Wednesday, August 05, 2015

A Picnic & Some Cooking

I fixed us a picnic lunch on Monday and off we went to see what we could discover.

First stop was the Waneta Boundary Crossing Store for a Discovery Pass.
You need one of those passes to enter and use a lot of the picnic and camping areas around here. They're $30 per year per vehicle.
The store was about 10 miles up the road from us on our side of the River.

As you can see, it was a pretty trip.
Then we crossed the River and started up the Mountains on the other side.

This is Sheep Creek.
See the wood deck on the right side of this picture behind that tree?

That's where we had our picnic.
I made us both a cheese sandwich, a container of leftover quinoa salad, some cucumber slices and baby carrots, some Pringles, and a big thermos full of iced tea.

Isn't that a neat water faucet?

What the heck?
I was sure this was Sasquatch hair! LOL.
I know. I have a flair for the dramatic.
I later learned that it's moss that falls from the trees.
It was everywhere.

Who knew there would be cows in the mountains?
Not me.

We did find one lake, Elbow Lake.

We were less than impressed. It's supposedly good fishing, but the water wasn't as pretty as in the Columbia River, you had to climb down a steep trail to get to the water, and it takes a very treacherous drive up the mountain on a very narrow and rough road to get there. I was sure we would drive right off the side of the mountain at any moment. No guard rails. Eek! 

You can't really see much from the picture, but that's our little town looking from the other side of the River, which you also cannot see from this vantage point. You can see the back of our garage from this picture, but that's about it.


We took the day off from adventuring yesterday and stayed home all day. I did grab my Buddha bag, threw it into the basket on my bicycle, jumped on, and peddled down the road to Tony's for a few things I needed for my planned cooking and baking that afternoon.

One thing I needed was leeks. I was hoping they'd have some, but wasn't too hopeful because it's such a small store. I figured I could use green onions if I couldn't find any. But there they were, just waiting for me to throw in my Buddha shopping bag. I got a big leek, a bunch of green onions (just in case), two baking potatoes, a bag of frozen blueberries, and two pie crusts. With my groceries safely tucked inside the Buddha bag and in the basket of my bike, I headed for home. I bet I was gone less than 10 minutes.

I'd never used leeks before in cooking, have you? They're quite common, but for some reason I'd just never used them. I had no idea to clean them, so I got on my computer when I got home and watched THIS LITTLE VIDEO and learned something. It worked perfectly. More on the recipe I used them in next.

But first the Blueberry Custard Pie...

This recipe was so easy and quick. I had the pie together in no time...

Filled the pie crust up, and popped it into the oven for the first 25 minutes of baking.

While it was baking, I put the streusel topping together.
After 25 minutes, I sprinkled it over the pie and back in the oven it went for another 25 minutes. Mine took longer than the recipe said to get browned and the custard set.
I think that was because I used frozen blueberries and they produced more liquid.

Mine also did not turn out as pretty as the other ones I saw online.
But, oh my word! It is SO GOOD!
This is a must-try recipe, girls. The flavor is amazing.
We really loved it.
I cooled it for a couple of hours and then put it in the fridge to chill the rest of the day.
We each had a piece late yesterday evening.

Want the recipe? Of course you do!
I really hope you make it.
Here it is:  Blueberry Custard Pie

And for the main course at dinner last night...

I made Fettuccine with Italian Sausage in a Creamy White Wine Sauce.
Aren't the sliced leeks pretty? We liked them.
We tried them before cooking, and there were really spicy and peppery.
They mellowed a lot after cooking and were great in this recipe.

I picked some fresh parsley from a pot in the back driveway left by the previous owners of the house. I'm getting a lot of use out of their abandoned pots of tomatoes and herbs.

Edited to add:  Oops! Thanks Heather. I did forget to link to the recipe.  Here it is:
Also, I used spaghetti instead of Fettuccine because we like it better.
I also added a cup of frozen peas to the spaghetti water 2 minutes before it was done.
Both of these recipes came from Posie Gets Cozy blog.

This dish gets 5 out of 5 stars from us!
Really terrific!

What's better than a successful day of baking and cooking?
Hardly anything.
Maybe a rainy or snowy day of baking and cooking and reading a good book.
That's about it.


Today we're going into Colville for the Farmer's Market and to look at some propane stoves (heaters). We're going to purchase one and have it installed in the house for another source of heat this winter. I love a propane stove. So cozy! It's the next best thing to a fireplace, which we do not have...YET.

So I've gotta go do something with my hair and slap a little make-up on. I don't want to scare the locals, now do I?

Have a wonderful day!
See ya.


  1. Sheep Creek is my kind of water way. Small enough to wade and not drown in, lol, I never learned to swim. Is there any information from the locals about the wild animals in the area, like bears, snakes or any kind of mountain lions? Around here it is deer, wild turkeys, raccoons, possums, chipmunks, squirrels, snakes and now coyotes. Has been years since I was on a picnic. What fun! Leeks, yep, I have tried them and I never watched a video on cleaning them though. I tore one apart and found a lot of gritty sand-like dirt. I don't remember what recipe I used, but I know there are soup recipes for them which sounds good. I'm glad you are investing in a stove as an alternative heat source. Many times wind and weather knock out the power during winter cold snaps and that way you don't have to worry about water pipes or yourselves freezing. I have a backup propane wall unit in my basement that does not run off of electric, but gravity. It will keep my pipes from freezing. I have heard pros and cons on venting the thing. Last thing one needs is to warm up the place and die from the fumes. I sent you an email. Hope you got it.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  2. I haven't been on a picnic in years! Looks like a great trip. Blueberry pie looks delicious. I've never tried leeks but they look good.

  3. Blueberry Pie must be the thing this summer. You & Posie Gets Cozy Blog both had the same pie.
    Isn't it nice to be able to just bike to the store & back in 10 minutes. Love your little town.
    I also love all the photo's you've posted.
    Would love to see more photo's of your sweet pup-dogs, too.
    I hope you're not anywhere near the fires going on right now.
    Be safe and keep cool in this heat wave.

  4. Lucky! but you already know that :) Have fun girl!

  5. Sounds like a fun picnic. Ooh, but I don't like driving in the mountains without guard rails either! Both dishes look delicious :-) Have fun at the Farmer's Market.

  6. Your picnic adventure looks like fun. Sounds like you and Ken need to get some fishing poles. :-) Nothing like fresh fish baked in the oven with a little butter and lemon. Both your recipes sound good. I didn't see a link to the main dish, but googled it and it looks similar to the Barilla one. I'll have to give them a try. Hope you are enjoying your day. Heather

  7. Oh yum to your cooking.It all looked so good and could imagine the glorious smell coming from it. Your picnic looked a lot of fun and what sanctuary. You sound cosy and snug Pammy Sue. I do so enjoy reading your daily events, it sounds so contented. Don't be in a hurry for snow or rain. That's what we have here in N.Z. CURRENTLY, AND HAVE HAD ENOUGH.It is cold and wet ++. Yearning for some sunshine, oh wait, what's that coming through the window. It's a sneak peak of some sunshine. Probably for about 5 minutes.Oh well, I know Spring must be not too far away. There are some daffodils in flower and some Jonquils. They are so pretty . Bye for now. Shirley

  8. Jesus H Christ, lady... the food always gets me.

    Lovely pictures of your surroundings though. Looks like you are having a grand time at the new place.

  9. I get excited when I see that there is a new blog post from Pammy Sue! Another adventure! I have never used leeks either although I do see them in the store sometimes. The fettucini recipe looks very good...the pie does too, but no pie in my diet til I lose a few pounds.

  10. I love all the adventures you're going on! It won't be long and you'll know your new town like the back of your hand. I admire the picnic you took. I need to pack one and take our little guys on a jaunt somewhere. I like the look of that pasta dinner. I might show my DIL as she love trying new recipes. Your joy just shines through and I'm so happy for you both. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Both recipes sound great! I can just see you on your bike, groceries in the basket, your red hair a flying'! Such a great image!!!!
    That's it.....I'm moving to Washington!!!
    XO Kris

  12. It looks like another fun filled post Pammy Sue. We need to come up there and check out that beautiful scenery. :-). Tomorrow we're taking my sister and BIL on a trip over the passes to Montana. They've never driven over a pass before so we're heading over 4th of July and Lookout and having lunch at the Silver Dollar Saloon. We'll end up in Couer d'Alene on the boardwalk. I'm loving that you're loving my favorite state in the U.S. :-)

  13. It all looks great Pammy Sue, love your picnic spot. We use leeks a lot here I like them cooked in a stew in the slow cooker they give it so much flavour, Thank you for all the yummy recipe links that pie looks delicious. :) xx

  14. Your adventures have became mine. I am enjoying your reports so very much. Since my adventure seeking is now on hold your blog is an escape I enjoy so much....Thanks for sharing.

  15. Yum, that pie sounds wonderful! Printing the recipe now.

  16. Oh, Pammy! You two are having so much fun :) makes me want us to move up there when we leave California for good. I'm so happy for you guys....I bet the pack are sniffing smells they've never smelled before ;-3. Love the joy I feel thru your writing and adventures. Oh, and I'm gonna make your steak recipe for our dinner today! Might even do the Chocolate Pie 😍. Buy for now. p.s. Thank you for not scaring the locals ;)) LOL


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