Saturday, September 26, 2015

Spend the Day With Me?

A lazy start to a lazy Saturday...

Sammi loves a belly rub!

Coffee outside...yes!
Such a nice, crisp morning.
Let's walk down to the library and get some books for later...

Nice haul!
(Look what I got, Meredith!)

Let's take a bike ride down to the river now, wanna?

Oh, wow! Nice.

Leave your bike at the top of the hill and we can walk down to the river.

The river is low enough...let's go walk under the bridge...



Okay, time to head back home.

One last look at the water.
We'll be back soon!

Gobble-gobble, Mr. Turkey!
Where's Harvey and Gladys today?

Oh, there they are.
Y'all get on home! That's where I'm headed.

Home Sweet Home.

Let's sit out front and have coffee and read...

It's a little chilly.
You'll need a light jacket.

It's a beautiful fall day and the leaves from the maple tree are falling.

The view from my chair...

The sun is sinking lower and lower on this pretty day.

Time to go in and make supper...

Oh, those burritos look good!
Is that fresh pico de gallo on top?
Yes, yes it is...with lots of fresh lime juice!

Wow, it got dark outside so fast!
That happens when you live in the mountains and the sun drops behind them.
Night falls in the blink of an eye.

Night-night, all.
Thanks for a lovely day.
♥ Love you ♥


  1. What a beautiful day!

  2. It was a brisk day wasn't it? Warm when the sun was out, but when it hid behind a cloud, yes, a jacket was needed. We enjoyed our day at the lake today with a pet parade to end the "official" season. Chloe won a blue ribbon! Hey Pammy Sue. If it's not raining next Saturday, we're thinking about going to the Marcus cider fest. Will you be there?

  3. Oh how I love how much you're enjoying your new home and town. I bought that same book on my iPad after Meredith's recommendation. It's great how clear and clean the Columbia River is wayyyyy up there. We went off gallivanting today.. to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival.. got to meet up with Taci, Kathy and Becky - bloggers from around here. Wish you, Gracie and Betsy could have joined us! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. What a lovely day Pammy Sue, thanks for sharing! You really do live in a beautiful part of the world, lucky you!!! take care, Sam x

  5. I really wish I could spend a day with you Pammy Sue it all looks so lovely. :) xxx

  6. What a beautiful cottage you live in and a lovely part of the world. Your day looks absolutely wonderful from start to finish - sipping coffee outside in the early morning, a trip to the library, reading outdoors in the afternoon and a delicious dinner. Can life be any better?

  7. That was fun! I really enjoyed spending the day with you. It's beautiful there and you really seem happy in your new home.

  8. I feel like I was right there with you, well minus the great view, clean crisp air, cooler temps.....okay I will stop. Glad you got that book, I just loved it and I hope you do to. Let me know!

  9. I really admire you for leaving your bike at the top of the hill. I would have had to leave mine at the bottom and walk (or ride in a car) to the top! I admire the scenery you show us every time I visit your blog and I'm looking forward to seeing the winter.

  10. Such a nice day! Thank you for inviting us along.

    Grace & Peace.

  11. Enjoyed my day with you. What a lovely day. Yes I can see it's getting cool your way. Opposite here in New Zealand. Warming up, sunny and flowers open and smiling. I guess you have Salmon in your river, Looks lovely clear water.

  12. What a lovely walk thanks.. I enjoyed it... I wished i lived there.. I miss that kind of place...thank sweetness for all your lovin visits.. the bread was fantastic.. I had fun making it.. Happy Autumn love that tree.. with love Janice

  13. That was fun :-) What a beautiful place you live in!

  14. What a fantastic day.

  15. What an amazing day! I am so happy for you guys and so sad for me because I want to sit in your yard with you and the crew and eat PB&J and Cheesy Poofs! Miss and love you bunches and LOVE seeing the area through your eyes. -Teener

  16. I loved each image. Such a pretty time of year

  17. Such a pretty weekend

  18. Everything looks lovely - your house, where you live, and Ollie. He looks cute in his little jacket - did you make that for him? A full shot would be nice - maybe in another post. The view from your front yard looks so peaceful - great place to read and relax. Enjoy xox

  19. Oh, that was fun Pammy Sue! The skies are so clear again!!!! Your posts give me a warm fuzzy!!!!!
    Love Ya

  20. Won't be long and you will have plenty of falling leaves and shorter days. Good thing you found the library and some good reads. I've been away from blogging and now need to catch up. I'm sure you have been busy.
    Susanne :)

  21. Another fabulous day in the mountains! Your house looks so cozy in the fading light, and you're going to love that book on the top of the pile. I really enjoyed it.
    Your nails look good, I'm getting mine done tomorrow. Still hot here (in the upper 80's), and I can't wait for more Fall like weather.
    Have a great week!

  22. Hello hello ma'am.... just got back from not being around...
    Love the pics as always.... and will be trying to catch up for like the 10th time :)


  23. I enjoyed spending this relaxed and happy day with you, Pammy Sue. Great views of the mountain and the river.

  24. How fun to spend the day with you! I really enjoyed the walk to the river. I've lived by the Columbia down by Washougal, WA and it's never so clear as there. I'm so envious of those beautiful mountains (but WAIT until they are all covered with snow!)... tee hee...... get those coats a-ready and the fireplace a-ready! Love that little dirt road... what a dream place and so glad you found and use the library. I love little town libraries so so much. Looking forward to your next walk!

  25. Hi Pammy Sue,

    This is such a lovely post. What a wonderful and relaxing way to spend a Saturday. And so many beautiful pictures. The one with the red tree is spectacular.
    Another weekend is coming; wishing you another quiet and relaxing Saturday.

  26. Your post makes me want to jump in my car and drive north! I love that you love your new home, Pammy Sue, and that you take the time to share it with us! Thanks! xx


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