Sunday, June 28, 2015

Babies & Boomers & Books

Isn't she pretty? I was so happy to see this pretty girl and her man had built a new nest just inside our backyard fence that runs along the driveway. They had a failed attempt at starting a family a few weeks ago on our porch. She had been sitting patiently on her eggs inside a hanging basket on our back porch, as she has done for several years in a row now. Sadly, Ken found the nest abandoned and the eggs hatched, but the babies had all died after a few days. We still don't know why or how they died. I was really thankful that Ken took care of disposing of them and didn't tell me about it for a couple of days. I don't want that image in my head. Things like that really affect me and bother me longer and more intensely than they should.

Anywho...a new bunch of little bald doves will be hatched soon and hopefully they will make it.

I guess you've noticed that I gave up on calling my husband by a fake name lately. Now that he's retired, there's really no need for such anonymity on his behalf anymore. His name is Ken. That probably sounds weird now since you've only heard him called by other names, but there ya go.

We sat out on the back porch a little after 10 pm last night and watched the annual city fireworks show. The park isn't far from our house, so we get a good few of the fireworks without having to leave the comfort of our home. Here's a little taste.  Enjoy...



P.S.  I'm enjoying the Holly Madison book, Down the Rabbit Hole, very much! But I'm not so naive that I believe for one minute she's as innocent or as much of a victim as she's portraying herself. I'm sure some of that aspect is true and she probably wasn't treated as nicely by Hef as people may have thought, but still. I really like the trash-talking she did about Kendra! It's interesting to see things from a different perspective than we saw on TV. It's an entertaining read.

See ya.


  1. Sorry about the lost little birds.. we have way too many baby bird fatalities here.. they fall out of the nests in our eaves and hit the deck. Kristi has put some back but it's almost like the mother pushes them back out again. No idea why. I like that you'll be calling your husband by his name. Hi, Ken! I bet you're excited about your trip north! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Anonymous1:08 PM

    hi pammy sue and ken...we also have birds who make their nest on top of the shutter, which is under a roof,, so it is protected...even though we are surrounded by acres of there are bird "droppings" all on the porch and it is my husband's job - i constantly inform him that there are "mom jobs and dad jobs" - to do annual clean-up...looking forward to reading about your new home move...from your photos the area is spectacular,,,it will be quite a transition for the puppies...bless you...thank you for sharing...sally

  3. I'm happy to hear there are new babies on the way. Will you still be there when they hatch? I had noticed and although I like the "captain", Ken is much more personal. Can't wait to hear that you're on your way. 😍

  4. so are you both retiring and that's the reason for the move? Hope you are packed and ready for a new adventure now.

  5. I hope this nest makes it. Enjoy your reading :-)

  6. Hello Ken .. pleased to meet you :) That was such a sad story about the baby birds ... hope the ones about to hatch will be ok. I would have loved to see your fireworks but for some reason, the video didn't load. You must be getting excited about your move - how long before you'll be off? Hope the doggies don't get car sick. xox

  7. Ahh I had that happen last year with the birds and we had water shortage, I thought that is what did it.
    I love fireworks and fun you can view this from your back yard :)

  8. Such a shame about the birds. So sad. I am afraid that I hadn't noticed Ken's change of name, not very observant am I!! xx


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