Monday, September 14, 2015

A Sunday Drive & Video

Northport, Washington

We went for a Sunday drive yesterday afternoon.
It was getting cloudy so the pictures aren't the greatest.

Deep Lake

I loved it up here looking down on the river and railroad.
You could hear the wind blowing through the trees and smell the pine.

The pine needles were thick on the ground.

It felt very Autumn-like up here today with the overcast skies.

I've got to get out more with my good camera and do some photo shoots. These were all taken with my iPhone. There are so many places I'd like to photograph in the early morning hours. I think the light would be best then. Won't be long until the leaves are all turning. There are already some.

Anyway, we had a good time driving around and getting out at different places just to enjoy the scenery. Sammi went with us this time. She had a good time and even splashed in the lake some. She saw turkeys and cows and ducks. I think it wore her out...

She came home and slept on the back of the couch like a cat.

Face Smash.
Ollie wanted to cuddle.

I made Hot Crab Dip for the Cowboy game last night.

Here's the recipe for you.
It was really good!

I rarely eat crab or anything like it. It was really good and not fishy-tasting at all. I think the chipped beef takes over the flavor because the crab is so mild. FYI, I used a can of crab meat the size of a regular can of tuna. It doesn't specify the size in the recipe.

And I started a third thread potholder last night.
The peach dress is still in-progress also.

Hope y'all had a nice weekend. I didn't want it to be a work-day today because I wanted to crochet instead, but I worked anyway. Now I'm really not in the mood to crochet. It has cooled off outside again. The temps are supposed to be only in the mid-60s for highs this week. Yipee!

See ya.


  1. Sammi is so cute. Love the face plant on Ollie. Those two are so very adorable.
    I wish I had the crocheting knack you do. I'm a knitter by heart and talent.
    Your iPhone photo's & video are very good. So don't fret over it.
    Love your tiny town - it's so very pretty.
    I know what you mean about the smell of pine on a cool day. There's just nothing quite like it. Hope the rain's not far off for you all. We had a little today and it's so nice. Cleans everything.
    Take care!

  2. Anonymous5:53 PM

    hi pammy sue...the views will be spectacular with the leaves turning colors...the puppies are so cute...hope they are all settled in their new home...has the propane stove been hooked-up? will keep all nice and toasty warm...have you and hubby been to that new barbe(q - c)ue restaurant in town?...i spell it with a "q" hubby with a "c" crafted a lovely dress potholder with the two colors...thank you for sharing...take care...sally

  3. I do that too and forget the real camera but the video is pleasant, I see why you moved there :) And I have some potholders my grandma made and I never knew how she did that I like this photo of how you started it!

  4. I just love seeing you both getting to know your new home and adventuring around. I love getting a whiff of pine needle scent.. we get it often around here. I'm so ready for the hot weather to be over. I love how clear all your lakes and rivers and creeks are all the way up there! Enjoy.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Hi Pammy Sue, It IS a lot cooler isn't it? A nice respite after the heat on Saturday. Your pictures are great. I always seem to use my iPhone because blogger won't let me upload from our desktop computer. Because of that my good camera usually stays in the desk drawer. I bet Sammi is glad for the ride along. It looks like Ollie missed Sammi though. :-). I spent the morning today raking those pine needles at the lake. They never seem to stop falling.

  6. love the pictures, I like the smell of the pine too. Very serene pictures, should be really gorgeous with the leaves changing. :)

  7. I always have my camera with me...I just forget to take the pictures! Your photos are beautiful and make me miss living in Wyoming!

    Grace & Peace.

  8. I have been enjoying looking at your new surroundings. I am in awe of the beauty that surrounds you. I think you have chosen a wonderful place for your new adventure in life. It looks like you are truly enjoying it.

  9. Hi Pammy Sue! I keep getting caught up on reading your posts and just as I am ready to type a comment it seems I get interrupted. Ollie's sweater is cute and I bet he will soon be very glad you have him wearing it. I have been enjoying all your photos and videos of your new territory...whatever camera you are using at the moment . Your recipes never fail to inspire me to want to cook...and I don't like cooking :) Last night I made a version of my aunt's recipe for minestrone soup which turned out more like a stew... but almost as good as I remember her soup was. Your crocheting ability is jaw droppingly awesome! I am glad you rescued the doily because I know you will treasure it as it deserves to be treasured since you know the artistry it took to create it. I noticed some trees showing their Fall colors in your photos and am so pleased that you are there and able to enjoy them. Wishing you a happy week :) xx

  10. A lovely Sunday drive to take with you! xx

  11. Those pictures looking down on the railroad look awesome and although you say they're taken with your iPhone, they're all brilliant. Glad to hear that Sammi enjoyed the trip. I bought one of those doileys you're making at a fair years ago but didn't know where to find the pattern. A friend of mine worked out how to do it and we (members of the Australiacrochet group) used to call it "the thing". Will be interested to see your version.


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