Monday, June 29, 2015

Two Weeks

We're down to two weeks before the big adventure! We've decided to attach a couple of things to our SUV for the 4-day trip and just camp in a tent each night along the way instead of trying to find some seedy motel that will accept five dogs. Sounds like something that will create some good blog fodder and memory making, doesn't it?

The dogs will pretty much take up all the room in the back of the vehicle. We had a metal dog barrier installed between the front seat and the back area so we wouldn't have to constantly be fighting them off.  It looks something like this except the back seats are lying flat and the barrier is directly behind the front seats so they have more room:

Then we've attached something like this to the trailer hitch:
This will carry our luggage and other miscellaneous items we'll need. Of course it has a cover that fits over it to keep things secure and relatively clean.

Then we've also got a cargo carrier that goes on top of our vehicle like this:
It carries 18 cubic feet of other things we'll need like the tent, dog supplies, sleeping bags, etc.

We need a lot of stuff, because once we get to our new home, it could be several days before the moving truck arrives with all of our possessions. I hope it's not longer than a day or two, but you never know. When deciding on which moving company to use, I read all kinds of horror stories about people that waited a month or more for their things to arrive! Can you imagine? That's why we spent quite a bit more money and went with a reputable company (Bekins). That doesn't guarantee we won't have some hitches along the way and may have to wait longer than we want to, but I think it dramatically decreases our chances of being one of those horror stories of missing or damaged items and waiting a longer period of time for the truck to arrive. We do have a guaranteed window for delivery of a few days right now, and the driver is supposed to stay in contact with us via phone with updates on his location and estimated time of arrival.

There are lots of scenic parks and places to stay along the way, and we're looking forward to that part of the trip. We're not going to hurry or be in a panic to get there. We're going to enjoy the road trip and make some stops along the least as much as having the dogs with us will allow. We're kind of restricted as to what we can do with them being with us.

We did think ahead and manage to work with a guy at our new location who is installing a fence around part of our property BEFORE we arrive. The house had no fence in the immediate backyard, and it would have been kind of miserable for us to have to take five dogs out multiple times a day to do their business or whatever while waiting for it to be built. The new fence should be in place when we arrive.

Did I tell y'all that there is another part of our property that has a fenced orchard? I can't remember what I've told y'all here and what I haven't. There aren't tons of trees, but there are apple trees, pear trees, plum trees, concord grapes with an arbor, and currants. I think that's all the fruit he told us about. I plan on canning lots of apple pie filling, plum and grape jellies, and who knows what all. Our neighbor to the north of us also has quite a bit of property and she has a big vegetable garden that she is happy to share. I think I'll be trading some of my fresh fruit for some of her fresh veggies too! All the big trees in our yard are maple trees. I'm looking forward to seeing them change colors in the fall. Maple trees are so pretty in autumn! 

I absolutely cannot wait to get there and take pictures of everything to show you! We're both so excited and happy, we can hardly stand to wait another two weeks to leave and start this new part of our life together.

More to come before we leave, I'm sure.
See ya!


  1. Safe travels on your journey - sounds like a great time to me! Look forward to seeing pictures of the new house and hearing all about where you, the Captain and pups are ending up!

  2. So ExCiTiNg! That will be quite a trip with 5 furkids! That's great that you'll have a fence up right away. We don't have one here and have to leash the dog each time he goes out. Nuts. Have a great and safe trip and I can't wait to hear about it and see all your photos of the new home! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Your new home sounds lovely and I can't wait to see the pictures. That's a great idea about trading with your neighbour - nothing like fresh fruit and veggies eh? I can relate very well to travelling with animals and I wish you an uneventful and enjoyable trip. On one of ours, many years ago, my daughter's tiny turtle (about 1" diameter) managed to escape from his container and lost himself amongst the clutter on the floor of trhe car. We did manage to find him - thank goodness !!

  4. Brave lady! Safe travels and loads of fun!

  5. We have the same kind of trailer and every time we use it, I'm amazed at how much stuff we can cram into it. I love that thing. You'll be fine. :)

  6. Sounds as though it is going to be a wonderful adventure!!! I hope that you have an amazing time on the journey and that all will be very well!! xx

  7. Sounds so exciting!! Have fun with your adventure xxx

  8. An exciting time for you all. 5 bundles of fur wow..Your travel stories are going to be worth the read. Battery is low catch you soon.hugs pat♥♥

  9. Gosh!! and I'm looking forward to your photos sounds wonderful!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  10. Will you be camping Pammy probably said and I missed it? I will have to keep reading. At any rate your car arrangement looks great.....I hope you and the dogs will have a wonderful trip! xx


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