Monday, August 03, 2015

Biking the Town

We've spent a lot of time lately on our bicycles. We get on them early in the morning while it's still really cool and ride all around town. The other day one of the locals told us where to go to find some paths that lead directly down on the river so we decided to give that a try yesterday morning. It's just across the railroad tracks and to the left of Ken. You can  make it out if you look closely. After we walked it a ways and decided it was safe to try and ride our bikes down that way, we carried them across the tracks and hopped on.

This is what we found at the other end. It's a nice little swimming hole, complete with chairs for ass-sitting and relaxing. I love to wade in the water, so that's what I did.

We rode our bikes over that bridge in the background the other day.
It was amazing! I let go of my handlebars at one point and shouted, "I'm so happy!"
And it's true. I am.

I feel like 1,000 lbs have been lifted off my shoulders this past month. I've let go of all the bad feelings and hopes for a "normal" family that I've held onto for years. I really let it go, and I can feel it to the core of my soul! I wasted so much of my life these past few years being depressed and sad about it all. I'm DONE! Sometimes wounds are too deep to ever be fixed or completely heal. I've been the cause of some of those wounds to other people myself, and I hope those people can learn to let it go too. You don't have to forgive me. You don't have to keep trying. You cannot make people be the way you want, and they cannot make you be the way they want either. Sometimes you just have to let go and move on if you can't accept it. I still love deeply, but I don't have to live in the middle of it anymore.

Good lord, how did I get onto all that mess?

Teresa, this next photo is for you!

I knew some day I would be standing with my feet in the Columbia River!
I knew it! I knew it!
And here I am.

After we left the river, we decided to go explore the back of our property. This is the road that runs along the back. Our property line is on the left where all the trees are. There are about 50 feet of trees back there.

As we were just riding up, our neighbor on the backside pulled out of his property. His name is Sonny. We chatted for quite a while and he gave us some directions to some different places to explore across the river. There are some lakes up there! I had no idea, but I can't wait to go see them.

As we stood there talking, a doe and her fawn came walking out of the trees. I missed getting a picture of them. So sweet! And then this family of turkeys came walking through. Momma and more of her babies had already gone into the trees.

As you get to the end of that road, on the right side are where three horses live. I walked onto that property to meet them up close. A man named Joe owns these horses, but we haven't met him yet. I hope he doesn't mind me walking over there and talking and petting his horses. I love talking to horses. They kind of scare me, though. They are so big and powerful! They really seem to love being talked to. 

This one I called Freckles for the obvious reason.
She wouldn't get close enough for me to pet her.
I bet she will in time. I'm going to take them some of the pears and apples from our orchard next time I go. They will learn to LOVE it when they see me coming!

The red one was really friendly and walked right up to me.
He stood there the whole time and let me pet his nose and scratch his neck and ears.
I promised him those apples and maybe a sugar cube or two.

A pretty quilt for sale.
(Only $695! You know you want it.)

We stopped in at Tony's for a drink. We looked through the little hippy-dippy store inside the store where the Big Bitch works. She wasn't there. (Oh darn!) I really shouldn't call her that. It might stick, and she might not really be a Big Bitch after I get to know her. First impressions can come back to haunt you, people! Anyway...

Look at this cool swing.

There were at least 10-12 hand-made shopping bags like this hanging there for $7 each. I bought this Buddha one. You know I can't resist a Buddha anything.

And I bought this cookbook written by a local woman, Jo Ann Bender.
I've since learned that this is the third one in a series. I'll have to look for the other two. She's also written a few novels. You can see some of them on Amazon HERE if you're interested.

I think I showed y'all this picture of a Quinoa Salad I made the other day, didn't I? I can't remember. But I wanted to share the recipe link with you because it is really good. It has been even better since it has sat in the fridge. Here it is all decked out with some extras (the pear tomatoes, some feta, and some chopped cashews), but it's just as good without those extras in it. The avocado makes it really good, though. Don't leave those out! They stay nice and green too since the dressing has lemon juice in it.

I got the recipe link from Alicia over at Posie Gets Cozy. It's one of favorite blogs. I love going there and seeing her pictures and her adorable daughter. That's the prettiest baby I've ever seen! I'm always trying her recipes too. The recipe for the Quinoa Salad she linked to is HERE. She also linked to another recipe in that blog entry that I'm trying today. It's the Spaghetti & Sausage with Peas recipe HERE. I'm adding the peas like she did. She's also the author of one of my favorite patterns ever, the Tiramisu Blanket pattern on Ravelry. It's a freebie and makes a beautiful baby blanket for a gift. 

It's time for a short bike ride, and then we're going exploring up the mountains on the other side of the river. We're going to find that lake!

See ya.


  1. Hi Pammy Sue, the river and mountains are so pretty (bet the river was cold!). You sound so happy and I'm truly glad for you and Ken. We haven't been biking this year as our bikes are in need of repair, but it sounds like fun. Can't wait to hear about the lake. Take care, Heather

  2. Hello there Pammy. Thank you for stopping and commenting on my posting. After being away for several intervals I was wondering if anyone would even come around again. I should know that the faithful are always there, they understand absences. I am so glad that you are happy. That made me smile. I'm sure now that your Ken has retired it has also made a difference. Exploring is fun, just don't get lost, lol. No doubt there are landmarks to keep in sight, maybe a water tower or such. Of course I found out while mushroom hunting that having a compass is of no use if you don't know how to read the thing. I never made it far enough in Girl Scouts to learn how to do that. Horses love carrots too. I am like you, they scare me a bit, but once they get to know you they are faithful friends as well. Your dogs will have a hay day sniffing you out when you come home with the smell of horses on you, ha ha ha.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  3. HELP!! I missed something along the way! How did you end up moving here!!!

  4. Pammy Sue, You make me smile! You are enjoying life to the fullest here in Washington and I LOVE IT!!!! This is such a beautiful state and it's a whole new playground for you. I'm so happy that you are happy. Lots and lots of adventures. Hey, maybe you and Ken will get your own horses and start riding around town! Thanks for the new pictures and sharing your happiness.

  5. Looks like a fun excursion :-) I'm so glad you're so happy there. Pretty horses; I know they'll love the treats you bring them. Cute new bag, too! Never tried quinoa but I keep looking at it in the store. Maybe I'll give the recipe a try. I do like the blanket pattern, though; thanks for the link. Take care :-)

  6. It is all wonderful, looks like a great place for peace!

  7. This post reminded me of someone here in the office. Any time you ask him "hey Mike how's it goin?" his response is always without fail "Living the dream man, living the dream". You really are. :) And I'm pea-green with envy.

  8. Thanks for taking us all on your bike ride. I haven't been on a bike in years. What fun you both had - plus a shopping trip.
    Your toes are so pretty - love that shade of red.
    Were those cherries sweet or tart? If they're tart then they're pie cherries.
    Enjoying your blog & your adventures.

  9. Thank you so much for the wise words on family and letting go. I read them about three times (and may bookmark this page for future reminding). I have great friends who love me but, family, not so much despite having a large family of several generations, this was poisoned by the hatred of one person, an in-law, who actually is no longer alive, but the habit of disregard is still there. And my own brothers, well you couldn't make a good one out of all three.
    Your words have resonated and I will try to keep them in mind.

    The horse pics come on a sad day when my bestie's beloved arab Pikita is critical with a second case of colic and this time may be 'it'. Let's see what the night brings.
    ps I want a bike too

  10. Anonymous4:01 PM

    hi Pammy Sue...I don't know how I happened upon your blog about a year ago and I have never commented ever anywhere before now. I love reading your blog and I wanted you to know that you are an inspiration and giver of hope to me. I realized that in your words today. a mothers pain is a never ending pain sometimes. I know you undertand. just wanted you to know how I appreciate your honesty and sweet soul.

  11. I have followed your blog for such a long time. I love your way with words and your honesty about life. And I'm so jealous of your new little town! It looks so wonderful and I have been eagerly waiting for each new post! I hope that you and your husband find all of the peace and joy that you have been looking for.
    Your neighbors horses are so pretty but before you give any treats you probably should ask his permission first. I have a horse that I board and I don't like him to be hand fed by anyone but me. Also there are various illnesses that horses can have that don't allow them to have sugar. But they do love pets and scratches behind the ears!

  12. It is wonderful that you are letting that beautiful river wash your cares away. I love the adventure you are on.

  13. Well Miss Pammy Sue. You are bringing such joy to me as I read how much fun you and Ken are having adventuring around your new home! And thanks for the shout out and thinking of me when you waded in the mighty Columbia! That is just sweet! It sure is clean and clear up there! I hope you find the lake and show us photos. I love lakes! We leave for our lake camping trip a week from Wed. I hope we get rested up before we go! LOL! Have fun, I love seeing your joyfulness. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. Lovely post Pammy Sue. Family relationships can be so difficult...sometimes letting it go is all you can do. I'm sure there is freedom in that. I really enjoy reading about your new adventures. Beautiful pictures.

  15. Families are hard aren't they. I know this very well. You are right, you have to do what you can, let go what you can, move on and most of all be yourself! You cannot fix everything and certainly not other people and they have not learn that too! I hope that you are and will remain incredibly happy in your beautiful new home and enjoy lots more times shouting that you are so happy and dipping your toes in beautiful new waters! xx

  16. Enjoyed reading today's post - you two are like adventurous teenagers riding all over the place on your bikes. Good to see (and hear) that you're so happy there. Next time you go to the river you'll have to take your bikini and have a dip. Those horses are so beautiful, especially the red one. I don't think it will take very long before they'll be hanging out for your visit, along with the goodies you'll be taking for them. Is Ken going to get you that cute little swing? Would be a good spot for sitting and doing a bit of crochet out in the sunshine. Have fun at the lake. xox

  17. So don't even get me started about seeing you two out on your bikes. I've done my best healing, bitching, praying and letting go out on the trails. It really does clear your mind. So happy to see you happy. I know this move took tons of courage, you need to own it. Make sure to email me your new info to update files ,reviewing Xmas card list.

  18. So glad you are finally happy!

  19. Very nice, woman, very nice. Looks like you are very happy and who wouldn't be in such a beautiful place?

    Also, the feet in the water made me think the water would be quite chilly, which gave me immediate shrinkage just thinking about it... ha!

    Have a good one.

  20. Wait....I just realized you are riding your bike in flip flops....girlfriend we need to talk....right now I'm off to P.T. for a bike fall that hurt my knee. Please please wear your gymmies next time. And oh, where's the helmet? lol...Stubbed big toes are no fun by the way.

    See. Aren't you glad I'm popping back by.

  21. Hi Pammy, I think you have chosen a beautiful place to call home. I hope you continue to find the joy..wonderful post.

  22. Letting go is so difficult with family; sometimes it is the only way to fill that hole in your heart.
    I understand on some levels. My father and I are not speaking all...ever...but I still send him cards for Fathers day.

    I LOVE horses. I love to pet them. I am a bit afraid to ride them anymore.

    I love your adventures Pammy Sue

  23. So HAPPY for you Pammy Sue! Looks like you've chosen the right place for you and Ken! Love all your pics and sharings. We too are transitioning but from Mi to Redmond Oregon. Just waiting for our lil townhome to be completed. Hope we will be as content as you...

  24. Pammy Sue, you already know how happy I am for you guys, and it truly thrills me to see you so care free. The photos of your surroundings are just stunning. And I know that in person, they are even more spectacular! You have certainly made the right move!!!
    You are cooking up a storm too! The salad looks good. I will try it.
    Nothing like fresh corn! Yum!
    It is so fun to visit your blog to see what you kids are up to! Hooray for you Pammy Sue!!!! Let it go, let it go.........
    Love ya!

  25. What gorgeous photos! I am so glad you are happy! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  26. I'm so happy for you Pammy Sue it's great that your life has changed so much for the better, dealing with family can be so hard at times but I'm learning too that you have to try and let go and think of yourself. I just love your new place it really looks amazing and the people so friendly, your new bag is cute, looking forward to seeing what's on the other side of the river. :) xx

  27. The mountains, the rivers - oh my, what a wonderful place you moved to!

    I am glad you are feeling better. Families can be such a complicated thing. I decided some years ago, that I can built my own family out of the people I love most, even though I am not blood related to all of them. :)

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  28. It's so nice to see you are so happy.

  29. I am glad you are so happy! Beautiful pictures and I love seeing the critter pictures! Can't wait to see what you find/found on the mountains!


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