Monday, August 31, 2015

Grape Thieves!

I'm fascinated when the clouds are low some mornings and they move around the mountains.

My neighbors must think I'm nuts because I'm always out in my backyard snapping pictures, a lot of times in my pajamas. Ha-ha. Crazy new neighbor lady.

I was so engrossed in these the other morning, that I didn't even notice the thieves right in front of my nose until I started to go inside...

Hey, Gladys...I don't think she even sees us.

Wait. I think she sees Harvey over on the grape arbor!
Look, Harvey!

Harvey is too busy to listen...Mmm, these grapes sure are good.


Oh my God! Run for your lives!
She's gonna be mad!


How do I get out of here?!!

Help me Gladys!

Harvey did eventually find his way out of the yard after running around like a chicken with his head cut off. "Oh yeah, I forgot I could fly!" DUH. Turkeys are dumb. And thieves!

The air had cleared up enough by yesterday afternoon that we could go for our first bike ride in six days. We were so happy to be able to get out. It rained too! We rode past the new restaurant, RiverTown Grill. We haven't been there yet, but we're going soon. The smells wafting from this place yesterday were wonderful.

We went to our favorite place down at the river and sat awhile. Well, I sat and Ken played in the rocks and water. The river is down at least 20 feet since we first came here. I have no idea why they're not opening the dam and letting water through right now.

I've been piddling with a new doily.

And I made those sourdough pancakes this morning.

 Oh my!

Isn't Janie cute in the background? She was patiently waiting for her bite and she got it.

Want a bite?

See ya.


  1. Happy to see your area has cleared up.
    Oh, those turkeys are a hoot. In the country we all learn to plant a bit extra for the wildlife, when planting for ourselves or you could throw a net over the grapes or other fruit vines & trees. But I think it's more fun to see the wildlife enjoy themselves.
    We're happy for the little rain we all received this weekend. Praying there will be plenty more soonest. Fall just has to start sometime. OR & WA after all should be green not brown like CA, right!?!
    Take care and give those pups a pat & extra pancake bites. (smile)

  2. Looks delish!

    For the longest time...I thought wild turkey's were buzzards. LOL!! Till the hubs corrected me. And then proceeded to tell everybody we knew. I just know they're ugly like buzzards.

  3. No smoke here either! It's such a huge relief. I even have some clothes hanging on the clothesline today. Love the turkeys and the pancakes. Yum, pancakes!!! Our lake is way down in the past few weeks too. I know part of it is from the dipping by the huge buckets to put on the fires, but no rain and evaporation are a big contributor too. Have fun.

  4. Those turkeys crack me up! You could put some netting over the grapes as they ripen to protect them from the birds (and wild turkeys). :-) Your doily is pretty. Glad the fires have calmed down so you are able to get out. Take care, Heather

  5. I live very close to the Smoky Mountains and often see those clouds move like that, and once I thought something was on fire and it was just a cool cloud rolling down the street. Love the pictures and glad it is not fire.
    Love your new crochet project it is beautiful! And of course the food always nice.

  6. I love your wild turkey grape thieves! We don't have any wild turkeys here that I know of. You are very good natured about them stealing your grapes. You should write a children's story about them! I love your doily, can't wait to see it done. So.. how WERE the sourdough pancakes? I hope you liked them! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. More new mountain/river pictures!!! I hope the rain helped with all those fires. I bet it was nice to smell some clean fresh air.
    Gosh turkeys are incredibly stupid. We had one hanging around here last year that got separated from it's flock. Dumb as a post. It left the biggest poops on our front porch. Yuck!!
    I bought sourdough starter (yep I actually paid for some off of Amazon), but haven't tried it out yet. The pancakes look delicious :)

  8. I love those clouds too! so pretty. The salmon are spawning and going upriver, if the dams open too early the eggs and babies get washed away. There are other agricultural reasons the rivers are low, but it was a really warm winter and there was hardly any snow.

  9. Love the pictures! Oh I am looking forward to watching the progress on your doily. :)

  10. Keep the pictures coming! I see a couple of turkeys almost every morning at the neighbor's house. Soon it will be turkey season here. Glad the air is getting clearer.Pancakes looked delicious!

  11. I love looking at mountains, clouds and mists, kind of mystical at times. These turkeys are turkeys! Leave the grapes alone! Your pancakes look delish! Yah today it's cool and showery and for the first time in months the air feels fresh and clean. Makes me feel so much better! Enjoy your bike rides!

  12. The pancakes look delicious! Those naughty grape thieves! Ours will not be ripe for ages yet so no fear of anything eating them yet, and then the blackbirds will have them, but they are welcome to them as they don't taste nice! I hope the turkeys left you some grapes! xx

  13. I never could keep strawberries for the same reason, or apples. Something has been eating my dozen apples, that is all that came on the tree this year. Guess the turkeys love grapes just as much as humans do. Wonder if one of those fake owls would work if you got one and put it on the grape arbor? So glad you got some rain. I know you folks out west sure need the moisture. Did the flap jacks taste good? I'm thinking they were wonderful. Your doily looks pretty. Can't wait to see it when it is finished.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  14. Dang turkeys! I am so glad the smoke is finally clearing! That had to be awful to breathe. So cool to see those cloud formations in the hills. Eery. I need to make that sourdough starter. I had one years ago. I will do that this weekend.
    I blogged today. Yaaaa!!
    xo Kris
    PS love the doily, and the color too!!

  15. Those clouds that float in and over the mountains are always so fascinating. I like to look and see what shapes I can imagine. I'm thankful the smoke has cleared but I know alot of the fires are still burning.... we just don't see the effects as much now that there has been some wind and rain but I'm sure there is still alot of fighting going on. that is so funny seeing the gobblers up on your grapes! I've never had to deal with wild turkeys but have lived where they roam. Your doilie is so pretty and will love to watch the progress on how it looks when done. Does blogging about something you are working on and hoping to finish, help keep you going? I am so bad at starting something and not finishing it! but if I post it half done on my blog, then I feel like I HAVE to finish it! That helps me! Marilyn

  16. Another fun filled adventurous week. So glad you are back riding again. Have the leaves started to change yet? Fall was in the air here last week, but summer is back now. Off for my ride with the girls to work off all the yummies of last weeks wisconsin trip to the Dells.

  17. I'm so hungry - those pancakes look delicious. I didn't know turkeys would eat grapes. We have to grow ours in a greenhouse anyway because it wouldn't be warm enough outside. You can have some of our rain if you want. Seems like a day doesn't go past when there is no rain.

  18. Hope you are feeling well and enjoying some crochet. Spent the day at the Canton Flea Market but sooooo hot! No signs of fall in Texas!



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