Monday, July 27, 2015

Yard-Sale Lace, Second-Hand Shops, and a Big Ol' Bitch

Look at all the lace I found at a yard sale last Saturday.

This gray piece is my favorite. Such a pretty color.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I love it.
This whole pile of lace and...

These two cookbooks were only 50 cents total!
Can you believe that. I was shocked when the lady told me.
The yard sale was at the food bank and the proceeds went there, so I gave her $5 instead.
I'd feel like a thief only giving her 50 cents!

I also got this little plate for $1 at another yard sale.
It's 5 inches across and has the hanger on back.
I think I'll hang it in my office.

I also got a set of hot rollers for $8. It was a brand-new set still in the box. I don't roll my hair very often anymore since I don't work outside my home, but I do like to roll it now and then. These were all Jumbo or Super-Jumbo size rollers, which I had been looking for. I'm so glad I didn't buy the ones I saw for $30 at Walmart.

There are two second-hand shops in town. This one has several rooms just filled with things. I bought an old saucepan when we first moved in and hadn't received all our things yet. I didn't get to look around long, but I plan to go back and look at my leisure soon. I just know there are some treasures there waiting for me.

This is the second one.
Don't you love that name?
That name makes me happy.
I'm not sure that it's even open anymore.
It wasn't open this day, but I haven't been back down that little street since.

This flyer was posted on the Community Bulletin Board at the local grocery store. It looks right up my alley. I'm looking forward to attending with a hippy skirt and sandals on. :)

Speaking of the local grocery store...

Here it is.

The side of the building with some murals showing the town in old times.

We've been there once and did a little shopping. Although it's quite expensive to shop there, it's nice to have a little grocery store in town for little things we may need that we don't want to make a 45-minute trip into the big town for. I'll shop here occasionally just to support them and keep them in business.

There's a little coffee shop within the store that also sells some hippy-dippy stuff like jewelry and candles and such. I didn't take the time to look through it when we were there, but I will next time even though the lady that ran that shopping was a raging bitch when we were there. That's right...a raging bitch! At least I thought so.

As we were checking out, Ken asked the cashier if she happened to have a bottle opener. He had bought one bottle of Vanilla Creme Soda that he wanted to drink as soon as we got in the car. She said no, and then turned around and shouted to the lady at the coffee shop asking her if she had one. Her response was a very testy one. "No, this is not a BAR! I don't keep openers so people can drink their beer!"

How freakin' RUDE! Everyone was shocked at her response and just stared at her in silence. I suppose I'll give her another chance before I write her off totally. Who needs someone like that in their life? Not me! But maybe she was just having a bad day or there's more going on there than meets the eye. Maybe her and the cashier hate each other or something. Whatever.

As we walked out, Ken said, "By the way, this is not a beer. It's just a Creme Soda." She immediately started back-pedaling saying something about how her little space would make a nice bar, but they wouldn't give her a license to sell liquor there, followed by a little nervous laughter. Again, whatever bitch. A nice man followed us out of the store and pulled a can opener out of his pocket offering it for Ken to use. Now that's more like it. Jeez.

Today is my first day back to here I sit making this entry instead. Ha-ha. Yes, real life and the real world await. Sigh. I'd better get to it.

See ya.


  1. This is more fun that work! I want to believe that the lady was just having a bad day. But then again, there always has to be someone like that just to spoil the party and the sweetness that seems to be your new town. Yep. Give her another chance and if she's the same, don't let her spoil your happiness in your new home. So...maybe we'll have to come up for the big doin's in August. I'll talk to Hubby. Now get back to work young lady! Ha! Ha!
    Blessings my friend,

  2. You are so lucky, wish I was there the lace so cute and plate I love it. Maybe I should not have been there, so no fighting over this great find :)

  3. Great finds, Pammy Sue! That red lace is really pretty. Ooh, I love finding treasures at second-hand stores. That looks like a fun event; take lots of pictures when you go! Chalk her attitude up to a bad day and give her another chance. If she's still nasty, don't patronize her business but remain polite. Gossip spreads faster than wildfire in little towns.

  4. I received a very vicious death stare from a supermarket checkout person (woman) on Friday, I am surprised that I am still alive so horrid was her stare. I don't know people have to be like that! Hope it doesn't happen to you again. xx

  5. Looks like you have some fun places to explore. I haven't been thrifting for a while, but it is a lot of fun to do. I still like those blocks you found on one of your excursions; they were really cool. Sorry to hear what happened with the pop. Hopefully she was just having a bad day. Looking forward to seeing what fun thing you do with the lace. Have a great evening. Heather

  6. I'd give her another chance.. she may end up being your best friend. :-) I really am enjoying reading about you learning about your new town. What an adventure! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Anonymous4:28 PM

    hi pammy sue...i am just drooling over your find of lace goods...what a delightful small town...hope the lady with the attitude is only a one-time event...very restrained and gracious of you and your husband to not respond in your new home located within walking distance of the stores to frequent? enjoy discovering this town as you take us along with you...hope the puppies have there progress on the fence installation?...take care...sally

  8. How about you op shopping already ! I loved, loved, loved the tour of your town (city?) yesterday - it looks like a lovely place to live. Great that you've made some friends already too. By the way, I forgot to say that I like the new picture you have at the top of your blog - very pretty. Don't work too hard. xox

  9. Great finds! I'm still in awe of how small this town is. I would personally go crazy living this far away from a Walmart!

  10. What awesome finds Pammy Sue. Your little town looks like a great place to live.


  11. Im trying to pitch and ditch stuff here. I am enjoying seeing what you are FINDING

  12. so i'm like going to start living vicariously through your life now. Cue Napoleon Dynamite voice "lucky!" *sigh* seriously, you guys made the right move, no doubt. and LACE! :) have fun girl.

  13. I'm enjoying your stories Pammy Sue keep them coming. :) xx

  14. Hello Pammy Sue, I have so enjoyed your move♥♥ it looks a very neat town.Great pics all round.. Wont be long before you have a crochet club up and running:)). Weekend coming up here and apparently snow down to 100 m...80% of Tassie will possibly see snow in the back yard...but....I think we will miss out:((.. enjoy the day..:)) hugs Pat..


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