Monday, August 17, 2015

Baby Blanket Ta-Dah

It's been a long while since I crocheted and finished anything! I worked on this baby boy blanket last week several days and finished it this afternoon. It was a fun little project.

Yarn:  Hobby Lobby's ILTY in light denim and red (less than 1 skein each). The Beige is Hobby Lobby's Baby Bee Hushabye Solid in Naked (2.5 skeins)
Hook:  Size J
Size:  35" square
Edging:  I didn't use the edging in the pattern.  I followed the pattern through R27 and finished with three rounds of sc.

We stayed home all weekend so no stories to tell. The smoke cleared up around here, but there are still huge wildfires burning across the county (and state). Wildfires are something that never affected us ever before, and it's not something we even considered when moving here...not that it would have made a difference. We still would have come. We just have to be aware every single day (at least this time of year) and keep an eye on the website and the sirens at Townhall. We are signed up for alerts on our cellphones in case of an evacuation or something like that too, and have plans for what to do, where to go, and what to grab before we leave. I guess it's always something. Before it was tornadoes to be wary of and now it's fires.

I'm tired. I haven't slept much the last two nights. Don't know why my brain won't turn off when it's supposed to. Sigh. I lay there and toss and turn and alternately sweat and freeze until I finally get up and move to the couch where I finally sleep for about three hours. I think it's catching up to me. I tried for a nap earlier, and I think I may have slept about 30 minutes. At least that's something. I think that's my first nap since we moved here, which is weird. I used to be a huge napper. I love a good nap.

I made some bread in the bread machine that flopped on Saturday. It didn't rise and it was all flat and dense. We ate tomato sandwiches or some form of eggs all weekend -- fried eggs, scrambled eggs, eggs in tortillas with cheese and salsa, egg sandwiches, etc. Eggs are always easy and good. I did make a 7-layer dip on Sunday to eat with tortilla chips during the race. The apples are still sitting there in a big basket. I need to do something with them soon. I'm really looking forward to the first cold snap and making a big pot of chili. I wish autumn and winter would hurry up and get here.

I don't have anything else to ramble about. Guess I'll go catch the news.

See ya.


  1. The fires sound horrible and I guess if you've never lived with that worry it is hard to imagine. Good that you have a plan. The move has been so exciting, maybe it is catching up to you. Love the do such beautiful work.

  2. The pattern looks good done up. Thanks again. I have a diagonal baby blanket in the works, but next blanket I make I will try that pattern. I think you are right. Everything is catching up with you. Your life has been such a whirlwind. I would have been stressed out long ago if I was doing what you have done. Nothing wrong with taking a break and breaking a few eggs, lol. Have you ever tried fried egg sandwiches with a slice of Kraft American Cheese and all three condiments, mustard, ketchup and mayo? They are wonderful and much better than just plain ole fried egg sand. Haven't watched Nascar since my hubby passed. No more football, basketball or golf. Reruns are driving me nuts. I watch the soaps and a couple other shows on Dish.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  3. Hey Pammy Sue!!!! Is the Kettle Falls/Addy fire close to you? I have a hard time telling on the map. I have NEVER seen it this bad up here. I told on my blog today about our road trip on Saturday and that we had to turn around before we got to Colville because the smoke was so bad around Addy. You can come here if you need to. Seriously.
    On a brighter note, I love your blanket. It's perfect. It will be wonderful for a little baby. I hope you get rest soon. I think that the move and all of the excitement and preparation might be all catching up to you. Be kind to yourself.
    Blessings always my friend,

  4. The blanket is adorable! I am itching to crochet!
    Hope you got that nap!
    XO Kris

    1. But you are too busy making fabulous quilts and goodies for the grands.

  5. That's a lovely baby blanket - at first I thought it was done in fine yarn but when I saw a size J hook, I realised it isn't. Very pretty. Those fires would scare the daylights out of me. I hate fires. I hope that you'll never have to actually use that evacuation plan. Have you tried listening to relaxing music on your iPod when you go to bed? It might help to get your brain off other things. You'll need to get yourselves some chooks so you can have nice fresh eggs all the time .... sounds like you enjoy them. I never had any luck with my bread machine so I got rid of it and went back to buying bread from the supermarket. I bought a loaf of their own brand multigrain the other day for 89c ... can't get much cheaper than that. Wasn't bad either! xox

  6. The blanket is so beautiful!!!!!!!!! I love it!! Get it! I am glad that you are staying safe from the fires, that is good, I hope they stay away from you. Good to be aware and have a plan though. I hope that you feel better soon and that your sleeping sorts itself out, you have been through a lot recently so perhaps you just need a bit more time to settle. Take care of yourself. xx

  7. Great job on the baby blanket! Hope you get some sleep soon! Make some apple butter with the apples. Don't ask me how cause I've never tried! :-(
    Those wildfires would scare me!

  8. As I read this post, I immediately wondered if you are close to a Hobby Lobby in your new locale?!? Fires are burning and I'm wondering about access to yarn! Shoot me now! I'm

    I'm a silent observer these days. Rarely look at blogs, but DO make it a point to stop by and see you! Disclaimer: you decided to move, shopped for a new home, sold your house AND moved before I ever had an I don't come to see you often enough, clearly!

    I'm still crocheting...focusing on my giraffes and props for newborn photo sessions. photography work has blossomed a bit this's slow, but I'm gaining a good reputation and word of mouth is bringing me new clients. Wheeeeeeee!

    Aside from fires, I'm oh sooooooo envious of your picturesque new locale! And yes you're right, it's always something! I was so happy when we moved from California to Virginia because we left behind the threat of devastating earthquakes (been through two major quakes and many other smaller ones over my lifetime and enough is enough). But now we have hurricanes and tornadoes that threaten us.

    I grew up in Similar Valley (fire there on the national news last night). I lived there for a frightening fire in 1968. I was a teenager and can still remember having to pack our belongings in preparation of evacuation as the entire valley was ringed in fire. Breathing was impossible with the choking smoke and ash. Mother Nature and her fury are indeed a force greater than any of us humanoids!

    So, stay safe, keep an alert eye and soak up all the beauty that envelops you! Hugs aplenty...Annette

  9. That's a lovely blanket Pammy Sue, I've just finished a baby blanket too I love making them I will pin this one for later. Sorry you aren't sleeping well I go through phases like that it really wears you out, a short nap always helps I think. :) xx

  10. I join you in your wish for autumn to get here quick and I would be fine with winter too--if we get some of the beautiful white stuff:) Hope your sleeping improves as life settles down for you. Very nice baby blanket talented lady!
    Blessings, Aimee

  11. Stay safe Pammy SUE!
    We are under a tornado watch and slated to go to the Cub game tonight. Oh dear.

    Im not ready for WINTER but I'll be ready for fall soon

  12. Your baby blanket is beautiful.
    Here's a simple & easy recipe to use up those apples . . .

    Perhaps the reason you couldn't sleep was because the fires were on your subconscious mind. I find that if something is nagging me in the back of my mind I can't sleep either.

    I'm with you - I'm so looking forward to a chilly Fall & cold Winter. I don't do well in hot weather. That was the reason we moved up from San Diego to Oregon in 2005. The weather sure has changed up here in the last 10 yrs and not for the better.

    Head pats & snuggles to all the pups.
    Stay safe.

  13. Oh it's so pretty. I love it! I am gonna have to get some of that yarn and try it out for a blanket soon. Check out my latest blog post, I just finished a monster blanket! Happy Hooking! :)

  14. Making some homemade applesauce in your crockpot with the splenda brown sugar or regular...then eat and it freezes well. Waiting for Apple season here, still early.
    Cute blanket.
    Saw the WA fire map, looks crazy. Glad you have a plan. It's one thing or another. Just read how bad the winter is going to be. Thinking of escape options already.

  15. I been trying to stop by here and finally I'm here I see you made it to your destination that's nice..I love love that blanket.. It's so cute.. Fire's not fun.. be careful.. well I'm off to home have a good rest of the week with love.. Janice

  16. Very nice blanket. Watch out for the fires and stay safe my friend.

  17. Have enjoyed reading your last 8 posts or so! Found you about 3 weeks ago, read all you'd been up to (your move, your tour of the town and area, etc.) and then there was nowhere to "follow" you, so lost you! For the life of me, could not remember the name of your blog! I finally did a search of my History (now that is real dedication!) and found you again so have enjoyed reading your last posts and your little trips around your area. I'm so envious! It's so gorgeous there and love the mountains, rivers, creeks, falls, etc. I've lived in Washington most of my life, but SW Washington. The mountains there are pretty, but the upper Eastern Wash. area is absolutely rugged and breathtaking. I've been there once or twice. So much to comment on... can your pears.. my mom always did that and we loved them in the winter. Make applesauce or apple butter with all of those wonderful apples (before the deer and bear get them all!). I use a juicer/steamer for making juice to either can (grape juice) or to use the juice for jelly. Love all of your recipes and cooking, pies, cookbooks, etc. I am now following you on BlogLovin' so can get each and every post! From your new follower... Marilyn.

  18. I sorry I pinned your blanket and never left a comment, I got too rushed and I have been waiting for your crochet work to show up again! this is a great blanket!

  19. What a gorgeous baby blanket! Love it!

    Have you tried a sleeping aid? I take 1 tylenol PM every evening and it has improved my sleep tremendously!

    Stay safe!

  20. Gorgeous!! ♥ I love that LOVE blanket :o). Great job, Pammy Sue!

  21. Love the blanket! How great are the words in there!

    Hope you will sleep better soon! My brain doesn't shut up very well these days either (my dad is really, really sick and I am terrible worried.)

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds


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