Friday, October 09, 2015

Giveaway Redraw and Before/Afters

I'm redrawing a winner for my giveaway since Sherri said she already bought that book! Thanks for letting me know, Sherri, and for giving someone else a chance to have the book that might not otherwise.

Ken drew a name out of the bucket this morning and the winner is Lynne Riley! (I think that's how you spell your last name.)

Send me your address, Lynne!
Congratulations! You'll love the book.
Thanks again to everyone for playing.

And are some pics of the two rooms we've painted.
First, a reminder of what the office looked like before...



And now...

Yay! So much better!

Mind you, the decorating is not done, and I'm pretty sure we've decided to paint the closet doors gray like the walls. You see that lamp with the red base over there in the corner? The accents in this room will be red...I have another red glass hurricane lamp that will go in here, and all the pictures going on the wall are black and white photographs I took that I had blown up. I'm painting the picture frames red. Maybe a rug with mostly red in it will go on the floor. I'll see if that's too much or not. And when I get tired of the red, I can change it to practically any color. Lots of colors look good with gray. So there you have the office.

On to the dining room...
Remember the blue? This is how it looked before we bought it...

 Before - blue wall.

Before - blue wall behind the stove.


Ahh...I feel so much calmer.

 No wall decor here yet, and the trim still needs to be painted.
It's dirty and scuffed and needs a fresh coat.

Really, it's made all the difference in the world to us. We love it so much more and it feels like our own more too with each thing we do.

We have some decorating to do (hanging of big pictures and clocks and such) in the living room next. The walls in there are already a nice tan color so no painting is needed there. There is a bedroom upstairs that needs major attention with painting and things, so maybe we'll tackle that sometime this winter. Of course, the kitchen remodel will be done, but that's next year in the spring/summer time-frame, and then there's the deck outside. Those are the major things we still would like to do. We're going to rest a while right now.

Other goings on...

I started making a crochet shrug. This is the first armhole/side. I'm using some DK/Sport yarn I had in my stash. Word to the wise: I wasted a bunch of time first trying to make this in a worsted-weight yarn. It didn't work. It was way too heavy and bulky and I knew I wouldn't wear it that way. It's much better in a lighter-weight yarn, as per the pattern. I'm having fun with it.

This is what it will look like when it's finished.
You can get your pattern HERE.
It's by the fabulous Sam of Betsy Makes.
Love her! ♥

I hope you're having a good week.
See ya.


  1. Your new colors look great. Changing things in a new place helps to make it feel more like your home. You're right, The gray will look good with any color if you decide to change the red. Are we on the same wave length?, I have been looking at shrug patterns too, but not for myself, for my daughters. There are plenty of pretty patterns out there, hard to decide which one. Right now I'm working on crocheted snowflakes, and just finished the third crocheted rag rug for my daughter. Seems I'm always doing things for everyone else, never time for me. Congrats to your winner. Thanks for a chance to win :)

  2. Wow, you are spiffing that place right up! It's so neat to make it the way you want and decorate it and all. Are you looking forward to winter and the snowfall? Congrats to the new winner and how nice of the first winner to give it to someone who doesn't have it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Your color choices look very good...a big improvement. Those office colors were atrocious.

  4. You two have done a fantastic job of making your house a home.
    Yes, painting those closet doors will change that wall tremendously. Pop's of red like the lamp will look oh so nice.
    Love, love, love the dinning room. It is so much more calm and inviting.
    Well done, well done!!!
    Squeezes for the pup's

  5. Thanks for the book Pammy Sue! I'm looking forward to making something with it.
    The painting looks so nice. I love the gray room, especially the french door leading into it. Goodbye purple/yellow.
    Now you can relax and enjoy it!

  6. Congrats to the new winner of a fabulous book! Thank Peggy Sue for understanding. Your house looks warm and welcoming.

  7. Love your new office color and the dining room. Isn't it funny how that blue color makes you feel kind of edgy? The house we just moved into has alot of those blue walls too and they make me feel anxious and unsettled. We got our bedroom painted a nice pale pink over that blue.. so much better! The darker brown looks so cozy and comforting too with all the white trim.... very very homey. The shrug is so pretty and will be nice to warm your shoulders and back on a cool winter eve.

  8. Anonymous1:23 PM

    hi pammy sue...kudos to you and your husband for envisioning the possibilities of your now-home...the wall colors of your dining room and study are great choices...the wood floors are quite nice and really add to the decorating...thank you for sharing...take care...sally

  9. Definitely color improvement. Congratulations to the winner.

  10. Dorothy M., Va.3:17 PM

    I just love your new colors . What a difference!

  11. Love the new colors on the walls they look good love that brown.. Its nice when you can get things done.. Sure wish I could crochet things like that.. Happy Weekend with love Janice

  12. First, congratulations Lynne for winning that interesting looking book. Pammy Sue, your home is looking lovely - 100% improvement in the colours you've done the office and living rooms. I think you and Ken deserve a well earned break for a while before getting stuck into that upstairs bedroom. The shrug looks interesting. xox

  13. Oh Pammy Sue. What a difference the paint makes!! The office is so serene. Very calming. And the dining roo. Is beautiful. Love it!
    Congrats to Lynne! That book looks fun!
    Love the shrug. Bet it will be cozy!!!
    Love ya

  14. Congrats Lynne and how nice of you Sherri! Pammy Sue I love your new paint colors. Don't you love it when your home starts to reflect your personality? The gray especially is a HUGE improvement over yellow and purple. :-). That shrug pattern is really cute too.

  15. Congratulations to Lynne! your rooms look great Pammy Sue what a difference I love grey and red together and yes you're right almost anything will go with grey. Can't wait to see the finished shrug and I hope that you'll model it for us. Have a great weekend. :) xx

  16. Hooray for Lynne, she deserves this treat. Love how all the rooms are coming together Pammy Sue, you are doing a great job.

  17. Love your "new" rooms! I agree, they are more calming now. You will be able to wear a lot of crochet shawls, shrugs, and ponchos now because of where you live. Can't wait to see your finished shrug.

  18. Love the red accents and the office is gorgeous.

  19. Not that you need my approval, but I think the paint colors you chose are wonderful, Pammy Sue! The pattern for the shrug is very pretty. I have never worn a shrug or made one...sometimes the shawls I have worn have been annoying because they slip off so easily, and I imagine a shrug would take care of that problem :) xx


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