Saturday, August 15, 2015

Food Stuff

The grapes are turning purple!
Another week or two and I'll be making Grape Jelly.

I picked these little plums yesterday morning.
I got all that were on the tree, but it wasn't many.

I got exactly one cup of juice which made exactly one cup of jelly after boiling with sugar. It tastes really good!

 I made this goulash a couple of days ago out of elbow macaroni, hamburger, garlic, green pepper, onion, and two cans of fire-roasted diced tomatoes. We ate it just like this from the pan.

Then yesterday I put the leftovers in a casserole dish and layered it with parmesan and sharp cheddar, covered it with foil, and baked it for 45 minutes. 


And theeeen...

 "This zucchini-flecked cornbread walks a delicious line between sweet and savory."
I love it.
I first saw the recipe link HERE.
You can find it here:  Zucchini Cornbread

Hello, little deer munching on apples.
Seems everybody is doing that around here these days.

Ken said this is a "spike."
See the beginnings of a rack on his head?
Cute little booger, isn't he?
He wasn't at all nervous about me being so close and taking his picture.

I love the name of this road.
We decided to see where it led yesterday.

It was a paved road for about one mile with this view.
Then it turned into a dirt road so we turned around.

Gillette Lake to the east of us.
They had a large dock and swimming area with a big floating trampoline to jump off of.
How fun would that be? My lake-swimming days are over.
I might float on a big tractor inner-tube, but that's about it.
I'm afraid of some weird amoeba-germ-bacteria-microbe getting into my brain.
I've read too many horror stories. What?
YOU are a freak.

We were supposed to go to the Garlic Festival at China Bend Winery today from 12-5, but it's really smokey out there. We're not sure if we're going to go now or not. Don't want to get out there and have the roads close because of wildfires. We're going to monitor the fire website and see. I'm thinking we probably won't go anywhere with it like this.

I just took this picture standing in our backyard...

See ya!
(Through the smokey haze)


  1. Gosh I hope that all will be OK with the fires. Stay safe! Your grapes look fantastic, ours are still green bullets at the moment, you will make some wonderful jelly if your plum jelly is anything to go by, it is so clear! The zucchini cornbread sounds like a good idea, I would never have thought of that! I do love cornbread of any kind! xx

  2. Dabbsc12:03 PM

    I look forward to where "we" are exploring every time! Thanks for letting us go too! GREAT!!

  3. Fires are scary. Been seeing a lot of that news on tv, it is depressing and so sad for the folks who have to live with that worry. You guys need rain desperately. Oh what lovely grapes! And your plums look good too. I have never seen yellow ones though. That is one kind of jelly I have never made, plum jelly or jam. Thanks for the patterns. I did get a chance to check them out last evening. The one with the popcorn stitches looks a bit like one I made with diamonds, the other one is a new pattern I've never seen before. Today I am lazy, but find myself back in my sewing room. Maybe I should get back to the organizing I stared months ago. I just can't let this room get the better of me and I need to get this chore done. Thanks for sharing this new chapter of your life with us. It really has been enjoyable,
    Susanne :)

  4. I love coming along on your road trips and looking at all these beautiful pictures. Plum jelly sounds good as do all those fresh apples. I haven't made cornbread in ages, and the addition of zucchini kicks it up a notch. I'll have to try it.
    We have smoke here today because a neighbor decided to do a controlled burn of their yard waste. Why would someone think that's a good idea when it's 100 degrees and everything is so dry around here?
    So it gets up into the 90's where you are? I bet it cools off at night though. Have a nice weekend :)

  5. I'm pretty sure I love your new home. When I first saw the grapes, I thought--homemade WINE!

  6. I feel like I am on this adventure with you, although I am not smelling any ripe apples or that smokey air that is supposed to be clear and fresh.

    Thank you for taking us all along and for showing us the beauty surrounding you.

  7. Your photos make me SO happy Pammy Sue! The tree covered mountains are gorgeous and I love deer (I always enjoy their visits to our place)! Your post also reminds me that I haven't made goulash is quite awhile and it is something we both liked. Now you have me curious to check out our grapes and see how ripe they are:)

  8. All your makes are great. I love that you can pick your own grapes.
    Hope fires keep away.

  9. Isn't this smoke awful?!? We have several really bad fires south of us and there are lots of evacuations and damage. Yesterday it was so bad it was hard on your breathing. Your scenery is much like Our area, it is so beautiful! I'm glad you tried that recipe, it's the best and a great way to use up zukes. Thanks for the link, I was laughing as I noticed I had a bit of traffic, I'm pretty obscure otherwise! I was thinking what the heck is going on?!? Your fruit looks delish, the grapes will be so good. Watch out for those deer, they wait till the best time to do a garden raid and will wipe you out!

  10. You're just cooking away! Are those Concord grapes? They're my absolute favorite. My in-laws have lots of grapes at their house but I found out the hard way that they are the wrong kind for jelly. I was so disappointed. Your plums look great and I love the look of the recipes!

  11. You've certainly been a busy cook these past few days. With all the other outings and things you do, I don't know when you find the time to cook !!!! Imagine all those beautiful smells coming out of your place. Bet the neighbours are jealous. I love that little deer - I reckon before too long he/she will almost be another addition to your family. Do you give it treats? Had to laugh about that sign. Reminded me of one I saw when doing a visit to Towamba in New South Wales for family history research a few years back. The sign read "Dead End" and the road lead to a cemetery. xox

  12. How lovely to have so much fruit growing in your garden, I've never had grape jelly I bet it's yummy. I made some red currant jelly yesterday and it tastes lovely we seem to have had a huge berry harvest this year. All your food looks delicious but then it always does, I would stay well away from those fires, have a great Sunday Pammy Sue. xx

  13. What an interesting life you have found! I love seeing deer. My guys have a trail camera and the pictures are phenomenal!

  14. I love each of your photos on this post. Don't inhale!

  15. I love each of your photos on this post. Don't inhale!

  16. Wow those grapes are huge. I sure bet that plum jelly was super wonderful. There's nothing like homemade.

    Those recipes look so yummy! You've given me an idea - I think I'll make some goulash only vegetarian with veggie meatballs.

    It's sort of sad that the poor wildlife have had to come in so close to humans in order to eat and stay alive. But that's mother nature - they have to go wherever the food is.

    Please be safe.
    If you need to bug out at a moments notice. Don't forget the puppers dog food. (smile)

  17. Fires are so scary!!! They are all around here too. Love seeing the deer!! I would be in awe, all the time!!
    What do you mean your lake swimming days are over!? No way.
    XO Kris

  18. Smoke. Smoke. Smoke. We headed up to Colville Saturday and only got as far as a few miles north of Adfy when the smoke was so bad we couldn't see the highway so we turned around. We could actually see the flames at Addy. This is getting downright scary. I had planned to stay at the lake tonight, but we couldn't breathe so we came home. Love all of your cooking today. It all looks yummy. Especially the goulash. Talk to you soon my friend. Stay safe.

  19. mmmm...Love that maccaroni dish. My mom always called it "American Chop Suey" I just call it gooooood. :) Haven't been around much, trying to get over pneumonia. Its always something.


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