Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Taco Night, Rituals for Comfort

I gussied myself up last night and painted my toenails RED.
I really did. Hee!

Off we went for our first ever Taco Night at Kuk's.
This is really not the road to Kuk's. I took this shot when we were on our way back home from Colville the other day. Kuk's is right up the road; walking distance even.
I just did it for dramatic effect. Did it work?

We walked in and sat at the bar as all the other tables were taken. A nice couple moved down the bar so we could sit down. That's our bartender, Chris.

We didn't see a soul we knew, which duh.
We don't know hardly anybody here yet.

The crowd grew and grew as we ate our tacos had had a couple of drinks.
Our nextdoor neighbor, Julie, came in. Yay! We know somebody!

I sat directly in front of this really cool, old refrigerator. This older couple was sitting to our right and had these red drinks in front of them. See mine there at the bottom of the photo? I asked her what they were, and she told me they were called Red Beer...tomato juice and beer. Really? Okay, I'm game! I ordered one and Ken had a beer. It was good!

Then we had our tacos and another drink. We talked some with a younger couple beside us at the bar. They were really nice and more than happy to chat. They were very intrigued when they found out we had just moved to here from Texas. They said pretty much the same thing that everybody does here when we tell them that. "WHY??" Well, unless you've lived on the face of the sun like we have for over 40 years, you wouldn't understand the answer to that.

Keeping with the theme of tomato juice, I got a Bloody Mary. I kept seeing the other bartender lady making these and they looked good. Oh My WOW! The best EVER! See that stalk of pickled asparagus sticking out? We thought that was so strange, but apparently that's the thing they do around here, not celery. (Notice the Seattle Mariners glass?)

For Ken's second drink, he had a beer that tasted like Root Beer.
I had a taste and it was good, but it was a little sweet for my taste.
We had our two drink maximum and left.
The two drink maximum is our own rule, not theirs.
We're too old to be stupid anymore.

Side Note:  My "friend" Susan and her husband didn't show. I was disappointed. That's people for ya. They will always disappoint you. I know that sounds cynical, doesn't it? Well, that's just how I feel. When it happens to you over and over and over again in life, you tend to get that way. But whatever! We had a great time, just the two of us. If I had my choice, and I do, I'd pick his company over anyone else's any time. I win.

So there you have our first ever Taco Tuesday. By the time we were ready to go, the place was packed with people, standing room only. We both said that we really enjoyed it, but it's not something we will be doing every single week. Maybe once or twice a month? We'll see. All in all, it was two thumbs up! We're definitely going back there some other time during the week just to get the scoop on everything from the bartender. This was not the night to do that as they were way too busy.

You know, there's nothing like getting back to your own comforting rituals in life to make you feel more at home. The bit of baking I did the other day with the cookies was wonderful. Today it's a roast dinner. With my first cup of coffee this morning, I got it ready and into the crockpot for dinner tonight. You've seen posts exactly like this a hundred times on my blog, and here we go again...
Sorry for the blur. I told you I was only on my first cup of coffee! I got the roast seasoned really well and then got it nice and brown and seared on both sides then plopped it in my sprayed crock with some dry onion soup mix dumped over top.

Then I browned up my onions and carrots in the same pan and threw those in the crock. 

I peeled some potatoes and chunked them up.
More blur.

In the potatoes went. Then I mixed up some Cream of Celery Soup (I didn't have any Mushroom, dang it!) and poured it over everything. The lid is on and the setting is on high for a couple of hours. Then I'll turn it down to low for the rest of the day.

Mmm...comfort food for dinner!
Maybe I'll get ambitious and make some rolls to go with it.
Oh, yes. I think so.

Eli in the midst of his favorite activity...
Chewing on random things he finds in the yard.

Ken & Ollie.
I took this picture the same day I took my new header picture.

Thanks for coming along with me on this journey!
I love your comments. They make me very happy.
See ya!

Pammy Sue


  1. Still lovin where your livin Pammy Sue.


  2. It truly is a beautiful place you have moved to. I love the scenery, it looks a bit like Norway. I am intriged by this crock pot. How does it work? Is it like a rice coocker? Or do you put in on the stove?

    Must be strange to start a new life like you have done. Finding new places and new people. I moved from Bodø, up above the arctic circle in Norway to Oslo, the capital, a 1300km move 25 years ago. I still miss the ocean and the midnight sun.

    Reminding you of my loooong link party Wed- Sunday this week too.

    Have a nice day.

  3. I like how you styled your hair, very pretty! Kuk's looks like a fun, laid back place. Glad you enjoyed it. I'm sorry your friend didn't show; I don't count on people either. Mmm, crock pot comfort food. If the price of beef ever comes down a little, we'll have to make some. Great shot of Ken and Ollie!

  4. Shame about Susan, but that is her loss, not yours!!! Glad you had a good time and got out and about, sounds as though there is lots to find out and explore! Love your hairclip! xx

  5. Your hair looked very pretty! I did not realize how long it is. So pretty. I have always been a short hair gal who loves long hair, I just can't take it. I try to grow it out and cut it back short every time. I envy you ladies with that pretty hair though. Boy your area is gorgeous! Call me crazy but I love your kitchen too. I like the layout. The paneling and flooring do not bother me at all. I like the retro feel of it. The counters I agree though, I would replace those for certain. Enjoy your roast supper. :)

  6. So sweet of a town! I would love to visit but I don't think I'll ever move from Vegas. But I've learned never to say never. How were the tacos? Were they crunchy and juicy? I love the pictures of the country side

  7. Love seeing the photos of your new home and surroundings. Wish your new friend had shown up at Kuks. The food you bake and cook always looks so yummy! Dorothy M.

  8. Your hair looks so pretty. I would love to go to taco night, that looks my kind of place and event. I'm sorry your "friend" didn't show but I totally get it. I have so many "friends" it's ridiculous. My husband is the one person in my life I know I can always trust and count on. And that is good enough for me. :)

  9. Hi Pammy Sue,
    I found your blog through Teresa Kesner's blog.
    I've been catching up on your moving adventures. Boy oh , boy could we exchange stories. We (DH Mike & I) moved to Oregon from San Diego in 2005. We moved mostly because of costs & we love the rain. Now the weather here has changed a lot and this summer has been the worst.
    Love your little town. The tavern looks like fun.
    How did you come to pick your little town. If you said in a post, I may have missed it.
    I love that you have five dogs. We have only one now. It's so sad that dogs don't live long lives like birds or turtles - just not fair.
    By the way so happy you have your fence up.
    Sorry this has turned into a long comment.
    Take care and enjoy your town.

  10. It's great you got out to meet some of the locals. I had a Bloody Mary in Santa Barbara once that looked like it had a whole salad skewered in it - even a piece of bacon!
    I feel better now that you got your fence up :)

  11. I agree with the others your hair looked lovely for your night out and I love your top a lovely color. I'm glad you enjoyed your evening at the Tavern it sounds like fun, it's a shame Susan and her hubby didn't turn up but I wouldn't give it a second thought anything could have happened maybe she was tired or unwell or something I have a feeling when you bump into her again she will have a good excuse. You crockpot meal looks yummy just my kind of food. :) xx

  12. First, OMG...there is it.
    How fun. Yes they drink their beer with tomato juice out that way. Seattle friends do at least. Never got the hang of that one. Just B.M for this gal. They get even crazier in Wisconsin with the side stuff. There is a place that garnishes with a cheeseburger, my kind of bloody. But the place looks super fun and I'm sure you will get to know others soon enough. Nice to see you are settling in and both are able to relax.
    Oh, and I can't believe how long your hair is. In my dreams.
    Toodles, Kate

  13. Taco Night looked like lots of fun Pammy Sue! I'm sorry your new neighbor didn't show. Maybe there was a good reason? I hope I'm not one that will disappoint you. It seems as though like is so frustrating for me these days. Today is one of them. I hurt so bad I keep crying. And the doctor say it shouldn't hurt that bad. Hmmmm. Well it does. So there. At least that's what I want to say to them. But I won't. :-) So much for my pity party.

    Your hair looks lovely and Ken is fitting right into place up there in the north isn't he? I was within spittin distance of Colville last night at the lake. We have got to get together soon my friend.

  14. Welcome to the neighborhood! I'm over in the Seattle area, so sort of neighbors! What a lovely home you found! There's a lot to do an see in the Pacific Northwest!

  15. Anonymous7:39 PM

    hi pammy sue...WOW !! and Ken and the puppies are all HOTTIES !!...are there other "social" places in your town?...thank you for sharing the discovery of your new town with us...take care...sally

  16. I am enjoying your daily posts very much and look forward to reading about your move, your new town and pictures of your house. So glad things are going well. I hope that your babies are settling in and enjoying their new fence.

  17. That pic of Ken and Ollie is gorgeous!

  18. Hi Pammy Sue... You don't know me but I feel like we're kinda kindred spirits as we seem to have so much in common. I stumbled across you several years ago undoubtedly while looking for a crochet pattern and your blog came up. You make day to day life seem all so interesting and I've enjoyed and admired your crochet work ever since. Instead of stalking you, I'll introduce myself. I'm an over-the-road truck driver pretty much living on the road full time but stopping to visit friends and family along the way. I want to give you kudos for pulling up stakes in Texas and just doing a 180 in Washington state. You picked a good one and I hope you have many good, fun years ahead of you there. It's not easy to do that but it shows your adventurous spirit. I did something similar years ago when I moved from Nashville to Las Vegas on a wing and a prayer. I enjoyed the trip so much it inspired me to be a truck driver! Anyway... you have a lot of fans and well-wishers out here that you don't even know.

    Rhonda P.
    (By the way, I write my own blog - a kind of travel journal, if you will. Feel free to peruse it in your spare time. )

  19. I've been scrolling through your posts trying to catch up. It seems I've missed quite a bit. Congratulations on your move. The area looks so serene and peaceful. I can see why you chose to go there. Sometimes we just need a change. It's always a bit awkward being new in town but you'll feel right at home before long. Your hair looked nice too!
    xx Beca

  20. WOW! Those pictures are stunning. Thank you for stopping over and leaving a comment, maybe now we can join the human race again and enjoy a piece. I like Bloody Mary's too. Have one once in a blue moon. Those are good rolls aren't they? I made some yesterday for the family dinner at Scout Camp, they go pretty fast, don't they smell heavenly baking? :)

  21. Glad you enjoyed the taco night. Your picture of the road was very dramatic! I wish I was getting share of your dinner - it looks yummy.

  22. woot woot to taco Tuesday!! Taco's are good any day. :) I wish my back yard looked like that.

  23. Going to the new hangout is always a good thing. being a local! You are a local now.

  24. Wow Pammy Sue, what a stunning view you've got there!
    Congratulations with your move and I hope you will be very happy there.

    Groetjes, Monique

  25. BEAUTIFUL pictures! Love the blog header!

    That roast looks wonderful!

  26. Beautiful gorgeous gorgeous area! but did anyone tell you how much snow they get???? I hope you know as I think it's ALOT!!! :-) The place we live right now has Taco Tuesday every week and we love it... and we may be moving and hope the new place we move to has Taco Tuesday.. as I'll miss it if they don't! Am really enjoying your little town.

  27. such gorgeous scenery in your new hometown!!! Love hearing all about your new adventures :-)


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