Saturday, October 31, 2015

Gold and Gray

 Have you EVER seen so many leaves and such beauty?
And right in my own front yard!
I stare out the window a lot these days just watching leaves flutter past.
It's the coolest thing.
Somehow I knew this kind of Autumn was going to be mine some day.
And here it is. I can hardly stand it.
And that's not all...

Please click each picture for a larger view.
They're spectacular.

Something was being intentionally burned across the River yesterday and it made for some really neat pictures.

It's been mostly dark, gray, rainy, and cold lately. Some may think that's a bad thing and a complaint, but it's just the opposite from me. I LOVE IT! I've never lived somewhere (or even been anywhere really) where the clouds are so low all the time. We literally live in the clouds much of the time since fall has arrived. On any given day, I can look down the street into the heart of town or out my front or back windows and see clouds rolling through. Sometimes they hang around all day and sometimes they move out and we get some late-afternoon sunshine intermittently streaming through the higher clouds. It's a magical place. It's a place where a soul can heal or at least be distracted enough by the beauty of nature that the hurt isn't so raw and close to the surface. I'm right where I'm supposed to doubt about it...and I'm so thankful.

You know something else cool that has happened? Every time we go out lately, either to the store, to the post office, for a walk or bike ride, or anywhere really, people know us and we know them. We went down to the Rivertown Grill yesterday for lunch, and we knew the waiter and people that were already there eating by name, and they knew us, and we knew every person that walked in the door as we were eating, and they stopped at our table to say hello. We're not feeling like such outsiders anymore, and I know it will only get better and better with time. It's a nice feeling. Three months down and 40 years to go! 

I think we're going to watch TV and play some cribbage together this afternoon. We got a movie from Netflix to watch later too...some Melissa McCarthy movie about spies. The name escapes me. And I'm going to make a Turkey Chili recipe that has sweet potatoes in it that I found on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. Of course I'll share it with you and take pics. Tonight is Halloween and we have plenty of candy to hand out if we get kids. We're not sure what to expect here, but we're prepared. Tomorrow will be full of football (the Seahawks are playing the Cowboys and the Packers are on too) and then there's the NASCAR race that'll be on. I've threatened to hang my Romo jersey out on the mailbox during the football game, but Ken said that wouldn't be a good idea. Ha. He's probably right.

See ya.


  1. Your yard is pretty with all those fall color leaves. all I have in my yard is these crazy acorns to slide on grr

  2. Lol. I'd listen to Ken on the jersey!!! :-). It IS beautiful up here isn't it? I'm so very, very glad that you're loving it and healing here Pammy Sue. I made a pot of chili this morning too. We were gone a few hours and walked in the door awhile ago to the lovely aroma of the chili in the crockpot. I am enjoying the rain so much after our dry summer and I'm glad you are too.

  3. I love, love your pictures. Thank you for sharing. Happy Halloween!

  4. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I think you and your husband will like the Melissa McCarthy movie. My husband and I loved it.
    Happy Halloween!
    Dorothy M.

  5. Those photos are beautiful!

  6. It is just now getting dark and we are hopping to have little visitors but lately Halloween has morph into trunk-er treats at community places.
    I love yellow leaves they are my super favorite and my little dog love to run through them to it is truly fun for her have a great weekend!

  7. Wow! Those colors are spectacular! Truly, you have found "home.". I am afraid I would never get anything done, with such beauty around me to sit and stare at!!!!
    I wish I could smell that chili! Enjoy the games, and keep your Romo jersey onside the house! Seahawks, okay.
    How great that you are feeling that sense of belonging now. It was all so meant to be.
    Love ya

  8. Beautiful pictures. Just wait until the winter and you'll be cold! Maybe you can come be a snowbird in Florida close to us. ;) We got a kick out of the Melissa McCarthy movie too.

  9. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!
    You, Ken & the pup-dogs have all found a great place to live & thrive.
    Most of all a place to call home.
    It's rainy hard today and we're loving it. Hope it keeps up all week.
    That's the reason DH & I moved to Oregon ~ for the cool wet weather.
    Have a Happy Halloween & hope you all get loads of trick or treaters.

  10. Such a beautiful place. I would love to live someplace like that but I do require a certain amount of sunshine.

    Grace & Peace

  11. Your pictures really are spectacular - imagine having to rake up all those leaves though ! Sounds like your town folk have a great attitude and it must be lovely to know everyone by name and also be accepted. You sound very happy and content in your new home - here's to the next 40 or more. xoxox

  12. Your pictures are amazing Pammy Sue, I'm going out to try and capture some beauty too but I know it won't be anything like what you have on your doorstep. I'm glad that your neighbours are so friendly it must be a lovely feeling to be acknowledged and accepted as part of the community. Have a great Sunday. xxx

  13. I'm so glad you are happy in your new home. It's a beautiful place but the winter scares the hell out of me! I'm not a cold or snow girl!

  14. Awww, Pammy. This post was a long time coming. We watched that movie last night. I loved it, but I love Melissa McCarthy. I think she is funny. Sounds like you have found the place you belong. Now...we need to plan a trip and come visit you. Miss you, but so glad things are going so well up there!

  15. Sounds like a beautiful place to live. :)

    Have a great day Pam.

  17. Happy Birthday Pammy Sue!!!

  18. It's great that you're really fitting into your new town. It looks like an amazing place. We live in quite a high place and are getting plenty of mists and low clouds this autumn. And plenty of gorgeous leaves.

  19. Wow, how beautiful!
    Fall finally arrived to California too. It's raining cats and dogs :)

  20. Beautiful scenery Pammy Sue. Pretty soon snow will be replacing those leaves. Just caught up to the last few posts. Your dogs are adorable in their sweaters! Happy Anniversary to you and Ken, that cake looked awfully good! Hope you enjoyed the Spy movie, I think it's hilarious (check out The Heat with Melissa and Sandra Bullock, if you haven't seen it- another good one)
    Happy Monday!

  21. Happy Birthday Pammy Sue! Your new home and state are beautiful. I haven't been blogging as my heart isn't ready for it but I do read all my favorites bloggers posts when I can. I've been trying my hand at C2C squares...Christmas designs from Repeat Crafter Me. Here's a toast for a wonderful year of crocheting and having fun with your Hubby.

  22. These pictures take my breath away... literally.
    My front yard looks the same but I have NOTHING around me that can compare to the beauty of those river scenes! And I have to say, I realize that in the year that I have been away from blogging I have missed a whole lot in your life... You have had a big MOVE! To a beautiful new land :-)
    I'm so happy to see you are settling in, getting to know people out and about and feeling at home. And that you still have all of your precious little doggies. They are so darn cute, as always. I love the pictures of them.
    Love to You Pammy Sue,

  23. Your photos are absolutely stunning! This is such a pretty time of year! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  24. Don't know if I will ever catch up, but here is a good place to start. Life is good for you and that is a blessing. The leaves are pretty but work, as will be the snow. With every season comes the pros and cons. One learns to take it as it comes. I always loved fall.


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