Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It Feels Like Saturday

I've been working on this doily for quite some time now, although you can't tell by looking at it. I did the middle (bridal blue) in one afternoon, and then I've done a row or two at night in bed each night. I took several nights off from it too while I made those socks or just rested my arm. The darker color is gray. I know it looks like a chocolate color in the picture above, but it's a charcoal gray.

The two colors look so pretty together in real life, but I fear that the gray parts are not going to show the stitching pattern very well. I'm too far to turn back -- or at least I don't want to -- so I'm going to continue on as planned and see what how it looks. Maybe on a light background it will look good. I intentionally didn't try to get good pictures of the pattern so I wouldn't ruin the surprise when it's finished. :)

We had a beautiful, sun-shiny day today after a couple of weeks of straight cloud cover and rain. It's clouding up again right at this moment, and we're supposed to have four more days of rain now. I'm in rainy-day heaven.

I did a little cooking this morning getting a roast dinner ready for the crock pot...

I browned it up really good and sealed in those juices.

Then I browned up the carrots and onions (not pictured) and threw those in.

I peeled and chunked-up some potatoes and threw those in on top.
Then I mixed two cans of mushroom soup with some water and poured that over the top.
It smells heavenly after cooking for about 4 hours now.

Right now, I have some Cheese & Onion Bread rising. I mixed it using my bread machine and then took it out and put it in a loaf pan to rise. I used this recipe:  Cheese & Onion Bread  I'm crossing my fingers that it turns out well.

While I cooked, the Captain did some yard work and put down some weed killer and fertilizer on the lawn.

I plan to tuck myself into bed early with a full tummy of roast dinner and dig into this book.

A couple of nights ago, I left this note for the Captain. I had bitched at him before I went to bed because he gave all the dogs some ham pieces. He laughed when he gave Ollie an extra big piece and he trotted happily off with it in his mouth like he'd gotten away with something.

If you've ever watched South Park, you know what I mean by, "Threw up on me like a South park kid." There's no warning at all. They just open their mouth and projectile vomit. All the other dogs at least give you several heaving motions of warning before they puke. Ollie did not. 

As you can see, I still cannot draw, but that doesn't keep me from trying.

See ya.


  1. I can't stop laughing, poor dog :)
    I can see the grey in the doily but the ball does look brown, go figure. I think it is beautiful, want to see more!

  2. Lovely doily Pammy Sue. Dinner looks yummy.


  3. Eww! Yuck! That's gross. Poor Pammy Sue. I thought you were going to say they had gas. That's what happens with Chloe if we let her have ham.

    The roast looks yummy. I have one in the freezer. Maybe I'll have to fix it later this week after seeing yours and smelling it in my head. :-)

    Love the doily and can't wait to see it finished. I know it will be gorgeous,

  4. Love your doily and what a yummy dinner ... Yum, yum!

  5. Oh Pammy Sue, I love your sense of humor!!! You and Cap remind me of Greg and I.
    I love all of your beautiful doilies. Especially the one that sits on my dresser!
    Yummy roast! I made corned beef tonight Soooo good!
    Enjoy that lovely rain. I am jealous!
    XO Kris

  6. Great doily! I don't think I could work with such tiny thread for a long time (wish I could!).

    The steak looks soooo goooddd!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  7. Your doily looks pretty !!! I'm looking forward to seeing it finished ! Have a lovely day ...

  8. I haven't read anything by Betty Smith. How do you like the book? -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  9. I have SO been there with the dog vomit, in the bed, and changing sheets at midnight. I know your pain.

  10. Eeewww! Nothing worse than dog vomit!
    Roast looks good! Keep going with the doily cause I like it!

  11. I think your doily is so pretty! Can't wait to see it finished!

    Poor puppy! I hope he's better!

    Your roast dinner looks wonderful! I'll have to try your version. Roast, potatoes, carrots, and onions is one of my favorite meals.

  12. You must be in rainy-heaven! LOL! While I am sulking around. ;) I love that gray (as in yarn or thread... not the sky)... Look forward to seeing it finished. I think your art work is pretty doggone good. blessings ~ t.

  13. The doily's looking good so far. I've enjoyed the warmer days we've been having; I don't even mind the rain much. Enjoy your roast.

  14. I knew exactly what you meant about the dog throwing up and it's horrifying to even think about! Ugh. I hope he doesn't give them any more ham. Your roast sounds delicious! I love recipes like that. You know what? That book is my favorite in the whole world. It was given to me when I was about ten years old and I read it over and over. I used to finish reading it, flip it over and start again. I think you'll enjoy it a lot.

  15. ahhh marriage. Takes two to laugh and yell at each other!

  16. Poor you! Poor baby dog not fun at all. Good luck with the doily.

  17. I saw the film version of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn a few years ago and it was lovely. The book must be even better.

  18. hahahah awww poor you.... but i hope the doggie is ok.
    I know when my cat is going to get sick like that when she licks her mouth way too much and a loud meow. Last time I ran and grabbed her and took her to a place around the house where there are tiles so she wouldn't mess up the carpet. As I landed her it all got splattered all over the wall... but at least easier to clean.

    Also, I love coming here to your blog for the food and the crotchety things. Especially for the food though.... :)


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