Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Randomness

I was sitting at my desk typing away one morning, when all of the sudden a dark shape caught my eye out my office window. I looked up and saw this feller slowly walking by and pecking around on the ground. (All of these pictures were taken through the glass in my window) He was so BIG!
There he goes...

Oop...there's more!

OMG, it's a turkey invasion!
I was amazed how many there were and how BIG they were.

They didn't stay around long and quickly moved passed my window onto the next yard. I see many turkeys every day here. The very first day here as we arrived in our driveway for the very first time, there was a family of turkeys on our driveway. They were small back then (just a few months ago), two adults and several little babies waddling by, but now all of the ones we see are really huge like these. I suppose there will be no shortage of turkeys on dinner tables around here this Thanksgiving. You could just sit in your yard and catch dozens a day if you wanted to.

This guy has been living outside my office window too. This picture was also taken through the glass. Isn't he icky and scary-looking? GAH. 

Move along, Mr. Spider. Even though you are kind of cool, you are scaring me.

Some Random Stuff

I showed this picture on Instagram many days ago.
I whacked a lot of my hair off...actually Ken did it for me.
This is the first handful that was cut off.
It needed it and was starting to become unmanageable anyway.
I left enough of it so I could still put it up in a bun or ponytail.
That's how I usually wear it anyway. It just hits the top of my shoulders now.

I went outside yesterday around 4:30 to try and get a video of some F-16 jets that have been doing flyovers on a regular basis. (I heard they are installing some new radars up this way and that's why they are coming up here nearly every day.) They come up the river, turn just after they pass the town, and then fly back down the river. They can't go much further past the town without being in Canada so I guess that's why they turn here. They usually do this twice, and it's usually between 4:30 and 5:00 pm. You can't hear them coming until they are right over top, and it is LOUD. I always run out of the house like a little kid and try to catch a glimpse of them and get a picture, but I nearly always miss them. Because they fly so fast, they are already nearly passed before you actually hear them. So yesterday I set up camp outside and waited so I'd be ready for them and be able to get some video. But of course, yesterday they never showed up. Bummer. I'm going to keep trying though.

Here is a terrible picture of the shrug I'm still working on.

I'm being really pokey about working on it. This is still the first half and armhole. I have about 10 more rows on this half and then I'll make another identical half and crochet them together to complete the shrug.

I've seen some really pretty crocheted blankets that others have finished lately. It's inspiring to see. You can see a couple of them HERE and HERE, if you're interested. So pretty!

I haven't finished an adult-sized blanket in a long time. I can't even remember the last one I made. Hmm... Let me go look. I don't care if I have many other things started that I haven't finished. I think I'll start one...OR maybe I should just finish one that I have started. I have a few. Let me think on that.

Okay, so it was just over a year ago that I finished my last adult blanket. Here it is...

Oh yeah, the Feel Good Blanket. I remember it well now.
That seems like forever ago!
More pictures HERE.

I got these three giant skeins of baby yarn yesterday
Each skein has 1,077 yards in it.
I think I'll use it to make a big ol' blanket.
Thinner yarn makes a prettier blanket, I think.
Now what pattern to choose?

Have I told y'all how much I dislike being on Pacific Time? The TV schedule is so screwed up! Some "prime-time" shows start as early as 6:00 pm and as late as 10:00 pm. And the news doesn't start until 11:00 pm. I've always been a late-night TV watcher, but the Tonight Show doesn't even start until 11:30 here. Since we moved here, I've just been recording it and watching it the next evening, but I usually end up just deleting it. It's just not as fun when it's not in real-time or nearly real-time. After a lifetime of being on Central Time, it's hard to get used to. I guess if TV is all I have to complain about, life isn't so bad, huh? My sleeping patterns are still screwed up too, and most of the time, I feel like I have perpetual jet lag. I wonder if I will ever get used to it.

Well, it's 9:45 in the morning and the jets just flew over! What are they doing here so early? Dammit!

Okay, time to go get dressed and start the day for real. I'm hanging some new curtains in the front mudroom today, I have some transcription work to do if I want to, and I'm going to make some "fried" chicken for dinner that you brown by frying it first and then you bake it for another hour in the oven. It's a recipe I saw made on a cooking show, My Grandmother's Ravioli. Do y'all watch that show? Mo Rocca is such a huge dork and makes me laugh. He is so awkward. I really enjoy watching it. He visits a different "older" person each show and you hear about their life as well as watching them make a dinner. Check it out on the Cooking Channel if you haven't seen it. You can also watch videos on that website I linked to if you don't get that channel.

Have a good one.
See ya.


  1. Hi Pammy Sue! I watched those jets last week at the lake and wondered what they were up too. Thanks for enlightening me. I had a hard time when we moved here from Central time too. You'll eventually adjust. Do you get Spokane stations? FOX has news on at 10:00 and I think Krem2 does now too. Maybe they don't broadcast that far north though. I love your big blanket. It's gorgeous. I have about three blankets going now. I seem to have a bit of ADD going on! :-)
    Hey! Guess what? There's a bear in a tree about 6 blocks from me this morning! I can't figure out how he got into a neighborhood in the middle of town without being seen by someone. They're waiting for the game and parks to come and tranquilize him and move him out of town. Life is interesting up here in Washington isn't it? You have turkeys, I have a bear. :-) Although we have had turkeys running around our neighborhood and I know you've seen bears. We're even!
    Blessings always,

  2. OOO Im so glad I stopped by so many goodies! I love seeing those turkeys! Love seeing your home and all the wonderful sights around it! It looks so peacful. You have totally motivated me my grandaughter LOVES Elsa I may have to go purchase that pattern. Just worried about that glitter yarn only in the UK is it sold. Hugs to you my friend!

  3. Anonymous12:07 PM

    hi pammy sue...what a great post...chock-full of visual and gustatory delights...thank you for the information of mo rocca's cooking show...i live in the northeast and i do not recall we receive the show through our cable i can watch on-line...your blanket is truly have a talent for choosing color ways...those are huge turkeys...i enjoy watching those coming into our yard and their social structure... take care...sally

  4. OMG, "My Grandmothers Ravioli" is a hoot!
    You've given me fun series to binge watch.

    What great fun to have a rafter of turkeys walk by your window. Can you harvest one for your Thanksgiving dinner?

    The crocheted bedspread is beautiful. I bet it took a long while to make.

    Well, now that you have a new haircut ~ we'll need to see the results.
    Take care and have a fantastic weekend.
    Pats for the pup-dogs!

  5. Wow, you have very clean windows :) and I need to cut my hair too! the turkeys know it is not hunting season that's why they are out ha ha ha!

  6. Lol! The turkeys! You crack me up, I love this blog. Every time I read it I smile. Hope you have a good weekend! ~Sarah

  7. What's cookin? Turkey wow they are rather large holy mackerel. Pretty picture of the sky and clouds I'd rather look at that anyway. The bed blanket is a beauty, I always like to see what you have on the hook.

  8. I am happy when I see your blog pop to the top of my list.. I love that big old rake or plow thing... is it yours or the neighbors? I want one for our yard. Are you going to catch one of those turkeys for your Thanksgiving dinner? That spider gives me the heebie-jeebies. Uckie! I agree, I think you need to show us a photo of you with the haircut. The colors in that big granny blanket you made are eye-poppingly fabuloso! Love it. It sounds like I'd love that cooking show.. will have to look for it. Have a super weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Hi Pammy Sue gosh those photo's are amazing to say you took them through your window they must be squeaky clean. I think it's great that you have turkeys like that in your back yard my brother would love it he would be having turkey dinners everyday. No good showing us snippets of your hair we want to see the haircut too, mine needs trimming badly at the moment, I'm always trimming my fringe and it's never straight. Your shrug will et there it's looking good so far, I love that blanket it's beautiful and as you know I just love making blankets I'm making 5 at the moment haha it could be a while before any of them get finished. Have a great weekend and I hope that you manage to get some shots of those jets. xxx

  10. Hard to imagine turkeys running wild all around the neighbourhood !! Why didn't you post a picture of your new haircut - it must have been really long to have cut off nearly 7 inches. Wow. I love that blanket you made last year - so pretty and I also love the big balls of yarn you have. Look forward to seeing whatever you decide to make. How about those jets - do you think they're trying to avoid you ?? LOL Hope you enjoy your dinner ... or I guess it should be in the past tense by now. Hugs to the furbabies. xox

  11. Love the turkeys! I've seen some around our house along with deer. Hope you "catch" those jets!

  12. Pammy sue, you could've warned me about the spider picture!! I did have to evict a large one from the house last night as otherwise my daughter would probably combust! I was sitting in the car the other night waiting for daughter no.2 to finish her dance class and I was looking at your blog post on my phone, scrolling down your room photos and enjoying the 'before and after' pics. I wondered if you had started making a doily with a massive hole in the middle when I realised it was the shrug!! I really hope you enjoy making it, and wearing it too. It really comes together when you join the 2 sleeves together at the back (well obviously it does, but you know what I mean!)
    Enjoy your weekend, Sam x

  13. Hey ms i got those same spiders lately in my garden hummm did you send him kver to my house lol.. I even had those turkeys at the other place i li ed at they seem to hang in bunches... Happy weekend with love

  14. How exciting to have turkeys in your front yard! They are so pretty! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  15. I think Pacific time would be very hard to get used to. I have wild turkeys here, which cracks me up because I live int he suburbs. Hope you are having a great weekend,

  16. We have wild turkeys here too. I saw them last winter when my neighbor decided to feed them. We tried eating one once, I couldn't stand the games taste of it. The back of that spider looks like it has a face on it, yuck! Not fond of spiders at all.
    Susanne :)

  17. Anonymous7:25 AM

    I love the pictures of your garden and the area you now live in - the season has changed and the trees are beautiful in their autumn colour. The haircut brought back recent memories of doing the same as you and asking my husband to straighten the ends of my hair. Honestly it looked like he'd used a knife and fork to cut it - I resisted the strong urge to throttle him. I've learnt how to do it myself (ytube).

    Best regards

  18. I am loving your views of your new home that you are sharing with us! The turkeys are such fun to see. We have not had them, but see coyotes, deer, rabbits, raccoons, and various birds in our yard. I hope someday I will follow your good example and crochet a gorgeous colorful crocheted blanket like yours. The cooking show sounds like fun to watch. My youngest daughter and I have been watching reruns of The Great British Bake Show on public broadcasting. Having lived in all our time zones in the US I can attest that it takes awhile to adjust to the time changes...and I find the broadcast time on the Pacific Coast disappointing sometimes, too! xx


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