Friday, September 18, 2015

Tah-Dah and Lots of Photos

I finished this thread potholder this morning.

It's from the same collection by Bella Crochet I linked to a couple of posts back. It was fun. Not sure what I'm going to work on over the weekend, but I'm going to start something in a few minutes. Maybe I'll finish the peach dress or work on the doily I have started.

We went for another drive yesterday and went and looked at that little camper again. We've decided not to buy it. It's just too frivolous a purchase for right now. I want my new kitchen and outside deck first. It was fun to look though.

Here are some of the best pics I took yesterday. It was overcast again most of the day and very cool. We saw TWO separate bears! Amazing! I only got a photo of one as he was running away. You'll see it in these pics. Enjoy.

Run, Mr. Bear! Run!

He was little. The other one we saw was BIG, and we were both out of the car. I didn't have my glasses on so I couldn't see that well. I stayed in the parking lot while Ken walked down by the lake to poke around. I saw something in the treeline that was black, and I thought I could see the outline of some ears, but I wasn't sure. It wasn't moving so I thought it might be one of those black metal silhouette cut-outs you see, maybe of a wolf.  I said, hey, what's that black thing over there? It was about 50 yards away from where Ken was standing. He said, It's a pine cone.  LOL!  Not that!  The BIG black thing in the trees! Oh, THAT! IT'S A BEAR!  And we both scrambled and ran to the car. We laughed so hard after we were inside with the doors firmly locked. Guess I better bring my glasses with me on these trips! A pine cone. Ha!

Then as we were leaving the area, this little guy ran in front of our car across the road. This was the only picture I got before he disappeared.

Most of these pictures were taken around Lake Roosevelt.

We went in this cute little German bakery, but it was late in the afternoon and they were sold out of most everything. We didn't get anything, but we'll remember it next time we're there earlier in the day.

Have a great weekend!
See ya.


  1. Your potholder is beautiful! Wow, what intricate work. I'm still getting the hang of thread crochet. It's hard for me, but I like it. I'm trying to make some potholders to go on my kitchen wall with some real vintage ones I've collected. I'm enjoying seeing your photos of the area where you live; it's kind of like I moved there with you. :)

  2. Wow, the colors you used on that hot pad are so elegant and striking! Love it! I love all your outdoors photos.. the one that is so pretty to me is the long needle pine in front of the water. Could make a pretty card! That was a funny story about the big BEAR! We have them here but they just don't come down off Larch Mt. often. I'm glad. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I am impressed that is a cool pot holder and strikingly beautiful! Love the wildlife but the bakery seems more interesting to me ha ha ha

  4. Your version of The Thing turned out lovely. I would never have thought of making it in thread - interesting. Mine is made from 8ply cotton (about sports weight for you) and is meant to be used as a hot pad. I love that little town you visited - bet that bakery has good stuff. Everything looks so a la natural - just beautiful. Only thing I wouldn't like is the fact that those bears are wandering around. Your pictures are great. You have a good weekend too Pam. xox

  5. Your pictures are great Pammy Sue. Such lovely countryside. Love your pot holder.Great story re the Bear. I have never seen one. Don't have them in N.Z. Have a good week end. Shirley

  6. Hi Pammy Sue,

    What an amazing area you have moved to, I bet there is so much more to discover. I love your photos, they are beautiful. Glad you got away safely! I'd love to see a living bear like that!

    Your potholder looks very striking and intricate, almost a work of art!!! Well done!!

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Ingrid xx

  7. Oh wow that potholder is amazing Pammy Sue one to hang up and admire and not too use it's far too pretty. I love your pictures what a fabulous place you are living in now surrounded by all that beauty, but be careful of them bears! have a great weekend. :) xx

  8. Anonymous4:13 AM

    The scenery is beautiful and impressive.
    Scary bears!! - the most we have here is the occasional fox with attitude (U.K.)

    Best regards

  9. I'm still liking your new neighborhood, just wondering about the winters. I'd be hitting up the German bakery for some brochens. They're best warmed up and a little crispy--at least that's what my German mil says. :) Nice potholder. :)

  10. No bears here that is for sure, although there are a few in Florida and our pathetic governor now wants to open them up for hunting, they just got of the special watch list here. Love your beautiful photos.

  11. Goodness, this is one pretty potholder!

  12. Love your new piece of artwork Pammy Due. That's what your needlework is you know. Beautiful art. that bakery looks like it might be a fun place to get lots of goodies, it's too bad they were sold out when you visited. I read your bear story to Dennis and we both laughed out loud. We've seen bear tracks here in our campground but haven't seen the actual bear. The poor things must be so confused with the fires. I'm glad you're still enjoyed your new home. After 23 years we still love it here too. So different from the Midwest.

  13. Oh love your potholder. So pretty. Oh the bears, too cute. :)

  14. Oh you made me laugh! It's a pinecone! I am sooooooo glad that we don't have bears here! I have troubles enough with spiders and bugs, bears would do me in! Beautiful potholder! xx

  15. Another beautiful and informative post.

    You sure have a talent for beautiful crochet work. Looking forward to seeing your peach dress when it's finished.

    Beware of bears they don't mix with wee tiny pup-dogs. Please don't forget your eyeglasses on your next outing. (smile)

  16. Love the potholder! Better wear those glasses! I would hate to run into a bear because I definitely couldn't run away fast enough!

  17. Great pictures. I can't even begin to imagine meeting up with a bear.

  18. What an unusual potholder! :) It looks very pretty!

    And what an great trip you had! Two bears - wow!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds


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