Friday, June 19, 2015

Free-Day Hodgepodge

I made this back in June of 2013. It's been hanging on our bedroom wall ever since. I really love it. I'm about to take it down and pack it. It needs a good shaking outside because somehow it got all dusty. :)
You can find the pattern HERE.

I have four long rows left on the doily I'm working on.

I got a pretty new Rimmel lip gloss at Target yesterday.
It's called Always Lovely.
It's a pretty sheer pink. Good buy.
Tip: Outline your lips in a light brown then fill it in with this.

ORANGE flowers still looking pretty in my magic kitchen window!
Love them.

Aloe Vera.
Everyone needs a pot of these for those nasty kitchen burns.

It's time to wash a few dishes.

Today is a free day. I'm off from work so none of that around here. I'm going to wash up these few dishes and then sit down and put another row or two on my doily. Then I'll get a shower and put some "real" clothes on. I'm still in my jammies! What time is it anyway?

I think I'll make some Kool-Aid. That sounds really good. I have Grape, Strawberry, Orange, Lemonade, Berry Blue, and Cherry. Hmm...

I think I'm feeling like Strawberry!
But Grape would be good too!
No, Strawberry.
Such important decisions on a free day.

For Word Nerds like me:

Hodgepodge or hotchpotch describes a confused or disorderly mass of collection of things; a "mess" or a "jumble." 

Hodgepodge:  1426 (hogpoch); alteration of hotchpotch (late 14th Century). From a legal term in Anglo-French for collecting of property in a common pot before dividing it.

See ya.


  1. A great hodgepodge! I love that wall hanging!!! It is amazing!! xx

  2. Sounds like you're doing well and keeping calm during your transition period. We drove to Kahneeta hot springs pool and swam today.. drove home over Mt. Hood.. got some fun shots.. and now collapsed into our easy chairs. Sheesh.. adventure living sure does make one tired. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Great idea to use this "big doily" as a wallhanger, gorgeous!! Happy weekend greetings, Nata

  4. Gorgeous doily! I love the rich color. Your magic window is working well. Dishes, always gotta do the dishes. I'm partial to Berry Blue myself. Take care :-)

  5. I remember that wall hanging. You will have to find a good spot for it in your new house. Gosh I haven't had Kool Aid in forever. Cherry is my favorite :)

  6. Glad to hear you are doing well. Kool-Aid makes it better!

  7. A mass or mess(ed) collection of things, in this part of the country is called a bunch of shit, usually.
    More than enough of it is called: a ton of shit.

    Unwashed dishes, here you say: WTF is this shit?

    Nice to hear you are back....


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