Friday, May 01, 2015

Doily, Gifts, Tuna, Misc.

I saw a doily similar to this one, but it had no graph or pattern and I wanted to make it badly.

So for the last few days, I've been crocheting and ripping out and writing and erasing until I got something I was happy with. I have the pattern written out, but who knows when I'll ever get it typed out and posted in my sidebar. Typing out pattern lingo is not fun, especially when I type a lot anyway during the day when I work.

Anyway, here she is. I love her. I have another flower made in white and will make another one with the white flower as the center. I'm still trying to decide what color the main body will be. I'm kind of leaning towards red to make it look sort of Christmasy, but we'll see.


I found a box on my porch yesterday delivered in the mail, which is not unusual because one or the other of us is always ordering something. I glanced at the return address and didn't recognize the name, so I figured it was something for the Cap. My name is on the account we usually use so the fact that it was addressed to me but meant for him wasn't unusual either. I laid it on the counter for him to open when he got home from work. But I kept looking at it and wondering if maybe I had forgotten about something I had ordered and finally decided to open it and see.

Oh My!!
It was for me, but I didn't order it!

Fun-fun-fun! Giggle, giggle...and I may have done a little silly dance as I took the items out of the box. I love the old thread in my favorite color for doilies. and look at the vintage crochet pattern book for thread! Somebody knows exactly what I like.


Look at the yarn! A big, thick ball of sock yarn.

Do you know what this is?
I didn't until I figured out how to open it.

Aren't they freakin' CUTE?!

Thank you, Meredith, for your thoughtfulness. My heart is full.

My hubby brought home this new little succulent a couple of weeks ago. I love the orange flowers it produces. I took a close-up of the label so you could see the name of it. It's staying in the Magic Window in my kitchen.

Unfortunately, after all my beautiful succulents lasted all summer and through this winter, they are all looking rather sick now. I'm hoping they'll perk up soon and not continue to deteriorate. They've always thrived and been so healthy since I brought the home. I moved them back outside now that it's very warm most days and doesn't get very cold at night. They are getting plenty of sunshine so I'm not sure what the problem is. 


I made some Tuna Pasta Salad to go in the fridge this morning.
This is what I put in it.

1 lb-box of Garden Rotini pasta cooked
3 12-oz cans tuna in water, drained
5 boiled eggs, chopped
3 ribs chopped celery
1/3 of a large onion, chopped
1 4-oz jar diced pimento, drained
1 cup mayonnaise
1 Tbsp Ranch Dressing Mix Powder
2 tsp black pepper

Mix all and refrigerate at least 4 hours before serving.


I think hubby and I are going to watch the movie Interstellar later this afternoon.

I'm sure I'll look through some patterns for a shawl or something pretty to make with the sock yarn Meredith sent me. I've been contemplating tackling the knitting of some socks and even ordered some sock yarn to do so, but I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I want to put myself through that aggravation. Knitting is still definitely not my bag. I'm just glad I know a little something about it now, and that's good enough for me. My beloved crochet will remain my favorite gift as long as I live and have hands that are able.

Speaking of that sock yarn, I don't think I showed y'all what I ordered. I'll do that next time.

I started a new book that is really good. I'll show it to you and talk a little about it next time also.

I just had a tomato, cucumber, and fresh spinach sandwich with mayo, salt & pepper, and it was fantastic. I think I'll spoil all the healthiness and have a Dr. Pepper now. I haven't had one in days.

I bought a selfie stick. I have no idea why. Maybe I just thought it was a cool idea. I have no intention of plastering selfies all over my blog, Flickr, Instagram, or anywhere else. But I could if I wanted to now.

That is all.
See ya.

Have a Happy Day!


  1. The doily is stunning! You definitely have a gift for crochet. I make tuna salad almost exactly like yours except for the ranch dressing...great idea.

  2. How wonderful of Meredith!!! She really is such a great person isn't she, so glad that you were cheered by such a lovely gift!! Your new doily is beautiful, I love it and could totally imagine it in a Christmassy colourway as you described. I am in awe of you working out the pattern all on your own for this!!! xx

  3. Happy Friday Pammy Sue! I was just visiting Meredith's blog where I saw your lovely doily once again and now I see the package of goodies she sent to you. How sweet is that. I will say it again, bloggers are the best!!!! I adore that doily you made in your post today and will wait, somewhat impatiently for you to type it up. lol I understand not wanting to type when you do it for a job too. I used to be like that in my working years. I hope your weekend is a wonderful one full of fun an playing.

  4. Thanks for making it a Happy Day for me! Lovely post. The doily is wonderful and all the rest too.

  5. Your doily is beautiful!! And wow, you figured out your pattern, that's awesome!! That Meredith is such a sweetie pie, the world would be a better place if there were more people like her. Knitting socks...I have have knit tons. A great book for a sock knitter is Getting started knitting socks by Ann Budd. If I can help you out just let me know! Wearing hand knit socks is the best!Have a great weekend!

  6. Wowzers! That doily is gorgeous. This was quite a full post and that Meredith is a sweetheart isn't she? Have a great weekend, it's going to be in the 90's here. What the heck happened to Spring?

  7. Love the rose with pineapple pattern totally gorgeous! I know with tatting and I think with crocheting they have gone from text to diagrams do they do that with crochet directions? Some people offer free computer lessons on how to do that. It is still too much for me and I draw mine out.
    love the food you post gives me ideas yum :)

  8. Stunning doily, Pammy Sue! I love the flower center. What a lovely surprise gift! Those stitch markers are adorable. Have fun with your sock yarn :-)

  9. Pretty colors and patterns too!
    I came here for the food today, and im actually loving the patterns and the crotchety thingie more than the food itself :)

  10. Anonymous7:07 PM

    hi pammy sue, your doily is brilliant...the colors are just right...your craft skills continue to multiply and are impressive...thank you for sharing the tuna/pasta recipe...can be used as a main or side are one generous and busy lady...sally

  11. Oh how thoughtful of Mere to send you such lovely treasures.

    I adore you doily. I hope you do write the pattern up, I'd love to make it. :)

  12. Your doily is beautiful so pretty you are so talented to have made that without a pattern! What a lovely surprise from Meredith your doily looks so good on her table. There is a sock along starting tomorrow Pammy Sue, I'm joining in late because my sock yarn hasn't arrived yet. That's the link if you're interested. Have a great weekend and thank you for linking your lovely doily. :) xx

  13. The rose doily is stunning. Both flowers and pineapple pattern, *love*

    Have a nice week end.

  14. You deserve a treat and I am so glad you like it. The salad looks so yummy. I am interested in what your husband thought of that movie. My son said we had to watch it, I was asleep about 1/3 of the way through it. Probably because I did not have any knitting in my hands. We have yet to finish it.
    Hugs to you,

  15. Congratulations on designing such a gorgeous doily. Its magnificent. I do hope you'll be sharing your pattern when you write it up. What a lovely surprise from your friend. Nothing like stash enhancement - look forward to seeing what you've ordered. xox

  16. What a sweet surprise, so many lovely goodies. Your dollies are gorgeous. I've not made one...well not since I first learned to crochet back in the dark ages when I made one with mint green rug yarn. That's what the woman who taught me gave me to use when I was 7, lol. Spotted you on a mutual friends blog and thought I'd pop in, always fun to meet more bloggers.

  17. Great job on the doily. Wow! What a surprise package! Great friend! Tuna salad looks good.

  18. Your doily is beautiful...great job on designing it! :) How nice of your friend to send you some fun snail mail! :D

  19. you are indeed the doily-master! and yep, Meredeth is one cool lady! Doncha just LOVE getting gifts from people who know what you like? Love the doily, very nicely done!

  20. your doily is GORGEOUS - reminds me of potholders that my Grannie had and loved :-)

    Are your succulents getting too much water?

  21. Lovely doily !!!

  22. Dazzled by that doily!

  23. I like this doily and I'm thinking if it was in front of me I could possible make it.. It looks wonderful. Happy Mother's Day with love Janice

  24. Gorgeous doily! ♥ The recipe sounds and looks yummy, thanks for sharing :-). Pretty flower, I like these, too, and always have the one or other on my kitchen windowsill. Wonderful gifts from Meredith, enjoy! Happy weekend, Nata xxx


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