Friday, July 31, 2015

Hysterically Funny & A Cryin' Shame

These pictures of sweet little Fletcher made me hysterical with laughter.
He loves a swing so we got him this baby door jumper.

It makes him so relaxed he has trouble staying awake.

Have you EVER?

I made these burritos yesterday for lunch. So freakin' good!

Flour tortillas, refried beans, chopped onions, sliced jalapeno (jarred & pickled), tomato chunks, a little shredded cheddar, and a sprinkle each of chili powder, cumin, and oregano. Broil until hot, roll up, and enjoy. I shook some Frank's Red Hot on mine. I really love that stuff. I put it on everything. I wrapped the leftovers in some waxed paper and put them in the fridge to microwave later.

I've tried a few new teas since we've been here. My beloved coffee just isn't sitting well in my system and is giving me indigestion and lots of acid so I'm going for the tea...

This one I saw on another blog and decided to give it a try.
I ordered it from Amazon. I love both licorice and cinnamon.
It's good, but it could be stronger on both of those flavors.
Maybe I'll try doubling the tea bags. Not worth the $12+ I paid.

I got a sample of the American Breakfast in my last package of Earl Grey.
I really like it a lot. Simple and plain, but good. I haven't tried the Irish yet.

Now listen. I have a little confession to make. By omission, I haven't been completely honest with you. I have deliberately cut something out of some of my pictures outside the house. Everything is not as beautiful as it could be around here. Do you want to see what a cryin' shame looks like?

Oh, Jeez.
Are you ready?
Here goes...

The Washington Department of Transportation lives next door!
GAH! Look at the beautiful view they totally f*cked up!
So sad.

So there you have it.
See ya.


  1. It is still beautiful view!! Those mountains are so gorgeous they stand out. I hope you enjoy every minute of it!

  2. OMG the dog!! Haha, if I show my daughter she is going to want to run out and buy one for our Boston.
    You could always plant some trees on that side of the yard to block out your "neighbors". Still lots of space out there with pretty views!

  3. Oh my goodness!! That's the funniest thing I've ever seen!!! Never thought a dog would like a baby swing. Mmmm, those burritos look delicious! I hope your stomach gets better soon. Hot tea's great for that. Well, it's still a beautiful view! Just crop them out and pretend they're not there :-)

  4. javalinda2:04 PM

    Hi Pammy Sue! I so enjoy reading about your precious dogs, crochet and recipes. Its like reading a wonderful memoir. I kinda envy your new moving adventures, everything starting anew. How are the pups adjusting? Maybe you can plant a beautiful vine on the fence to block out part of the view you don't like. I'm so amazed at all you have done already. Best wishes in your new home :) Javalinda in CA

  5. Anonymous2:45 PM

    I am so glad you are posting again! You literally crack me up with some of the things you say. I'm not a blogger nor do I have a google account. Guess I need another way to post. Hope this goes thru.

  6. Love your header photo. It is very similar to where I used to live in the Marlborough Sounds top of the South Island in N.Z. The sounds that I lived in were called Queen Charlotte Sounds and are very beautiful. I miss it very much.The ferries come down these sounds from the Capital city bottom of the North Island Wellington and crossed over to our port Picton, gateway to the rest of the beautiful South Island. I feel similarities in seeing all your lovely photos of your new home and area to what I used to live in. Really enjoying your stories. Shirley N.Z.

  7. You would be horrified if I showed you some of the sights near us! Your burritos look delicious! xx

  8. Oh girlfriend, how great it is to be reading your posts again! A whole mess of new blogging material!!!!! The house is coming Lang great! So glad they finally got that fence in! The scenic views around your home, both in your own yars, and down the road a ways, are just spectacular! The mountains are majestic! It wouldn't bother me that you have a business on one side. In fact it would give me some comfort. The taco place looked fun! The thrifting sounds good! Your meals are all making me hungry. Too darn hot here to cook!!!!!
    And I LOVE that you have your hook in hand again!!!!
    Text me. I miss you
    XO Kris

  9. Fletcher in the swing to too cute. Those burrito's look yummy.


  10. PS. Fletch in swing is a riot!!

  11. Ok. I'll bottom line that view for you. It will be all good come winter time and you need your street plowed and salted. they salt there in the winter.

    How are you doing grocery shopping in the middle of no whereville.

  12. And I won't even start on fletch in the swing. Lol

  13. Fletch's swing cracked me up! I'm so enjoying getting to know your new home through your eyes. I'd be planting a privacy hedge on that side of my yard. How about clumping bamboo? We're home and I'm so glad! 3.5 weeks is way too long to be away. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. Did you change your phone number?????

  15. Ha!! I showed Dennis and we both cracked up at that darling Fletch in his jumper. Hilarious. So. Do they keep the snowplows next door? You'll be glad they're there this winter if they do! :-). I would still plant something to hide the "view". So good to talk to you the other day.

  16. Ha Ha .. Fletch is so funny. I'm waiting for a picture of Ollie in his new home. Is he settling in ok? That transportation place doesn't look so bad - what do they do there? It looks like the back of someone's house - or are those plants part of your property? In any case, you still have plenty of gorgeous scenery to look at. I think Betsy's idea of planting something to hide their stuff is a good solution.xox

  17. Thank you so much for your info about the crock pot.
    I found it in a store the other day, so yes we do have them here.
    And now I want one!! Normally we put our slowcoocked meals in the stove.
    But this one I could really like.

    I love the Pukka Tea with licoric and cinnemon :o)

  18. Those pictures made me laugh out loud!

  19. Right on.. you'll probably be super glad with the road dept next door come winter! Just plant some TALL fast growing trees on that side of your propert.. you have so many other fantastic views that that business is just like a little ant crawling around in a field of green grass. Golden Chain trees grow super fast.. a few feet a year, and are absolutely stunning when they start blooming with (good or not so good) yellow blossoms! Am so enjoying your new place and new town.. always an adventure.

  20. LOL! Fletcher looks like he's saying, "Quit laughing at me!"

    That's still a great view!!

    Chamomile tea is good for the tummy, as well as mint. Two of my favorites :-)

  21. Fletch in his swing is so cute. I can't get over the expressions on his face. I may have to go looking for the baby jumper swing that is somewhere in our basement from when my kids were babies. (My "kids" are 29 and 32 years old now). I don't know if my Fuzzy Pomeranian would like it or not, though. He always jumps around like he's in a jumper swing.

    Your new home is wonderful, such beautiful scenery. You could plant something to hide the view that you don't like, or just turn and look the other direction at all of the beauty everywhere else around you.


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