Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Definite Signs of Autumn

It was really cool yesterday outside and in the house so we lit the stove for a while in the morning...

A few minutes later, I turned around and caught Fletcher just standing in front of it enjoying the warmth. It was funny. I'm glad he enjoys it as much as I do! I ordered a rug to go in front of it from a day or two ago. I'm sure there will be a big pile-o-dogs laying there after it's in place.

We had to go into "town" yesterday, and by "town" I mean Colville, the biggest town closest to us that has a Walmart. While we were there and on the way back, we saw many signs that Autumn is just around the corner, if not already here...

These beauties were in a parking lot at a grocery store.
So pretty.
Enjoy the rest...

Soon this area will be bursting with fiery color, I'm sure.

Look at those trees!

They're worthy of a zooooooom!

 I don't know what this stuff was on the ground.

Here's a zooooom of it.
I told Ken it was probably poison sumac as I was standing in the middle of it.
Ha! I think poison sumac does turn a pretty red-orange color in the fall, doesn't it?

This little old building was standing nearby.
I don't know what it was, but there were some water pipes inside.
I don't think it was an outhouse because of those pipes. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of an outhouse if there's plumbing? Beats me.

There was more of the red ground cover stuff across the highway.

Isn't that FUN? Autumn really is coming on quickly!

In keeping with the Autumn theme today, here's a Halloween decoration I bought at Walmart.
Kinda neat, huh?
Kinda creepy?
Kinda inappropriate if you're a cat lover?
It's not REAL so stop freaking out. It's just plastic.

I have more stuff for you, but I have to work. Ugh! I don't wanna! I say that a lot, don't I?

See ya.
Happy Autumn to us lucky people where it's here already!
(Sorry to rub it in.)


  1. Sure, rub it in; we're still in the nineties here in Texas! But the mornings have been cooler. Gorgeous pictures; I do love when the leaves turn colors. Hee hee, I can so see your dogs all in a pile in front of the stove. Should have bought two rugs so you can wash and rotate them once in a while. That is a weird, creepy statue, but so appropriate; I saw a dog one at Joanns the other day.

  2. Fletcher reminds me of our late dog Frosty (White Warrior). When my DH would sit on the floor next to the fireplace and start to crumple up newspapers for a fire, our Frosty would come running and sit there until the fire was going. If we didn't close the firescreen Frosty would've most likely walk right into the fire. That little Chihuahua loved his warmth and his place by the fireplace.

    I sure love this time of year. It's all good in my book.
    Like the cat skeleton - very Halloweenish to be sure! 😼

  3. Great pictures Pammy Sue. That fire sure looks inviting. I have Sphynx cats and they would love it. We have your meatloaf last night and it was awesome. Thanks for the recipe.


  4. It's fun to see you discovering the new season in your new home. I love the gas fireplace! The first thing I though of is it needs a nice cushy pretty rug in front. Can't wait to see what you got. And what else you got at Walmart. I need to go to mine and see what PW stuff they have. I want some of the tumblers.. but I don't need them.. but I want them.. what will win? The acquisitive me or the sensible side? We'll see. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I love Autumn, those colours are beautiful. Uugh to that creepy skeleton but loved the doiley it is standing on.The fireplace looks wonderful and look forward to seeing what you put on the floor in front of it. Take care Shirley

  6. Your autumn pictures are lovely and while you're enjoying your fall, I'm certainly enjoying our spring. So sick of the cold weather. Fletch is a clever puppy - that heater is going to look lovely with a rug in front of it and I reckon you're right about a pile of dogs on it. Pam - that skeleton sure is creepy but I like the doily underneath it. Don't work too hard. xox

  7. the red stuff covering the ground is ivy.

  8. Your gas stove looks like the one in our family room! We had a wood stove installed in the living room a few years ago. It's great at keeping the upstairs toasty warm. Our trees are turning here too. I think it's a little earlier than usual. I'm sorry you have to work so often. Work. It's a four letter word!

  9. Dianne Vittone5:02 AM

    I wonder if that little old building was a spring house?


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