Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A "Real" Post

This is the only ball of thread and the only hook I kept out when packing. I'm WAY ahead of schedule with the packing and had to stop before I packed everything up we need to live our everyday lives. It's still a while before we leave.

I haven't crocheted a stitch in weeks! I caught myself staring at this yarn and pattern that's been sitting out on the counter for at least a week. I think I may be ready to start it.

Hello, Mr. Shy Turtle.

I watched this grackle mess around in this water for quite a while one morning. We had to leave the house with the dogs for three hours while the inspection was being done on our house. We sat at the park for awhile and then went and got lunch at Whataburger. I had a big greasy Patty Melt. It was so good though! I convinced myself I still did pretty well since I had no fries and no Coke.  :)

I made this potato salad this morning so it would be nice and cold to have with dinner tonight. Last night the Captain grilled some boneless chicken breasts that had been marinated in Lea & Perrin's Garlic and Balsamic marinade. It was so good! We have plenty leftovers for tonight. I highly recommend the marinade that comes already in a big bag. All you do is rip it open, plunk in your meat, and refrigerate until you're ready to grill or bake. He grilled 8 big breasts so we'd have leftovers for lunches or whatever.

You may be sick of hearing about this move and the whole process, but it's my life right now so that's what you get. I think I'm going to start a handwritten journal about it the day we start on the road. It will be fun to read through for me years down the road.

I know I have been ignoring your questions for details, but that's been on purpose. I'll talk details later. Right now I don't feel comfortable doing that in public for my own reasons.

The buying and selling of houses has come to an end as of today. No more worrying about inspections and such. Everything is a done deal except the actual physical move. I'm so glad for that part to be over. It's a lot of stress even if it did go very smoothly and quickly for us.

Now we wait for the Captain's last day of work later this month. Hopefully I'll be back to regular blogging until the final few days before we leave. Talk to you again soon!

See ya.


  1. No worries I'll be thrilled to live through you vicariously. I enjoy your blog very much!

  2. I sure enjoyed catching up with your doin's! I'm very excited for you. A journal is a great idea. I took a neat little journal on my trip to New Orleans and didn't write one dang word in it.. :-) I will be happy to give you NW gardening advice. Dayle said you could get some bulbs and plant them in the fall. What will be fun is for you to see what comes up when next Spring rolls around. We moved into our house in January and in spring I was like a crazy person watching all the flowers come out. I was ecstatic! Can't wait to hear about your trip. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Glad all the inspections are over. You will be able to sit back and crochet that gorgeous doily for a while! Moving takes a lot out of you, may as well relax a bit while you can. Hope it all goes well for you.

  4. I'm so glad to hear that everything is going smoothly for you. A journal is a great idea and something you'll enjoy looking back on. I'm Excited for your move. Very excited. Now crochet a little and relax, you'll have lots to do very soon

  5. I am enjoying your retirement and moving adventures. Hope the actual move goes as smoothly as the sale.

  6. I'm glad everything is going smoothly with the move Pammy Sue I bet you can't wait for it all to be over and done with but I'm sure you will be settled in your new home before you know it. Writing a journal of the process sounds like a fun idea. That salad looks delicious I may just go and make one too. Take it easy and enjoy your crochet. :) xx

  7. My sister is moving soon and she's stressed with the whole thing. It will soon be over and life can continue. Hope you enjoy your bit of crochet.

  8. Looking forward to you returning to "blogland". Good luck with your move.

  9. You must empathize with the turtle - the whole house on your back :-)

  10. I kept a journal when we first moved into this house. I still look back at it once in a while. You never know what adventures you may have, like when the bat was in our bedroom, what month the swallows come back to nest on the porch, how the backyard flooded on New Years day. Good times....
    Have fun with your new doily :)

  11. Take good care of yourself Pammy sue. I am holding those old crochet books for you until after your move, one less thing to pack.

  12. You should never feel that you have to share anything on your blog or in real life if you don't want to, so feel free to keep whatever you want private - and of course you have just as much right to share if you want to as well! My point is do what you are comfortable with. I am just glad that all of the technical parts of the move are going well for you with the inspections and so on. That is great isn't it. I hope you enjoy your crochet time! You need a little relax here and there don't you. xx

  13. So glad you left something out to crochet! I can't believe how fast it is all coming together now. Eeeeeeek!!!!
    We need to have sme catch uptextings!

  14. So good to hear from you.. glad certain things are over with.. and your ahead of the game and you can relax a minute.. Yes my newest grandbabie number 13 but everyone is special and different.. I loved watching her be born and help mama cope and deliver.. it was amazing made tears in my eyes as all did.. Shes a big girl 9 lbs 3oz.. but just the same we are all excited.. good thing you left one thread and needle out.. much love relax a minute see ya soon with love Janice

  15. Hi Pammy Sue, sounds like things are moving along great. Congrats on getting through the inspections, etc. I won't ask any questions, but look forward to reading more about your new home when you are ready to share. Take care, Heather

  16. What a pretty turtle! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  17. Good luck with your move! How nice that everything is going so smoothly so far :-)


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