Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Around the House Some More

The Garage/Shop

Ken did the first mowing the day before yesterday after the fence was finished. It sure does look nice. You can just barely see the River in the top-right corner of this picture.

I walked down to the far back corner of our property this morning to see exactly what I could see. This is what I saw.  You can see the railroad tracks between the camera and that house, and you can see the river just to the right of that house. There are two or three horses that live in the fenced pasture on this side of the tracks.

The previous owner of this house left me this big planter with a tomato plant in it. We just noticed some ripe cherry tomatoes on it yesterday and I picked them this morning.

I washed them and picked one out to try, shook a little salt on it, and popped it in my mouth whole. OMG, sweet! So good!

The tag was in the pot. They are Yellow Pear Tomatoes.
The tree is still loaded with some that are not ripe yet.
What a nice surprise and treat.

I swept and mopped my kitchen and bathroom floors for the first time.
See how nice and clean they are? Love that 70's linoleum. Ha.
It's not long for this world.

Here she is. My sad little 70's kitchen with yellow counters.
What was with these people and YELLOW??
Obviously they liked it. Ick!

I really don't hate it like I thought I would.
It's kind of neat, really. I like the oldness of it.
But I'm not crazy or anything...it's going to be totally updated soon.
It's next after the new deck.

I did my first baking yesterday. I made a Butter Sugar Cookie recipe that was in the Friendship Cookbook I bought at a yard sale the other day. A new kitchen takes some getting used to. Every time I needed something, I'd open six drawers before I found the one with what I needed in it.

Before baking.

And after.
They're good!

Here's the recipe. Click on the picture and when it comes up in a new window, print or copy and paste into a Word document and print from there. The Word document method works best and prints faster, but if you don't have Microsoft Office on your computer, the other method works too.

A goofy picture of Fletcher.

These two deer were laying in someone's yard.
Aren't they cute? They look fake.

Tonight is Taco Tuesday at Tuk's Tavern! Can't wait to see how that is. I'll try to take some pictures while I'm there and tell you about it tomorrow. I'm a little nervous because that's just how I am about any social situation. I just have to suck it up and make myself go. I know I'll be glad I did.

See ya.


  1. That is great that the fence went up. Didn't take too long since you wrote about it. I'm sure your dogs are happy to have their freedom. The river looks very pretty. Enjoy your taco Tuesday! Looking forward to hearing about it. Take care, Heather

  2. I hope you enjoy your evening pammy Sue, I can't wait to see how it went. Your new home looks beautiful and what fantastic views how lovely to step out of your front door and see that. The tomatoes look yummy and I have pinned the cookie recipe to my pinterest board thanks for sharing. :) xx

  3. I feel just like you in social situations, especially if it's with people I don't know very well. I always end up being glad I went. Have a good time...so nice that you are already getting to know some people. Have fun!

  4. I adore your new home Pammy Sue. Really I do. The views, the floors and even the kitchen. More and more, the older I get, the less I care about new and modern and the more I long for that vintagy feeling. I know. You can come live in my 12 year old house and I'll live in yours! Ha! Have a wonderful time. A lot of people up here seem to celebrate Taco Tuesday. I'll have to check that out sometime. Meanwhile, have fun and keep sending the photos. I'm really enjoying them.

  5. What beautiful relaxing pictures to see and the house is looking good!

  6. Have to laugh about your kitchen colours .... we built our first home in the mid 70s and I was able to choose the colours for everything - even the roof tiles. My kitchen was exactly like yours - dark brown cupboards and that yellow bench tops :) I'm still amazed at your new location - sometimes it seems suburban but yet I think it actually is rural ??? Either way, it looks lovely and I hope you'll be very happy there. I looked on the map of the US to see where you're living now and boy oh boy, you certainly moved a long way from Texas !! No wonder it took so long to drive there. Those cookies look good - will have to try the recipe one day. By now you'll probably have been to the Tavern - hope it went well with your new friends and all - also hope the food was good !! Look forward to pics. xox

  7. Incredible views all around your new home! Ha, I think we have the same counters! How funny. The cookies look delicious; I've never had luck with sugar cookies. I hope you enjoyed Taco night.

  8. You really are settling in well. It's hard to get used to a new kitchen! Hope you enjoyed Taco Tuesday.

  9. The cookies look delicious!! Hope that you had a great taco night with your friend and got to find a great new place as well! The tomatoes look delicious, a lovely surprise to find in the garden for sure! xx

  10. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Good grief Mrs! I turn my back for 2 minutes and you've upped sticks and moved.
    A beautiful location, lots of exploring to be done.
    I wish you all the best in your new home.

    Kind regards

  11. Fletch looks happy! :-)

    I love seeing the pictures of your new home and the town/views. Wonderful!!

    Thanks for the cookie recipe! I love cookies!! Just call me cookie monster 2!

  12. thanks for sharing the cookie recipe - they look yummy!!

  13. Lobe the updates, what a gorgeous view, and your new header picture is really lovely. Going to try the cookies too, thank you. :)

  14. Dying to know how taco night at your new hangout went. Are the townies being any nicer?

  15. Love your "New" Home my dear Pammy Sue . I just caem black from Brazil and levR your gays and noturna for the cute Little babies. Thank you só much afim. I Hope you enjoo Taco Tursday. My shoulder is still hurting but I hope to get back to reading and commenting on my favorite blogs. Take care my dear friend. Love your view and you are pretty close to me now :)


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