Thursday, June 25, 2015

Shopping, Longhorns, and Other Cattle

Big-city shopping in Texas can include cattle.
Even if where you live & shop has a population over a million.
A co-mingling of big-city and country living, if you will.

Country cows/modern city buildings.

How you doin, lady?
Got any food?
Want a ride on my big, sexy horns?

Oh my, you do have long horns.
That one is kind of twisty.

This guy, ur, gal...whatever, was attempting to gore me as I stood by the fence taking her/his picture. I'm serious! I had the camera up to my face not paying attention, and I heard clang, clang, clang. He was alternating sides, jabbing his horns at me, but only managing to run them into the fence. Good thing, because I would have never seen it coming had he skewered me with one of those things, which, I would think, is the best way to be skewered if you're going to be. You don't want to see that shit coming.

Gah! What's this? You are a hairy beast!

Close your mouth, breathe through your nose, and say something next time. Don't just come walking up on people looking like you do! What's with your tiny little devil horns?  I guess I'm just used to seeing the long ones.

And you? Why are your horns straight like a unicorn instead of curvy?
And what's with your black tongue, Mr. Buffalo?
Are all buffalo tongues like those Chow dogs' with black tongues?
I had no idea.
Where do you keep those tiny little wings we all love to eat?
Heh-heh. (I bet he's never heard THAT one before.)

Look at those red eyelashes.

Oh for heaven's sake! You have something right THERE.
Would you like a tissue?
And maybe a toothbrush?

I think I need to go shop now since I'm totally grossed out.

Just down the street, I stopped in here.

This giant decoration was in the window.

I wanted to get a nice journal I can hand-write in while we make our 4-day road trip across the country in a couple of weeks... 

I ended up getting this one.
It has the softest, squishiest, leather cover.

But I also got this one.
Mostly because I forgot to put it back before I checked out.

I also got some tissue paper, twine, and a little gift card. I'm going to give a doily to our realtor when we meet up with her to get our keys on the way in. We're going to meet up with her at a gas station somewhere between Spokane and our little town. She lives in a little town in-between. I thought a doily would be a nice little gift for her to say thank you for all the things she's done for us. She was such a nice lady and dragged me all over NE Washington looking at one house after another the weekend I flew up to find a house.

I also got this for Ken when he wasn't looking...

Is that sweet or what? LOL!

Anyway, it was a fun little shop. It would have been even more fun if I hadn't had a sweat attack the minute I walked in. I was dripping in it by the time I checked out. Very attractive.

We made a few more stops all over Plano tying up some loose ends at The Captain's work, picking up more boxes and giant bubble wrap, picking up some necessities at the drugstore, and that kind of thing. Then we ran through the drive-through (okay, we drove) at Panda Express and got some lunch to take home. I had never eaten their food before, but the Captain said the best thing on their menu is the Shanghai Angus Beef Bowl (sorry cows) with fried rice, so that's what we got. It did not disappoint. I think I want more today. SO. GOOD.

Right now I have a headache. I need to eat something and take some Tylenol.

The Cilantro-Lime Chicken has been marinating since last night. The Cap is going to grill it later today. (So I guess I'll skip having that Shanghai Angus Beef Bowl today.) I'll try to remember to get pictures to go along with the recipe and review I'll give you.

I've gotta run. I have stuff to do.

See ya.


  1. Loved all the cow pictures Pammy Sue. They made my day. Thank you.


  2. I thought you might be buying a longhorn cow to take to your new home with you. :-) Or a buffalo. I can just see you with a herd of cattle in your new back yard. :-) Are you stopping to visit Betsy when you go through Spokane? I know she'd love that! It's coming fast, isn't it? We'll be heading across the topknot of Texas in a few weeks heading to Oklahoma. We're all on the move! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. You're going to miss those cows Pammy Sue. We don't have them with horns that big up here, at least I've never seen any, although we do have buffalo. Our little lake place is on the way to your town and of course I live in Spokane, so you definitely need to call, text, holler, scream or something when you're on your way through. We have GOT to meet in person my friend. I can't wait!!!!!!!

  4. Wow....You're moving!! I hope your trip is easy and awesome for you both. I'm jealous. I bet that part of the country is beautiful. Stay safe my friend. Can't wait to see your new digs. :o)

  5. You sound so organized and ready to go. Love the card by the way. Are you sure you don't want to take a Texas Longhorn with you?

  6. Wow quite some horns there!! They are definitely Texans!!! xx


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