Saturday, July 25, 2015

Small-Town Excitement

I walked outside yesterday evening (okay, I ran!) when I heard a big noise and saw people excitedly running by our living room window.  Before I show you what the excitement was all about, here is a picture I snapped standing in front of our house on the side of the road looking into town.  Main Street U.S.A., only with mountains all around. It's hard to get a perspective on just how big the mountains are in some of these shots. They look small compared to real life!

We drove up a little ways into one of those the other day and I got this shot of the town from a higher perspective. That arrow shows you where our house is located. You can't see more than the big trees in our yard here, but that's the location. We also went across the River to get some shots, but all you could see was our garage. The rest was covered in trees.

Breaking News...I was just interrupted while making this post by the DirectTV man at our front door. I've been so afraid that when they came back today we'd get the same bad news that we had no line of sight to the satellite. I was WRONG! YAY!! Real TV will be ours today!

And while I'm on the subject of TV, here's some scoop for those of you that have Netflicks. I sat down yesterday before lunch time (I knew this because the Noon Siren hadn't blown in town yet -- see yesterday's post if you don't know what I'm talking about), and I started looking through Netflicks for something to watch. I found the BEST show called Grace & Frankie. I binge-watched it all day yesterday until about 8:00 last night when I watched the last of 13 episodes in Season 1. There is no Season 2 yet or I'd be watching that all day today! It's a Netflicks Original show, so you won't find it anywhere else. It was so good! It stars Jane Fonda and Lili Tomlin, which was the reason I picked it to start watching in the first place. You have to check it out. I could not stop watching.

Okay, enough.  Time for the excitement...

 This Care Flight helicopter flew right by our house and landed in the High School lot just across the street! Before I realized what was going on and I could grab my camera, he had already landed.

I ran in and grabbed my telephoto lens so I could see better and get better pictures.

Within a few minutes of landing, an ambulance pulled up and they transferred their patient to the helicopter and took off.

I was pissed that both pictures I took with the mountains behind it were blurry.

And off they went to save the day.

I cracked me up to see how many people were out on the street watching what was going on. I guess anything unusual draws a crowd around here, me included.

We had just been discussing over the last two days getting Life Flight insurance for $59 per year per person. We had seen a billboard advertising this insurance and it seemed like a good idea since we live in such a remote area. Medical attention is very far away if anything should happen, and you just can't beat that price. It sure beats the uninsured price of $600+ should they need to come get one of us, God Forbid. And it goes to a good cause even if we don't ever need them.

Sammi Girl.

And a few random shots taken on the road trip...

Eli and Ken somewhere in Montana on our way here.

This was taken in NE New Mexico on our second day of the trip. It was almost a double! Can you see the start of the second one in the upper left corner?

This was in Colorado just coming into Colorado Springs.
Colorado Springs was AMAZING!
Such a beautiful city, and big too.

Wyoming, obviously!
We were getting back onto the highway after a rest at a roadside park.

That's all for today.
Hope y'all have a nice weekend.

Thank you for all your comments and interest. I love reading each and every one!
See ya.


  1. Exciting times! People would stop for this in the city as well. You can't resist drama.

  2. I love seeing how excited you are about your new home! I am glad to see the life-flight helicopter is in place if you need it. We're here with our daughter and gd's and enjoying their little voices and hugs. It's neat that you've made friends with the neighbor lady already! Have fun! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. That's a lot of excitement in a small place! Grace and Frankie is such a funny show. I saw an interview with Jane Fonda on CBC talking about her activism . She's 78! Good lord if only I could look half as good! I love your mountains, we are in a valley too. When we travel to places with no mountains I really miss them. I keep scanning the horizon for them. How's the forest fire situation ? Enjoy your new home!

  4. Sounds like our little hometown! Doesn't take much to excite people! And just wait for the gossiping! They'll know more about your life before it happens!

  5. I wish we lived in a smaller town, I love how wonderful they are. Enjoy your new home.

  6. Yay for the TV guy! You must be kinda remote if they have Life Flight insurance....I hope you won't ever need it.

  7. Beautiful shots! I love the mountains. I've heard a lot of good things about that show but haven't checked it out yet. Congrats on getting "real" TV; we haven't had that for years, just Netflix. Yup, small town excitement; I've lived in a few towns like that. Great pics of the trip :-)

  8. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Small towns are great and high mountains are awesome! Colorado Springs is a neat city! If you ever go that way again you'll have to drive up Pike's Peak and check out Garden of the Gods and Manitou Springs. Great trip photos:)

  9. Whoa Pammy Sue ... I can hardly keep up with you - possibly because I'm so slack these days !! Good to hear you arrived safely and settling into your lovely new home. Lots of painting etc. to keep you busy but it will be perfect when you've finished. By now, I hope your fences are up and ready for the dogs to explore their new territory. That recipe you posted yesterday looks delish and I'm going to try it soon. I love the look of your new town/city (?) .. looks like somewhere small enough to be very friendly yet big enough to not feel out in the never-never (as we say here in Oz). You're doing so well with two posts and two days. Its been almost two months since I've done a blog post. I suppose anyone who might have been following me will probably think I've dropped off the perch. Did you get my email? Don't forget I'd like you to send me what I asked for in it please. xox

  10. Glad you got the TV sorted! That insurance sounds like a good deal and a good idea doesn't it, if ever you need it to know you have it would be a great giver of peace of mind! xx

  11. Glad you got your TV situation straightened out and thanks for the advice on the show!

    Love the area you're living in and I'm really looking forward to more posts and pictures about it.

    That insurance sounds like a GREAT idea!

  12. Am new to your blog and just loving it! I know the area of which you speak.. have been there a few times and it is most certainly GORGEOUS... I envy you for living in that small sweet little town. Hubby and I currently live in a small town south of Bend, OR and much to our amazement after we moved here, there were no ambulances to take a person the 35 miles to the hospital in Bend! so we got the Life Flight ins. and I felt much better after we got it. Every now and then we hear a helicopter land somewhere nearby and are thankful for them.

    congrats on your new house - I'm looking forward to following your experiences of the small town life! concerning DirectTV.. where we last lived up in Washington, we they had to put up a 10 foot post to mount our dist on so we could get the signal! thank God for those posts! Gotta have TV!


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