Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday No-Name Entry

I worked on the hexie blanket some more adding the white round to all the itty-bitty middles. I'm loving the relaxed, slow pace of this project...just a handful every now and then while watching TV when I feel like it. They are fun to look at. 

Do you ever make a turkey breast?
They're really good. This Cajun-spiced one is our favorite.

I just unwrap it and put it in a 9" x 9" pan covered with foil (easier clean-up). Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Remove from pan and slice. Great with dressing or potatoes and some green beans and cranberry sauce (canned). Then the leftovers make great sandwiches. 

My Onion-Cheese Bread risen.

And after it baked. Mmm!

I always like seeing the pile-o-dogs in the mornings.
They usually pile up like this and sleep after breakfast when I'm working.

As you see, everything is the same here.
Thanks for looking in.

Oh, wait! One more thing I forgot.
I wanted to show you this...

I saw this on Instagram on chippernelly's feed.

See ya.


  1. Lovely colors, food ideas, and sweet puppy dogs!
    Love, Chloe

  2. That hexie is going to be awesome. We'll have to try that turkey breast roast.. like having a mini-thanksgiving feast! Your pile-o-dogs gave me a giggle. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Love the pile of doggies

  4. Love it all, if I can ever find my tub of leftover yarn balls I'd like to make one of these types of blankets. Your bread looks so good that I felt I could smell it through the computer! lol.

    Your fur babies are so adorable.

  5. Love the pile of dogs! It made me laugh. :-). That bread!!! Goodness I afore bread and now have drool running down my face. Ha!
    What a gorgeous blanket you will have soon.

  6. the beginnings of your hexi's. I am way behind you, but worked on it some today. Still only little circles.
    Love the dog pile! I make a turkey breast quite often. In fact, I have one in the freezer now. But I have never tried the flavored ones before.
    It was such a nice cool weekend. This week is supposed to be hot! Ugh.
    xo Kris

  7. Love the blanket and for sure will try the turkey breast, it sounds delish. Love the pile of dogs.. They are adorable.

  8. The bread looks and sounds delicious!!!! Your crochet middles are so lovely and look so pretty all lined up like that! Hope that you are OK and have a good week. xx

  9. I love turkey - easy to cook and delicious. Your bread looks amazing. It's making me hungry to look at it.

  10. Oh, I love those wild tiles!! So fun! Your hexie is looking good. Okay, did you thaw that turkey breast before cooking? I tried one awhile back (not Cajun) and it didn't get the vote for a return trip. I'm going to see if I can find one of these and give it a try. Thanks! blessings ~ tanna

  11. Mmm! I love fresh baked bread! I've wanted to try that turkey breast but my picky eaters have stopped me. Love the tile around that cooktop!

  12. pats on the back with those little hexies. Just the thought of all the ends is the reason I've never atttempted one, although I drool over them all the time, and from the looks of it I'll be drooling over this one too. Good show!

  13. Loving the hexie blanket, Pammy Sue! That's my favorite kind of crochet. And your pile o dogs is too cute :-)

  14. The crochet is looking good Pammy Sue, I love easy projects like this. I like turkey breast too especially in sandwiches with a dash of cranberry. :) xx

  15. Drewling over here. The dinner looks perfect and any kind of bread will make me happy.
    About that parade of fair isle jackets in my blog, you are correct.
    Have a nice day

  16. How cute is your pile o' dogs?! ;-) -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  17. As always, you have a lot of fun things going on, Pammy Sue. The crochet blanket looks very promising and I loved that oven top with the mix and match tiles.

  18. Yumm your bread looks amazing! Love your hexies , you are making a great blanket. It will be so colourful and cheerful. Your puppies are pretty cute!!

  19. I'm running a bit late with my blog visits - the week has been very hectic and stressful. I guess by now you've almost finished your hexie ghan - the way you fly along with your crochet, I wouldn't be surprised. Its looking fabulous. Your bread is also looking fabulous - yum !!! Hope you have a nice weekend. xox

  20. Your hexie project looks like a lot of fun..:)) and as for those pooches, they are just the best medicine anyone needs.. They always make me feel good.. Thanks for sharing :))

  21. Yum, I wish I could have a bite of your bread. It looks very, very good!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)


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