Thumbs up and big smiles. Sometimes our minds get a little carried away with ones self. Well mine does anyway. Teeth, agree but my goodness couldn't bare the thought of dentures either. It's that thought that keeps me being good about dental visits but boy do they know how to charge. Here where I live in N.Z. I've just paid $1200 for ONE crown.The process was fine though and I'm a huge wimp when it comes to dental care. The egg and squash bake looks really yummy.

  10. Yea I am sure it is fine with the party and all, you were invited and that is nice.
    Also isn't it funny how all you do is cross a line and it is a whole other country and they sell different stuff and eat different foods too :)
    I almost forgot love the pot holder pillow it great I morph my tatting all the time :)

  11. You crack me up! I am glad you went to the PC party. Good girl. The pillow will be pretty. I need one of those jar thingies. I will try the squash and eggs. Looks good!
    XO K


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