Thursday, April 23, 2015

Weird Mood

I will never tire of roses.

I'm not making anything.
Just playing.

Nope. It ain't gonna happen. Never.

What I'm reading. I just started so I have no opinion yet.

I love Natalie Dee cartoons.
And Cheetos.
And Coffee.

Never do this:

Or this...


See ya.


  1. The mandala colors under your coffee cup are very similar to the one I just made for my daughter. Also I chuckled at the "never do pictures" . The same daughter's son (my grandson) when visiting one summer, stuck his finger in a small vent hole at the top of a metal floor lamp. It began swelling quickly. After calling for help, we were directed to take him (and the floor lamp) to the nearby fire station where the wonderful firemen CUT the metal away from his finger with HUGE cutters. We laugh now, but it was frightening then.

  2. I'll never tire of roses, either. They are my FAVORITE!

    Love your posts! And Cheetos too! :-)

  3. Planted three new rose bushes today. Knock out roses. My first pink roses in my garden, now.
    I have 9 bushes all together

  4. I love roses too. My 2 grandsons picked out two bouquets this morning with their mom at the grocery store to give me for my birthday that is coming up. One was pink roses the other a red and white one. Love love. That was nice of you to send Meredith that gorgeous doily. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. And they smell good too:)

  6. Love the pretty, pretty roses...and all of your nevers. I think peanut butter should have it's own food group. Just like chocolate. In fact I had peanut butter for breakfast today. Yum.
    Gotta love your posts my friend.

  7. I can see you had lot of fun with this post. Thanks for the smiles early in my day :-)

  8. I've never been so speechless !!! xox

  9. I love Cheetos. It aint easy being cheesy! And I love roses too, but I usually kill them, so I admire them from afar.

  10. You're so funny. I have that exact same phone case. Cheetos and coffee?
    Might have to try that one.

  11. Thanks for the chuckles! Happy Friday!

  12. My new yellow roses are done flowering for now. Funny, I just read about that book, it looks good. I finished Girl on the Train yesterday night, I stayed up way too late to get the book finished. As frustrated as I was with Rachel, I thought the book was really great. Thanks for the recommendation.

  13. I can always count on you for a good laugh!
    love ya,


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