Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Stuff, Stuff, and More Stuff

Isn't this a cool picture?
It's one I took the night of the fireworks at the park.
I see an angel and a couple of spermatozoa.
Well?! I'm just sayin.
Freaky man!

I came into the kitchen the other morning and saw these.
We packed all of our coffee mugs so we are using disposable ones.
Ken decided we needed our "names" written on them.
Yes, we're both immature...a perfect pair.

We went to lunch at Outback yesterday after making one last trip to IKEA.
The Bloomin' Onion was good, but it was so greasy!
We both had a steak, garlic mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli.
And we both brought home a to-go box with leftovers.

I bought this tea the other day because it sounded SO GOOD!
Don't waste your money. It was not nearly flavorful enough.
Very disappointing. I threw the whole box away.

I've got nothing else unless you want to hear how I'm freaking out about getting all the last little bits and bobs into boxes. I need to just calm down because we still have 12 days and we can't pack everything just yet. I cleaned out the fridges and freezers of all the food and jars and packages of miscellaneous food-things yesterday evening. Tomorrow is trash pick-up day, so I wanted to get everything possible in the trash and recycle bin so we can load it up again one more time before we leave. I'm freakin' out, I tell you! My mind is racing all the time about what needs to be done and when it has to be done. 

Moving is hard.
But I wouldn't NOT move for love nor money!
(Is that too many negatives in one sentence?)
At least this one last time.
See ya!


  1. I am so, so sad about Wink. How wonderful that you have something she made!!!!
    Bummer about the tea! I hate to waste money!!
    I love the cups. Assuming you are Tits McGee?? Ha ha. I sure don't envy you the work, but I am so excited about the adventure to come. I think it's Going to be a perfect fit for you guys!!

  2. The best tea I drink comes from Harney & Sons. Reasonable, extraordinary tea.

  3. Wow! That does look like an angel. I haven't had a bloomin onion in years. The last time we got one we both felt sick because it was so greasy. I remember the time we moved here from Nebraska. With three little kids. It was NOT a fun time. So much to do and not enough time for all of the last minute things. I sure hope it's cooler before you get here. It's SO hot. I can't remember it ever being like this in the 23 years we've been here. Safe travels Pammy.

  4. I sympathize with the racing mind thing. I bet it goes in circles, too (if it's anything like mine). I can't imagine all the "stuff" involved in moving across the country-- but like you say, it'll all be worth it!

    Have the dogs sensed that something's up? Since you've already been boxing things up, I'm sure they have. Some pets are uncannily in tune with how their people are feeling, but it doesn't take a psychic/mood-reading dog to notice that the whole house is getting packed up. ;o)

  5. It will all be worth it in the end. :) yeah, moving is a b*tch. But I always loved unpacking and putting things here or there, and arranging furniture in a new place. Take a deep breath, you'll get there.

  6. Hee, hee, I see what you mean! Great coffee cups; my husband has a weird sense of humor, too. Sorry about the tea. Ugh, I remember those last days before the move; you just want it to be over! Good luck; I know you'll get everything done. Deep breath and relax.

  7. I really can't imagine moving. We have 30 years worth of too much stuff in our house, attic, shed, garage and barn. My poor kids are going to have to sort it out after I'm gone. :-) Take a deep breath and try not to overthink stuff. It will soon be time to pull out of the driveway and head north. Have fun on the trip. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Sorry about your tea. I'm glad my moving days are over!! We've been in this house for a month now and we're still unpacking. We finally put some pictures up and my craft/computer room finally looks like my room. We downsized, so imagine trying to get 15yrs in a huge house's worth of stuff into the smaller home. Not easy! My living room and kitchen are both much smaller than we are used to. Hope your move goes smoothly.

  9. Calm your tits Ms.Mcgee :) It's all going to work out. In fact it sounds like you're way ahead of schedule. The last minute little loose crap is always a pain to pack. Love the names on the cups. Got to keep your sense of humor when things get stressful.


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