Thursday, July 02, 2015

Girl Things, Guy Things, Funny Things

A girl needs some flowers, a nice-smelling candle, and always chocolate.

I took down all the lace curtains in my front room and dining room and gave them a good wash and air-dry today. I just got them all folded up and put into a trash bag to pack. I'm hoping these are going to look so cute and pretty hanging in the windows of our "new" home. I love lace curtains. I bought these when we moved into our current house, and my momma tailored them so that I could use tension rods at the tops and bottoms and hang them inside the windows. I made sure I was able to take them with us when we sold the house. I'm not even sure our new place has the type of windows that will work with these, but I'll figure something out even if they don't.

Ken did most of the work, but we got the rooftop cargo carrier put together this morning. The dogs were all very curious about this thing. I think they thought it was some kind of new bed for them. Of course they did...everything is about them.

This is all about us. It's the third or fourth batch of salsa I've made in the last couple of weeks. It's so good!

Have you ever seen one of these Frogg Toggs?

It's a really soft, shammy-like triangle that's to be used like a bandana or neck kerchief. You soak it in water and it gets really cold and stays that way. Amazing! Ken bought it for himself, but when I saw it, I knew I NEEDED to have one. What with my hot flashes and profuse sweating, I knew it would be the perfect thing for me to have on the trip, especially if it's hot at night when we camp without any air conditioning. I imagine it will still be quite hot the whole trip, at least during the day. I'm hoping it really cools down the last couple of nights when we're in Wyoming and Montana.

I took this picture of the front room with all the boxes stacked up and messiness all around. When I uploaded the pictures to my computer, I noticed the orb that showed up in only one of the pictures. My husband's little brother and I text each other nearly every day. We both love to watch "ghost shows" on TV and a lot of our conversations are about such things. That's why I texted him this photo when I saw it. Here is a screenshot of my text to him and the obvious operator error or auto-correct error (I'm not really sure which), but it was funny as hell! I was mortified but laughing so hard I was crying, and so was he.

I sent this screenshot to the Ellen Show. Maybe she'll use it on a segment she has sometimes called Clumsy Thumbsy. I'll let you know if I get a response and it's used.

That's it for today.
See ya!


  1. OMG that is so funny !! Auto correct is a pain in the you know what but it can be very funny at times. Thanks for the laugh. I loved your story about the curtains and hope you do find a nice place for them in your new home. I'm dying to know where you're going and to see pictures. Hope you'll be taking pics of your trip there too. How long now before you move out of your current home? Have fun. xox

  2. I know that once you get to the new place the nights will be cooler. Even with our HOT days we've been having, it still gets down in the lower 60's at night and at the lake it's in the 50's. Once you get out of the humid south and midwest you'll be home free!!!! I hope your curtains work too. I have lace valances in our family room, but regular curtains on the other windows. I had to leave all of my lace ones at our last house as part of the sale.
    Your salsa looks delicious. The move is all seeming so real now isn't it? A car carrier and everything! Fun times are coming!


  3. That is so funny. Thanks for my laugh of the day.


  4. So funny you are. missy.. .. I laughed good to needed it.. Love n hugs.. Janice

  5. That's so funny Pammy Sue you have cheered me up. I hope you find a place for your curtains in your new place. I've never seen those Frogg Toggs but they seem like a great idea. :) xx

  6. you make me smile every time when I read your have a talent, have (very much) sense of humor and you are so kind...have a lovely weekend xxx

  7. Never heard of the frogg toggs, but I'm going to look them up in this area!

    That is SO funny!

  8. Fireman would love a FROGGTOG . I have to go find one. My new pal Physical therapist who is preggers and hot all the time would like it too.
    I love your memorial to your blog friend on the fridge


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