Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ollie's Road Trip Part I

A shot through our windshield leaving the garage yesterday morning.
Then I took a few of the house as we were leaving.

The "New" Scotty's Place...

We pulled over to the side of the road to watch this guy take off, but he never did.
A few miles down the road, we saw him flying high over us so he eventually did.

We saw a sign for Crystal Falls Scenic View and stopped to see it.
I loved hearing the sound of the water rushing down.

We drove along part of the Selkirk Scenic Loop on our Way to Metaline and Metaline Falls, two towns we considered when looking for places to settle. We'd never seen it in person before, only online. We were curious to see what we had passed up. It was a beautiful area. The mountains seemed bigger here, but I'm not sure they were. The river you are seeing in these pictures is the Pend O'Reille River (pronounced Pond-Oh-Ray).

Pretty, eh?

Next Stop:  Sweet Creek Falls...

A short walk through the forest and then...

You can see a man standing between the top and bottom levels in this picture.
It gives you a perspective on how big the falls are.
Can you see him?

We went on to Metaline and Metaline Falls and then made a couple of stops on the way home. I'll show you that next time.

Photo Bomb! Hee-hee!

See ya.


  1. Looks like a great road trip for Ollie. We've camped along the River several times and also up at Sullivan lake. It's a beautiful area. I just love your "new" house. It looks homey and cozy and quite perfect to me. Beautiful pictures.
    Blessings my friend,

  2. Pammy Sue, it is just GORGEOUS up there! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words about the house... just know I appreciate them. It is so beautiful around where you live, I think I could be happy in a tent... but, we know that's probably not true. LOL! I'm sure I'd miss my running water and light switches among several other things we are so spoiled with. I am looking forward to sharing your journey of making this place your home. Thank you again. blessings and hugs and mucho gracias! t.

  3. Love your photo bomber!
    Such a beautiful walk through nature. The falls are gorgeous & refreshing to look at.
    I hope one day you'll take a drive on the Oregon side along the Columbia Gorge and see all of the waterfalls. Be sure to bring your camera.
    You might find Teresa volunteering at the information center at Multnomah Falls. You could also have a nice lunch at the Lodge there, too.

  4. I can smell all the fresh air up in the mountains now. The whole area looks refreshing. It's a little bit hilly out where I live but for the most part Ohio is flat and boring with plenty of farm fields along the way. A lot of farmers have woods that they post NO TRESPASSING signs. Unless you go to one of the state parks you don't get the nature walks like you are experiencing. Your house is quaint and those trees will help keep it shady and cool during summer months. I bet Ollie loved the outing.
    (((HUGS)))Susanne :)

  5. Such a beautiful area...I can see why you picked it for your retirement. Your home looks very cozy. Lots of trees around your house....what kind are they?

  6. Totally fantastic Pammy Sue. Really enjoy reading of your outings. I would be so wary re bears appearing, guessing they know the fruit is ready and the sugar is high in the fruits. Such a wonderful place you are living at. Shirley N.Z.

  7. Lovely photos! What a nice walk to those beautiful falls. I have to agree with Teresa above, you should drive along the Columbia to the mouth at the Pacific someday. There is a really small car ferry that crosses from Washington to Oregon in Cathlamette WA. There are so many places to explore!!
    Have fun and thank you for sharing!

  8. Anonymous8:08 PM

    hi pammy sue...breathtaking...i love the shade trees around you new home...all your puppies are the cutest "photo bombers"...take care...sally

  9. Wow just rub it in to the rest of us :) I agree with the other lady you should work on the tourism for the town, or are you already doing this with your blog :)

  10. Ollie got to go with you all by himself? Lucky boy!!! The trees! All of those trees! I am in awe if them. Your yard is filled with them too!!
    Such a gorgeous river, and those falls. Wow! You will never, ever, run out IG blogging g material Pammy Sue!!!
    XO Kris

  11. I can understand why you moved to that part of the country .. absolutely beautiful. Loved the photos of the 'new' Scotty's Place - it looks so cosy nestled amongst those trees. I bet Ollie enjoyed his day out and that last picture where he's photo bombing is so sweet. He's such a little darling. xox

  12. Very beautiful. You've moved to a great place.

  13. Lovely pictures Pammy Sue it all looks amazing. :)

  14. Beautiful! Had to look real hard to see the man at the waterfalls!

  15. Whenever I see your pics, I marvel at what a wonderful place you moved too!! Enjoy life there as much as you can!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  16. I love Washington and your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I'd be afraid a bear would pop out anywhere along those trails though. Thanks for sharing!

  17. So much wonderful natural beauty! Thank you for taking us along and sharing it! xx

  18. Wonderful!! But the best photo is definitely the last with Ollie peeking in at the side *lol*, so sweet :-)

  19. Such a cute photo bomb! ;-) -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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