Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Fence, The Orchard, The Roast, The Mop

We have a glorious fence!

The guy finally came and got the fence up after I was totally rude and pissy with him on the phone the other day. I swear that man! It got his ass here, though, and got us our fence in place. It's not totally finished. He still has to secure the bottom better and fix some spots where the dogs could get out and put another gate it, but for all intents and purposes, it's in!

Let's go have a look-see at the orchard, shall we?

Come on in.

Looking back at the house.

This treehouse playhouse's days are numbered. The previous owners had it there for their grandchildren, I imagine. I didn't ask. All I know is it's coming down. That writing in spraypaint really bothers me. The whole thing does, really. I bet it was lots of fun for those kiddies though.

I guess this is a place where we could have a garden if we wanted. I'll take the winter to contemplate that one.

Inside the orchard, supposedly, are something called prune plums, pears, apples, currants, rhubarb, and Ken is positive there is some asparagus out there behind the fence. (Maybe I'll pickle some next year for Bloody Mary's!  Ha.) 

And I don't know what these berries are, but there are tons of them...maybe huckleberries? They are prevalent around here.

The grape arbor is inside the backyard instead of in the orchard.

These are Concord Grapes.
Can't wait for them to ripen so I can have some.

As you can see, the grass inside the backyard has turned brown. I'm getting out there today and doing a little hand-watering, mostly for fun and relaxation, but the grass badly needs it. I find hand-watering to be so relaxing. I have to lock Fletcher and Eli inside before I do it because those two dogs love playing in the water. They will not leave you alone if you have the water hose on. They must EAT THE WATER! KILL IT!

The Roast Dinner was delicious!
Feast your eyes...

Yes, I made homemade rolls!
How fantastic am I?  :)

Oh my!

And now, a product review!
It's been a long time since I did one.

This is the O-Cedar Spin Mop and Bucket System.
You can see it and purchase it HERE.

We got it at Walmart for $39.98. Totally worth it. It makes mopping fun! Well, as fun as it can be anyway. I think I'm addicted to mopping and the satisfied feeling I get when it's done and it smells good and the floor is nice and clean.

I swept and mopped the dining room floor with it yesterday.
I also re-mopped the kitchen just because it was there and I had the bucket out.
I was surprised at all the DIRT I swept up before I mopped. It's sandy-dirt here.
The dogs (and us) bring it in on our feet and shoes, I suppose.

Anyway, 2 thumbs up for the O-Cedar Spin Mop!
I always call it Sit & Spin. Ha-ha!
I can never remember the name.
"Sweetie, will you get me the Sit & Spin from the basement?"

And finally...

OMG, Crochet!!
I busted out some yarn and a hook and away I went!
It was so much fun. It's been weeks since I crocheted!
More on what I'm making and the pattern tomorrow.
Y'all come back now, ya hear?

See ya!


  1. Our dog, Blackie, is the same way with water from the hose. Wonder what that's all about? :-) Looks like you had fun at Taco Tuesday; I'm sorry the neighbor didn't show, but something may have come up. Your orchard is so cool! That is one of the things I want to do (plant some fruit trees), but it's great that you already have established trees (and vines with grapes). Your fence looks great! I love hearing all about your new home and your adventures. Take care, Heather

  2. I really like your new home and yard. I really hope to move somewhere like your area some day. Really enjoy your blog . Candice H

  3. Fun post today Pammy Sue. Yes, I see your point about the treehouse. Kinda creepy. The dinner looks yummy. Homemade rolls. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
    Hey, did you hear about the fire yesterday by Loon Lake? Only about 1 1/2 miles from our trailer. Nita and I left at 2:25 and they closed 395 at 2:30. Whew!
    I like your mop and bucket. I may have to check that out. Whenever they allow me to mop again that is. :-)
    Blessings my friend,

  4. Congrats on getting the fence up! I bet the dogs are so much happier. That's a great orchard; I hope you get a big harvest next year. We have peach trees that gave us a lot of fruit last year but hardly anything this year. That is one scrumptious looking dinner! Yay, crochet! It's very pretty, whatever it is. I like the color.

  5. Anonymous3:12 PM

    hi pammy sue...oh, please tell us when the grapes are ready to consume..hope they are juicy and many fruits and vegetables we purchase from the supermarkets are tasteless and "sweet-less"...we purchase locally grown products whenever possible...and organic, too...there is a difference...we had a puppy who also loved "charging" the water from the hose...however, when it was time to give him a bath using the same water hose - disaster...your energy level is extraordinary...especially for someone recently moved-in...could that be because you are happy spending more time with your hubby and the satisfaction of your new location?...many blessings for health and hearth...take care...sally

  6. I just stumbled across your blog and love it! BTW, my name is Pam, as well.

    Grace & Peace.

  7. Pammy Sue... you just exude happiness and joy now.. I'm SOOOO happy for you! Ken looks like he's happy there too! You have such a garden of Eden with all the fruit trees.. I bet you'll plant a few things next Spring.. like zucchini! We have reached Boise ID and will be home tomorrow evening. I can't wait. I'm so OVER being confined in the car for 8-9 hours a day! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. You may have encountered what I call "small town time" with your fence guy. Small towns move at a slower pace. It sounds like your fence guy doesn't work with any sense of urgency.
    The roast looks yummy, and how nice that you have the orchard....and grapes! I remember a neighbor who had grapes when I was a child, and we would pick a few to snack on. They were so good.

  9. Yay for having the fence in and for so many great things that you have growing and all that potential too! Hope that you enjoy the grapes! xx

  10. Love the visit again today, what scenery. The pump and spicket awesome. Tell you what I'd do, take my hook and yarn and go sit outside on a "chaise" "chaase", and move the hook. I would be distracted by all of that lovely nature going on. :)

  11. I really enjoy seeing your new home. Those grapes look delicious! Good luck with the garden and orchard.

  12. What a wonderful orchard you got there!! So many yummy fruits will come from it! :)

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  13. That playhouse would make a great chicken coop or potting shed! You could re-paint it and plant some pretty flowers all around it. Pinterest has some great ideas for little outbuildings like that.
    The mop I need, and Yay for crochet!!

  14. Oooh, an orchard!! I miss my grandparent's orchard and arbor. You're gonna have fun with that! :-)

    My little dog, Kody, likes to "kill" the water too. Allie will have none of it, little miss priss :-)

    Oh man, am I ever hungry! That roast looks wonderful!!

  15. So pretty crochet! Looks like you've started the Nena shawl, only without the flowers, haven't you? It's really fun, I've done another one meanwhile and I'm already thinking about the next ;-). Have a super weekend! Nata xxx


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