Monday, April 20, 2015

Nothing But Chocolate

The pink and yellow roses are from our backyard garden. The pink ones don't look much like a rose anymore when they fully open. The yellow ones, however, look very much like a rose when they fully open, and they're huge. So beautiful. Yellow roses have been my favorite for years. I think this was actually labeled a Double Delight, but they get even less of that pink tinge the more they open. I've had other Double Delights that had much more pink than this.

These are a little old and getting wilted, but you get an idea how big they are.

I love taking pictures of feathers!

 My sweet Fetchie looking out the back door.


I made these chocolate donuts yesterday at the Captain's request.
They are baked. Half of the above were glazed and half not.

As you can tell, there's not been a lot going on around here. Lots of work and that's about it the past week or so. That's okay by me.

See ya.


  1. Howdy, sorry I've been MIA.

    I should have visited your blog in the AM when I was in the mood for donuts.

    Cute picture of your doggy too! :)

  2. Beautiful roses and the chocolate donuts looks very good. No link to the recipe; guess I'd need to buy the special pan first. :-) Hope you are doing well. Have a great day, Heather

  3. What gorgeous roses! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. I love yellow roses and never seem to have any :)
    Love doughnuts and baked is a great idea.
    That feather is very wispy I wonder what bird has that feather?
    have a great week!

  5. I can smell the roses so beautiful.. The "F"word Fletch and Feathers... lol.chocolate is the best, I bet they tasted wonderful :)).Hugs pat ..

  6. The Captain has good taste - those donuts look very very good. Your roses are pretty - one of my favourite flowers. I have 3 rose bushes in my front courtyard and they are feral !! Always growing where they shouldn't. The really feral one gives me beautiful red roses for months at a time and they have the most beautiful fragrance. I actually love it, along with the other 2. Not much going on here either - just the most awful weather. Freezing cold and blistery winds.

  7. I'm back and I've missed my blog friends! I've given up trying to catch up on back posts so I'll begin right here with yours if that's okay. I've never had yellow roses and only have one little pink bush in our yard. That didn't do too well last year.
    Those donuts look amazing. I've never had baked donuts before, (at least not that I remember). And you can't go wrong with chocolate, right?

  8. Mmmm,chocolate! Mouth is watering!
    Beautiful roses. I don't have any luck growing them.

  9. wonderful post
    and flowers!!

    I made gluten free peanut butter cookies yesterday. My husbands' favorite cookies and we don't have to be gluten free

  10. Ooh, so pretty, Pammy Sue! Roses are my favorites. I like the peach ones the best. I've never tried baked doughnuts; yours look delish!

  11. Your roses are beautiful. My yellow roses are much smaller, but they were gorgeous when they were blooming.
    I am preparing myself for a very busy work week next week, two new babies coming onto my caseload.

  12. If I had all those roses and doughnuts at my house, I would feel that life was complete. :)

  13. Roses are my favourite flowers and I want one of those donuts right now they would go lovely with my cuppa. :) xx

  14. Yum! Having a blast in N'awlins!! Home tomorrow. Talk soon

  15. MMMMM....i love chocolate donuts! well, actually I love anything chocolate. And If I could grow roses like that, I'd consider my life complete. Good show!

  16. The first blooms of the Spring are always the prettiest. My yellow rose only has a couple of blooms so far. I bet those donuts are really good. They look good. I want.

  17. Your yellow roses are stunning! You must have a green thumb, Pammy Sue. Yellow is my favorite, too. =) Oh, those donuts are killing me... on the diet... AGAIN. Hopefully for more than two days. hehee. blessings ~ tanna

  18. Gorgeous roses.
    You get such good pictures of your pups. We have Scotties and it's hard to get good picture of them. They end up looking like black blobs, altho the do really stand out when they are laying on my rainbow afghan.
    Any chance you'd be willing to share your recipe for the baked donuts? They look amazing.

  19. Mmmmm - delicious looking donuts.


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