Saturday, September 12, 2015

What I've Been Doin'

I've had the most fun sitting right here on my front "porch," which is not a porch at all.

Enjoying the scenery, watching the cars go by, waving at people...

 Crocheting like mad. Just having a good ol' time.

Drinking iced tea.

Did you see what I made?

The cutest and funnest little decorative potholder in thread.
I started another one today in Peach.
It's been great fun.
The pattern is from Bella Crochet HERE.
I didn't make the bloomers, but maybe I still will.

We followed the signs to a yard sale that ended up being at this house...

It sat on top of a hill and had magnificent views.

The only thing I bought was this big, beautiful doily for $3.

But I really wanted this!
It was so cute and clean too.
Maybe we'll go back.

I bought this Carhartt coat at a store in town.
Ken got a brown one. You can't see the color well in that picture, but it's lavender.

And I got this green vest.
We are both in dire need of winter clothes.
He got two more heavy quilted shirts.
And we both got a pair of galoshes.

I threw a giant snit-fit at the store where we bought all this because they refused to give us the hangers for the coats. Well...Guess who took home the hangers? WE DID! Don't tell me I can't have your stupid $2 (max) coat hangers when I'm spending $500 in your store! Jeez! What's wrong with people? And the snotty little cashier that was all of 17 years old was so bitchy about it, you'd think the price of the hangers was coming out of her paycheck! And I told her exactly that! I was PISSED! I wanted to grab her by the hair and smash her face into the counter. Is that normal? Hahahaha! I had to breeeeeeathe once I finally got to the car with everything (including the damn hangers!) because I was so mad. I still get mad when I think about it. I hate people. I'm sure they're not real fond of me either! LOL. Bite me, bitches. I won.

Okay, I have to go breeeeeathe some more cuz I just got mad again telling you about it.

See ya. 


  1. OK.. I see your aqua goblets from the new Pioneer Woman line of kitchen things! LOL! I got the 4 aqua bowls and they're SOOO pretty.. I wanted the tumblers but they're sold out! I got the rubber spatula set and another set of breakfast utensils. How much did they want for the cute vintage trailer? You should get it! You could make a little craft studio out of it.. or even use it for weekend getaways. I'd love one of those. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Love those glasses. I'd love to sit right next to you and chat and wave to all the cars going by. You are going to need lots and lots of warm clothes, those look perfect.

  3. I love the views around your new home. I'm a cold-weather wimp though and heading for Florida in the winter. I'm getting ready to post a picture of my grand-doggie wearing a new sweater from one of the patterns I sent you. Great looking potholder.

  4. What a cute little pot holder. You're a great crocheter and that doily you found is beautiful. You should get the trailer and come camping with me. :-). Where did you find the Pioneer Woman goblet? I haven't been shopping in ages and ages. I'm sorry about your shopping experience. Not all of us are like that...and yes. You definitely need lots of warm clothes. I was just told today that the Farmers Almanac says we're to expect heavier than normal snowfall this year. Hmmmm. I know we need the mountain snowpack but I really don't like snow.
    I would love to be crocheting with you on your "porch" and waving at cars too!
    Blessings always,

  5. I thought you had made a doll's dress, I might try and see if that would work.
    Would you have been so angry if I had come shopping with you? I tend to giggle and lark around when clothes shopping, (despite being over 50 *grin*).
    If I sat outside and crocheted where I live I'd be carted off to the 'funny farm'. I envy American porch life.

  6. Breathe girlfriend. All will be well. Nice to see you are starting a good coat collection. As we say. can never have enough coats.....or good merino wool socks. Warm feet is key. Or and a cute craft trailer too, is a must.

  7. Way to go! I would have done the same thing if I wanted the hangers! They seem to have forgotten that the customer is always right! Love your crochet especially the colors! Stay warm!

  8. I love to drink out of pretty goblets too. The scenery where you live can be described what I like to call where Earth touches sky, no phone lines just land and is beautimous... God sure does know how to decorate. Love the little dress ph, I have a thing for these, and have a several around my house, although I never use them for their intended purpose. This is a pretty one, comes with bloomers too? I'll have to take a look. Thank you for sharing this treasure with us all. That little trailor is so cute, wouldn't mind one myself, to deocorate it all vintagy so cute.

  9. p.s. I have made several things from Bella. She makes beautiful work, and her patterns are easy to ready. I have this pattern too, I ordered a while back with all kinds of beauties of the vintage potholder times, one can never have to many dress potholders :)

  10. Love your crochet work. Crocheting is so relaxing. Just add a pretty goblet of iced tea and the world is good again.

    Teresa is right. That vintage travel trailer is perfect for a craft room. To be exact a "She Shed" type hide away. Pintrest has lots of great examples - Two points to check out - is it water tight and is there any floor rot (look underneath)

    I've been in your situation with store's & policies. First thing I do when I hit a road block is call for the manager/supervisor. If no satisfaction comes from them - then I write directly to their corporate office(s) with names, dates, times, etc. Believe me it has worked every time.

  11. Hi Pammy Sue - me again.
    I found a better Pinterest page with loads of cute "She Retreats" you may like. Enjoy![]=she|typed&term_meta[]=trailers|typed

  12. Oh what a cool vintage caravan. They are so the rage over this way(down under). My friend has one over at a beach a little way from here. She has painted and decorated it so beautifully in a Kath Kidston colour and style AND with crochet blankets and quilts that she has made.It is heaven to step into.What a score with doily you bought. How pathetic the cashier was. Would love to have been around a corner hearing you. Giggles. Shirley

  13. You always make me smile.

  14. I have to say this....I just adore you! I always love reading your posts. You are always so honest. :) Wow, that doily was only 3.00....goodness, you'd spend more than that on the thread alone. You got some really great deals. :)

  15. What a good laugh I had about your coat hanger fiasco! So funny! Those snitty little 17 yr olds seem to think (sometimes) that they know it all! thanks for the great laugh! Love that little vintage trailer.. they are all the rage now.. I would love one too!


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