Tuesday, May 26, 2015

And The Beat Goes On

Interior paint touch-ups.

U-Haul truck rental to move some furniture and boxes into storage.

Rental of said storage unit.

Interviewing of cross-country moving companies and getting estimates.

Selling our second car after deciding it's not worth towing or moving it.

Haggling over home inspections.

Lying awake at night.

Listening to rain and storm after storm nearly every day or night.

Making boarding arrangements for the dogs for three days while the house is shown.

Making hotel reservations for ourselves for three days while the house is shown.

Cleaning and more cleaning.

Packing and more packing.

Knowing it will all be worth it.

See ya.


  1. A big adventure and leap of faith is always worth all the work and hassle of making it happen. I admire you for being so brave and adventurous. When is Cap's last day? I bet he's excited! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. You are organized for sure. That will make the move go so much better. Great job. Relax and try to rest more.

  3. I have been concerned for you all with the floods inyour State. Along with all the other shocking weather we are seeing on our news here in Australia.. It is good to know you are ok and your move is progressing.. Blessings to you ..Hugs Pat ♥♥

  4. I am about to burst with excitement for you!!!!
    XO Krissy Poo

  5. Stay strong Pammy Sue. It will be worth it.

  6. We did all of that too. Except we drove our vehicles from PA to Ohio. It was only 450 miles. Our travel van is in storage here until driveway is cured at least a week and we can work on inside of garage. After we fixed up our PA garage so nicely we have to start all over here. That's life! LOL! Don't forget all the stuff you will have to do in your new state. Drivers licenses, registering vehicles, new doctors and dentists, new banks. The list goes on. One day at a time. It is worth it though.

  7. It will be worth it, but I appreciate it the getting there isn't always the easiest. Hang on in though and try and think about the end goal - easier said than done I do realise. Try and think of enjoying the three days in the hotel as no need to cook or clean for three days perhaps! That is what I would focus on. Hugs to you!! xx

  8. Good luck with the showing Pam. Don't forget to pack an extra toy in little Ollie's suitcase. xox

  9. While this is an exciting time, a big move like this can be so stressful. Make sure you take time to breath. Thinking of you and hoping your current home will sell quickly and you'll be in your new abode in no time! Take care, Heather

  10. Hope it goes well!

  11. We've been doing the same thing except that we're moving in the same town. But still nerve racking and all this rain doesn't help. Tomorrow is moving day. Today we sign papers with the lawyer.
    Good luck with your move my friend.

  12. There is sure a lot to do to get ready for a move but it also sounds like you're very organized and getting things done quickly. The rains and flooding there sound horrific. I can't wait to get you up here in our "neck of the woods".

  13. Moving is downright horrible but it will be SO worth it.

  14. So much to do! Sounds like you have a good handle on things. I bet your house will sell quickly. It's stressful but exciting at the same time isn't it?
    Fingers crossed for you :)

  15. I envy your organization; sounds like you have everything under control. It's crazy, but it will be worth it in the end. Hang in there :-)

  16. My, last time I was here you were crocheting a doily, and now you are packing up and moving across country. Kinda makes me a bit sad, but in reality I know our blogger friends are just a key stroke away, as near as our finger tips. Actually I am really happy for you, a new adventure, a new home, no doubt new friends too. You are a braver soul than me. We built this house, raised our children here and I would find it extremely difficult to move. I do have my moments though, this morning I was ready to sell this place. It has gotten to be too much for one person to handle and I was ready to rip out my hair. Evidently you have been preparing for this time in your life. You sound like you have everything under control. Hope everything goes smoothly. I'm excited to see that new house.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  17. Well missy sounds like busy days.. I hope you take a breather some where in there.. much love janice

  18. New home?? awesome!! where are the pictures?
    And the food pictures along with the home pictures ? :P

  19. You sound very, very busy! Hopefully it will be all over soon and you can enjoy the new home!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)


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