Tuesday, April 07, 2015

I Haven't Forgotten It

I haven't forgotten the hexie blanket I made all the middles for a couple of weeks back. They WILL get done, but it'll be slow-going. I'm sure I'll drag it out for months. I'm not much good at sitting and crocheting nearly 200 squares with color changes quickly or even steadily. I'll fit it in between other things a few hexies at a time. There's one more round which makes them into hexies instead of rounds, but that's the joining round so I'll wait until they've all got these last two rounds on before putting it together. Maybe. Or maybe I'll put a few together at a time. I don't much like sticking to a schedule. That's a sure-fire way to make me quit. Tell me I've got a schedule to keep for anything, and I'll tell you to stick that schedule where the sun don't shine just go to bed and put the covers over my head.

I've been working on this doily.
Twenty one more rounds!
I'm enjoying it so much though.

I finished this book yesterday. It must have been pretty good because I kept reading it wanting to see what happened. A book has to hold my attention or I'll just leave it. I can't tell you how many books I've started reading and then just trashed them.

What I really want to say I can't, just in case somebody wants to read it. I don't want to spoil it, but you might be thankful that I did. I related to it in a lot of ways because I have my battles with depression myself. The book I have has a good section in the back that gives Sylvia Plath's bio. I read that first, but maybe I shouldn't have because that set some expectations for me since The Bell Jar is a slightly embellished and disguised story of her life and the people in it. (The names have been changed to protect the innocent and all that jazz.)

It was my least favorite of the last four books I've read, but that's not a bad thing. I'm just sayin'.


That's it.
See ya.


  1. I like your colorful motifs. The doily is going to be another beauty. I like the off-white or ecru color. Looks elegant. I haven't read much lately. I've been watching a variety of things on Netflix during my down time. Hope you are having a great day, Heather

  2. I so admire your patience and the skill you put into your doily making! They are always so beautiful! xx

  3. Hey Pammy Sue!
    We finally got connected to internet/WiFi here in our new home in Ohio. The Sound & Vision tech is here setting up our TVs with surround sound and cameras. What a job! We're going hi-tech which is so far removed from what we grew up with when there was only 3 TV channels in black and white. LOL!
    I love your hexes edged in black. I crocheted a black background granny a couple of years ago and it had close to 300 squares. That's a heck of a lot of squares. Your doilies are so beautiful. I wish I could crochet with thread. The only book I'm reading right now is the second book in the Outlander series. It's good but I'm just not reading as much now. Too much still to unpack in the new house. I have a lot of TV series and programs to catch up with since going without TV for almost three weeks. Have a lovely day down there in TX! It's ugly up here in Ohio…overcast, dark, chilly and rain off and on. Sunshine isn't coming until Sat.

  4. yeah, I discovered that Sylvia Plath can be alot like Edith Wharton, and Flannery O'Conner, they tended to write dark, even depressing things. But I truly love Edith Wharton. Have you read any of her's? Wasn't the Bell Jar made into a movie? I *heart* the classics, even the dark ones. So. much. better than some of the drivil passed off as literature that's hitting the shelves these days.

  5. I liked The Bell Jar. I think it's a beautifully-written story and I can find plenty to relate to as well. Your crocheted circles are so nice. I love the way they look with the black, the colors really pop! Hope you're having a good week.

  6. I also like the burgundy doily in the background with white border the lamp is sitting on.

  7. I also like the burgundy doily in the background. You have patience for doilies, a virtue:)

  8. That blanket you're working on is going to be very dramatic and wonderful. Way back when I made a black and color granny blanket.. I wonder what happened to it. Love the doily. When I read the background on that book I decided not to get it as it sounded sad. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. I was JUSt having a HAVE TO conversation with my husband yesterday. I don't want any HAVE to's in my life anymore! I love your circles so far!

  10. Ooh pretty, pretty doily. I can't wait to see it stretched out in all of it's glory. Those hexies are pretty nice too. Color changes get to me unless I weave in each end as I finish the color. If I see them all at the end of a project, just hanging around waiting, I kind of go nutso. :-)

  11. Loving your new blanket! The black really sets it off!
    You have been very busy!!

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  13. I am addicted to squares, I always have a project . I make some each day and suddenly it is finished.
    My feet will get betterm thank you for your kind words.
    Have a nice day

  14. Well that crochet doilie looks great and ijust read books no more lol... So it wont bother me..Happy Dpring with love Janice

  15. I still think you should put some of these things on an etsy shop. They are pretty adorable. :)

  16. So much to say Love your new format the poppies are great.
    Your granny circles are wonderful I love the black outline it is fantastic!
    And you tiny crochet is going to me another masterpiece!
    I think life is too short to read a crappy book, good for you to trash some.
    I will order one from amazon today.
    I fell in love with a set of three books I couldn't put down first one is called "The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B." by Sandra Gulland have you read them?

  17. I like the look of your latest doily and the blanket. It will be interesting seeing how the medallions turn into hexies. On your recommendation, I borrowed The Bell Jar from my library. Have to finish my current book before starting it though. Hope all is well with you. xox

  18. Looking forward to the hexie blanket - great colors.

  19. Remember it took me over 2 years to finish my big blanket and really it doesn't matter it will get done one day and it will be very pretty, your doily is looking good. :) xx


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