Friday, August 28, 2015

Goings On and a Little Rant

I took these from across the Columbia looking back towards where we live. These were taken last week. You can tell because the smoke level was way down. You wouldn't be able to even see the mountains if I'd taken it any of the last six days. It's been just awful and it's getting old. Eyes and throat burning and itching, chest uncomfortable-feeling, and just plain old icky...

Look how gross. The skies are that icky brownish color all the time.

I wonder what our lungs look like.
Probably not much better.
Supposedly it's going to clear out over the weekend and we may get some rain.
That would be a God-send.

Well, the stove is in, but it's not hooked up yet. The gas guy still needs to come and install the ducting. I think the blue walls look even worse now. We're going to paint these walls very soon. Do I keep saying that? We really are. I'm leaning towards a chocolate-milk brown. I can picture the walls painted and a big rug in front of it. I hope we didn't make a mistake getting the black, but I think it will look so much better once the walls and decorating are done.


We got our Life Flight cards in the mail.
Hopefully we'll never need this insurance, but we have it just in case.

I made some sourdough starter yesterday morning.
It'll be ready to use in a few days.
This is how I made mine:

Mix 1/2 cup very warm water, 1 pkg active dry yeast, and 1 tsp sugar together in a glass bowl and let sit until foamy. Add 1 cup of flour and mix well, adding more warm water until you have the consistency of cake batter (probably not more than 1/2 cup more water). Cover loosely and let sit at room temperature on the counter for 4-5 days. It will begin to smell sour, as it should. Then you can use it, as directed, in any recipe that calls for a sourdough starter. I'll be making Teresa's Sourdough Flapjacks for one. Her recipe and post about it is HERE. Thanks, Teresa!

I soaked these beans all night in water and started them in the crockpot this morning with water and ham. The recipe I use is on the back of this package. I buy this at Walmart, and I use a package of ham chunks instead of hamhock. It's the BEST recipe you'll ever make for beans & ham. We love it.

Last night we had fish tacos. I used some frozen tilapia filets. They are individually wrapped in plastic and thaw out in about an hour in a big bowl of water. I saute the filets in a small amount of olive oil for 2 minutes each side, and add salt & pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. So quick and easy and good! Serve in warm flour tortillas with fresh spinach leaves and a little sprinkle of cheese and salsa. I made salsa from 3 cans of drained, diced tomatoes (1 can blended in a blender with onion, 2 fresh jalapenos (one de-seeded and de-veined), 1 handful cilantro, 1 tsp cumin, juice of one lime, and salt & pepper to taste, and the other two cans not blended so it's chunky.) 

I sat down and tried to make a copy of this doily yesterday. It worked, but my thread (size 10) was much finer than what was used in the original doily. I didn't like the way it looked so I ripped it out. Maybe I'll try it with Size 5 and see how it looks. It gave me something to do while the workmen were here yesterday installing that stove.

I've had a couple of comments that mentioned me living in Montana now. WTF? Where did y'all get that idea? I live in Washington State, not Montana. Somebody isn't paying attention!

Under the totally ridiculous, you-should-be-ashamed-of-yourself category:  Seriously? $8.99 for one little doily pattern? What is wrong with people? Can you say greedy? It's a pretty doily, but there is nothing anyone can say to justify this, even if it's for charity, which this is not. This is the type of thing that perpetuates what some people say is "stealing" patterns. The seller of this pattern is the thief in my opinion! You make me sick and are much worse than anyone who buys it and then gives it away many times over, and that's exactly what will happen. I'm not buying it, but someone will. Disgraceful.

I have to work a little today.
See ya.


  1. I am praying you get some rain soon...the air must be horrible, and so bad for anyone with respiratory problems. I make ham soup just like you do and I agree it is the best! Now that you've mentioned it I need to make it soon. I think the stove looks ok. Have you considered doing something different on the wall behind the stove, like brick or stone? I do like brown walls and that will look so much better than the blue.

  2. I know you're in WA.. way up there.. almost to Canada. I'm paying attention. :-) Your sourdough starter looks nice and happy.. can't wait to see your flapjacks and rolls! We're going to the state fair today.. and waiting for the rain to start. I never thought I'd be looking forward to rain, but I am! Rain cleans the air.. can't wait. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Pretty Pictures as always :) when i pay for an pattern i wont pay over 5 dollars for one. 8 dollars is freaking to much.

  4. I must have horrible taste because I like the blue with the little black stove. The whole picture reminds me of my gr grandma Tiny"s house she kept a rag rug of many colors near her was charming. Enjoy your blog so much.

  5. Definitely you guys do need the rain to put out the fires and to clean the air of all that smoke and haze. Several years back a neighbor decided to burn old roof shingles, it was summer and hot, hot, hot. We didn't have ac and had to keep our windows shut. I thought I was going to die. It was days and nights of a smoldering smoke that would have gagged anyone. Of course what little breeze there was brought the smoke right over our way. We were so mad especially since we had a new roof put on and the guys had taken the old shingles away in a dumpster. I know what is going on where you are can't be helped unless it was someone so careless with a cigarette butt or campfire it has caused such misery and loss. But I do know that miserable feeling of being stuck in the house day after day because the air is unfit to inhale. Yep robbery that doily pattern price. I think the one that got me was an afghan that some woman wanted $3,000 for. Never had I ever seen something so outrageous, and the afghan wasn't all that much special to warrant a crazy price. I've made those beans for my hubby. He said they were good. Hope things improve for you. The stove looks good and will feel good this winter. Hang in there.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  6. PS....I knew you were in Washington state :)

  7. Your town is so sad with all that smoke.... all these fires are just so awful. I live down south of Bend, OR and we have alot of smoke here.. we're getting it from the Warm Springs, OR fire and from the fires south of us.... there are so many fires in your area that it's scary. We are having problems with our ears plugging up, burning eyes and not feeling well. Like you said.... I'd hate to see what it does to our lungs. I love your little stove and kind of like the blue walls.. reminds me a a country farmhouse color! Let's all pray for rain.

  8. I hope that you get lots of rain very soon to stop the fires and clear the air and your lungs. Hope you get the fire all hooked up soon too! The indoor fire that is, oh, I will stop now, you know what I mean!!! xx

  9. Happy smokey day to you Pammy Sue! And I know exactly where you are. Our skies look just like yours except we had about 3, count me, 3 raindrops fall this morning with more predicted this weekend. Oh I hope and pray the weather people are right. I like your new stove. We put a gas one in our family room and a wood burner in the living room and I use them both in the winter. (My LR walls are blue). Tee hee! Your soup looks yummy. Dennis really likes bean soup so I think that will be served around here before long.

    That price for one pattern? Robbery in my humble opinion. Stay safe this weekend. I hear our winds are going to pick up tonight and tomorrow. The Carpenter Road fire closest to Loon Lake jumped the firebreak yesterday because of the winds. Just like you, I'm so tired of this.

  10. All that smoke looks terrible - hope you get rain soon. Is that black part of the second picture where the fire went through? Y'know its not only food items that vary from country to country .... I also have gas ducted heating throughout my house but the actual 'thing' that makes it work is outside around the 'other side' of the house where it isn't seen. I'll be interested to see the browny colour you mentioned for the walls - should look nice. Enjoy those flapjacks - we call them pancakes and they're something I haven't had for ages (probaby years). My daughter used to make yummy ones with cheese and dried mixed herbs in the mixture. Yum !! I agree with you about the cost of that doily pattern - outrageous. She'd probably make heaps more money from the pattern if it was priced more reasonably so that more people would buy it. Are you interested in some of the older doily patterns? I have some books I really don't want and I'd be happy to send them to you. Let me know if you'd like them. xox

  11. Gosh I hope those skies clear up nice soon.. I going to give your starter a try soon.. I hope you have a good weekend with love Janice

  12. First off be very careful with choosing milk chocolate colors I did and it was more pink and I didn't like it just FYI. And I will pray for rain that seems very scary to me. and as always food looks good, I haven't seen sourdough starter in years, ladies used to share it at church and I finally got a recipe for it Fun memories that was!

  13. Sounds like a busy, productive time, Pammy Sue. Hope the air clears up soon in WASHINGTON STATE.

  14. The smoke looks horrible. I hope it will rain soon! I remember the smoke and the smell from the time I lived in Sydney...

    That is indeed a very high pattern price! I paid 8 € for a sweater pattern this week and was expecting a very elaborated description but it was a disappointment. I hope the finished item will make up for it!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  15. Yuck that smoke can't be making you feel good that is for sure. No wonder you are aching. Just for the record I knew where you lived and you are so right that is way, way too much for a pattern. A couple bucks more and you could by a book.

  16. Ha ha ha Montana, indeed!
    Any one that's been reading your blog knows you're in WA. For petes sake what's the matter with some people. LOL
    Love, love, love fish taco's.
    Better to have insurance and not need it, than to need it and not have it!
    Praying for load's of rain for you all in WA and us here in Oregon.
    This weather just has to change sometime - so why not now. This very second! Are you with me on this? (smile)
    Take care and hugs to the four legged gang from me.

  17. I have a hard enough time around here when some of our neighbors burn trash; I can't imagine how rough it is there. Hopefully you will have gotten some rain by the time you read this and things will have cleared up. I have been enjoying your journey to the West Coast and yes, I do know you live in WA. I love all the photos.

    Hang in there. The rains will come and the air will be nice and clean.

    From my Front Porch

  18. So my little munchkin.... are you in Washington or Montana... Ha Ha Love you being so close to Canada.. I can just see road trip written all over your new and fabulous life.. except for the bear... that was a bit too close... I am a firm believer in giving wildlife a wide berth. Once I was walking a Shetland pony to the other farm and a stupid, BAD- ASS Wolverine came after me... Nope I definitely think you should take some sort of wildlife self-protection classes. Check with your local game warden, he should fix you up !! {{{{{smile}}}}}

  19. Well finally! Finally, a rant from you! You haven' t had a good rant in ages!!!!! Since moving to,Montana in fact. ( sorry, I couldn't resist)
    That smoke is such a shame! Hooe you do get a good rain to clean it out!
    I LOVE the heater, and I love the traditional black!
    I absolutely hate to see,people charge ridiculous prices for patterns. Greed!
    Love ya kid
    XO Kris

  20. Hope those fires go out soon, we have had reports shown on UK TV so it must be really bad to make our news over here.

    Looking forward to some Autumn weather here - drizzly rain at the moment.


  21. Great post. Love reading about your life. Hope the air clears up soon for you. I've tried the beans but my family is so picky. They don't like it! Whatever! I agree with the prices of some patterns. I would rather share than be a thief!

  22. I absolutely agree on the doily price. I was eyeballing this $19 dollars for ONE PATTERN!. It is beautiful, but no, not when I can buy an entire book of patterns for that price, she's lost it. I've always said, there's a difference in attempting to make a living and trying to make your fortune. If we crafters charged by the hour for our work, no one could buy them, except for the rich and well-to-do. And the ones that really steam me up are those who take a long standing well established pattern like a ripple or granny square, change up one little thing like how its started or size of yarn, call it their own and charge for it, when its free all over the dang internet and Rav. That's, to me, robbery. Rock on girl!
    I use those ham beans all the time....they are goooood! *cue cousin Eddie on Christmas vacation*. :) Stay inside and change the air filters often!


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