Sunday, July 26, 2015

Another Loss

First of all, I need to say how devastated I was for Sandy at Teacup Lane when I heard this morning of her husband's sudden passing last week. My heart breaks for her. I know she must be totally devastated. Life is so unfair and cruel sometimes, isn't it? My God, I cannot even imagine how she feels.

Sandy, I'm so sorry! I hope you have lots of friends and family to surround you with love and comfort right now. There's nothing else to say.

I feel bad sitting here about to make a post about what's going on here. When something so devastating happens in your life, it feels like the world should stop turning right along with you. But it doesn't. Life goes on even when it seems yours will not. Eventually you see that it's the very thing that will keep you going.

I'm leaving this post to stand on its own. I'll make my regular post a separate one today.


  1. Oh wow what a beautiful little town, I love the garden we have one across the street from us and it is just a beautiful I was thinking of maybe getting involved next year they put a phone number on it might just give it a call.
    Will say a prayer for tea cup lady too, I have not experienced this type of loss yet extra prayers do help.

  2. Pammy Sue, did Sandy contact you privately? I have not heard about his passing, I feel just sick about it as she just moved. Oh my goodness, how devastating for her and the whole family.

  3. I feel like you do Pammy Sue. I only know Sandy and Jeff through blogging but was shocked and so sorry to hear this news. I don't know how she'll cope but I guess they moved to be closer to family so they will be there for her. Life can be so unfair.

  4. I hadn't heard this sad news. Thanks for letting us know.


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