Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ollie's Road Trip Part 2

The road to the Box Canyon Dam Overlook.
This is just outside of Metaline and Metaline Falls.


I didn't take any pictures in the actual towns of Metaline or Metaline Falls. (There are no waterfalls that I'm aware of.) The towns were really depressed. It made me feel really sad because I could see the jewels they once had been and still could be. They were dirty and unkempt. So sad because the area was so unbelievably beautiful. There are just no jobs up in this area so that people can afford to make these little towns what they could be. What bothers me is how people don't clean up their yards. That doesn't take money; just a sense of pride and the willingness to do it. Sigh.

Anywho...yesterday we took another little trip (without any dog with us) to see Douglas Falls which is closer to us than any of these others. It was just a 30-minute trip or so.

Before we left, I picked a basket of pears from the tree in our backyard. I probably got at least 20-25 pears and laid them out on paper in the basement to ripen. 

Note to KOK Church Mouse:  Thanks for your comment! I printed the recipe for the Pear Honey and I'm going to make it as soon as the pears are ready. I'm very much looking forward to that. It wounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing that recipe with me!

Also on the way, we stopped and picked some apples on the side of the road. We were careful to watch for bears since we were right at the place the bear was in the tree eating the apples the other day! I took some pictures while we were out of the car. This is just a couple of miles down the road from our house.

I'm going to go down to the railroad tracks some day soon and wait for the train so I can get some pictures of it. Most days it comes by twice.

These are the apples we picked.
I can smell the apple pie now, can't you?

Our basket full of apples, we continued up the road to Douglas Falls.

This is at the top of the falls. The water is going over the edge right where those stacked rocks are. You know me by now...I had to go up there and wade in the water a while! It was in the middle 90s yesterday and that cool water felt so good on my feet.

See the water line on the biggest rock on the right? If it weren't for that, you couldn't even tell those rocks are underwater because the water is so clear. We didn't have clear, clean water like this in Texas. It was always dirty and muddy and either brown or red. It's one thing we really notice here.

Here's a little video so you can hear the rushing water.
I love this sound.

Oh for heaven's sake! It's sideways!
I can't fix it. Sorry.

See ya!


  1. Such beauty up here in "our neck of the woods". I'm so glad you're getting out and enjoying it. That third picture reminds me of something out of an old wild west movie with the train trestle. The train comes by our lake twice a day too. I wonder if it's the same train!? You are having quite the adventures and I envy you that. I grew up in Nebr./Iowa and I know what you mean about the muddy water. That's what surprised me the most when we moved here. Well, that and the fact that the rivers run backwards since we're on the other side of the continental divide. I'm used to it now, but it really bugged me at first! :-) Cooler weather this weekend, but watch out for storms tomorrow!
    Blessings my friend,

  2. Pammy Sue

    I LOVE your little road trips so much. Putting your feet in that wonderful water is a memory I have from the Boundary waters when i was 16. Nearly 40 years ago!
    The water looks so close to the train tracks...they don't flood??

  3. The stack of rocks is called a crain. It's a native American trail marker. I always love to build and leave them where I've been too. Another fun day. And I too don't get the messy yards.

  4. Very nice and pleasant, the dogs look like they are having a good time!

  5. With all that natural beauty I am amazed that you are not overrun with tourists and that there is not a thriving tourist industry! Good for you I guess not to have to share it, but a shame that others don't get to see it and that people who live there cannot make some money from sharing it to help the local economy. I am loving seeing it all, so thank you for sharing with us!!! xx

  6. Looks like a wonderful trip. I can't wait for apples to be in season here.

  7. The railroad tracks remind me of the movie "Stand By Me", the kids walking on the tracks in the back country, looking for that dead body. Your apples look so fresh, fun isn't it to pick them along the road right off the tree. I'm one who hates litter too and I say it isn't anything but pure laziness on the owner's part to just ignore it when it is in their yard and property. I even pick up cigarette butts that people throw out their windows. Even when I use to smoke I never threw out my butts. I pick up a lot of fast food wrappers too. A few weeks ago I picked up a Ball Canning Jar box that was in my neighbor's ditch. Where on earth did that come from anyways!!!!!!!! After months of it being there I just couldn't stand it anymore and put it in my trash. Then low and behold a week later there was a Styrofoam food box in the very same place. I guess it will remain there till I go out with my trash bag and pick it up. People can be slobs.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  8. Breathtaking scenery! Love these pix:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  9. This place is simply stunning. What gorgeous photos. And now I want pie.

  10. Oh dear, that third picture gave me the heebie jeebies. Is that a railway track ? I'd be terrified with those steep drops on the side. What is little Ollie trying to do in the next picture? I'm so glad he got to spend some one on two time with his people - are you going to give them each a turn at going out with you? You sure have moved to a pretty place.xox

  11. What stunning photos! I am glad you pointed out the water line in the photo of the stream, or I would not have noticed! You know my fave picture is of Sweet Ollie! ;-) -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  12. Hi Pammy Sue, you live in such a beautiful area. Your photos show off the scenery well. I love the photo with the focus on the grass coming over the river. I haven't heard of pear honey, I imagine it's like apple butter? Have fun making apple pie. Hope you are enjoying a great weekend. Heather

  13. Beautiful photos! Waiting for my piece of pie! :-)

  14. Beautiful area! I love waterfalls. Thanks for all the pictures. I am unable to walk to most of the ones around here now because of some physical problems so I'm always looking for photos. And the video was wonderful, even if it was sideways, :) You look like you are having fun exploring your new surroundings. Thanks for taking us along.


  15. I am so envious of you. The land of's so dang beautiful. You picked an awesome place to move to. Thank you for all the pictures. xoxo


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