Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Labor Day Parade


Just a short snippet of the beginning of the parade. Once again, I forgot to turn my camera sideways so the video is all skinny instead of wide as it should be. I never learn.

As you can see, it was an overcast and cold morning. I told Ken I'd never seen so many hoodies in one place! Ha-ha. The clouds moved out for the BBQ at the park after the parade.

Here are a few of the entries in the parade...

There were a lot of neat old cars...

And horses. This one was 22 years old.

I loved the roses in this horse's tail.

And the neat brand on this horse's butt.

These fellers had a crappy job.
They had to pick up the horse shit. LOL.

Good lord...at least he's happy!

There were a few floats, some tractors, and some other things I didn't post. The parade lasted about 25 minutes. It was fun and had a very small-town feel. (Duh, because it is!)

And then the BBQ...

 The parking lot was full...

I now know why Texas is famous for BBQ and Washington is not. Bleck! The corn on the cob was good, but that's about it.

We all slept in this morning really late.
Eli totally enjoyed it.

FYI...I'll post my meatloaf recipe next time for those who asked.

I hope you had a good holiday weekend too!
Time to get back to work.
See ya.


  1. It rained most of yesterday at the lake...and was still raining this morning so I came home. I'm not complaining though, we need every. single. drop. Tomorrow I'm heading back out to clean the carpets in the trailer. Yep. It's getting close to the end of the camping season and time to start cleaning.
    Love your parade pictures. I agree on you with the barbeque up here. After having Kansas City barbeque growing up in the Midwest, it's just not the same...but the sweet corn IS fantastic this year. We've been eating it all weekend.
    Blessings always,

  2. Wow.. how did you guys score all the bagpipers!? Our 4th of July parade is similar, but we've never had bagpipers. Lucky! I love them. I've been running around today getting the last stuff done for the big event tomorrow at Multnomah Falls. I'll probably post about it on Thursday. Have a good week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Hey Pam, if barbeque is really barbecue, then why isn't BBQ really BBC ? :) Loved seeing the parade and that house behind a lot of your shots is beautiful. I really am a city 'girl' but seeing your new town is starting to make me think it would be way more peaceful. That parking lot is a dream compared to the crazy ones at most malls here. Eli looks so content - is he in his own bed or yours? xox

  4. What a fun day! Love the bagpipers as well.

  5. Love those small town parades.

  6. Sounds like a great day! Wonderful pictures, especially the one of Eli! LOVE, love, love it!! So cute!!

  7. There is never a dull moment with you and your dogs :) Yes a red sweater would make Fletch happy and then Sammi too.

  8. I love a parade! Especially, a small town parade like yours!!! Love the horses, and the floats. So cool.
    BBQ not great in WA eh? Well, I guess it wouldn't be.
    Love Eli's little tongue sticking out!!!
    xo Kris

  9. This just cracks me up. What fun. Yes we all own hoodies up north. Never know when you will need to cover your ears from the cold. Sleeping in sounds delightful, maybe tomorrow.


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