Sunday, March 01, 2015

Come On In!

Our front door knocker.
Of course it's a dog!
I have to remember to take it when we move. It was a gift.

Did your mom ever make Graham Cracker Cookie Sandwiches?
Mine did, and I make them too now and then.

After I got my lick off the beaters, Fletch, Eli, and Ollie got theirs.
Sammi and Janie were snoozing and were oblivious.
They all know they get to lick the beaters when I bake and gather around.
Just like kiddies!

Ever feel like you're being watched?
Fletch is always down there no matter what I'm making.
When you sit there, food magically falls from heaven.
Didn't you know that?

They are crunchy now, but after a day or two in a tightly-sealed container, they get soft. That's the way I like 'em. The Captain likes them when they're still crunchy.

Unfortunately, because of the bad weather, he didn't make the 30-minute trip home from work on Friday when I made these. He slept at work in his office because of the bad weather. He had to be back there early the next morning anyway, so he just stayed there. It just wasn't worth the hassle or the risk that he'd get into an accident. People drive so crazy.

I take back everything I said about Sammi not braving the snow.
She went out and peed like a big, brave girl yesterday.
(Although, she still pooped on the porch. Ha.)

Note to a8383:  Sammi is half Boston Terrier and half Black Pug.

Note to Anonymous who asked me to email a pattern: I don't click on any Anonymous links or email anyone who is Anonymous. It's too risky these days. If it was a legitimate request, you can find the pattern for my Sampler Blanket by searching my blog for a few posts with the beginning rounds (then I just mostly repeated and winged it), and there are other ones on Ravelry called "Stripey Blanket" that list their patterns.

I remembered to set some seeds out for the birdies.
Poor things must have been cold and hungry.

This is how it looks today.
It's all melting.

I'm making a pair of slipper socks for the Captain. I was totally confused yesterday and didn't get the first one finished. I've figured out what I was reading wrong and should finish them today.
Will show you the finished pair. I don't think this is the prettiest pattern you could make, but they're quick and easy to make, and they're warm. I'm making myself some pink ones next.

I'm giving the knitting a rest for a bit, but I'm not putting it aside forever, just in case you're wondering.

That's all for today. I'm making some banana bread and then finishing those slipper socks.

See ya.


  1. Hi Pammy Sue, love the door knocker; very cute. My mom used to make graham crackers with icing too. Looks like you made butter cream. We are supposed to be getting some warmer temps soon, so I think our snow will be gone before too long. Have a great afternoon. Heather

  2. Just found you and loved your site-I've made graham cracker "cookies" for most of my life--love 'em !! Taught the grand's how to too.
    I laughed when you said you were going to make banana bread, I did that yesterday !!
    Great Minds think alike !!
    Will be checking in !!

  3. No I have never even had graham crackers but I bet they taste good. The slipper socks are looking good and as long as they keep the Captain warm thats all that matters anyway. :) xx

  4. It's so weird that you have snow and we have sunshine and daffodils.. I'm crocheting today.. need to recuperate.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. That door knocker is perfect for you! Your friend did well on choosing it as a gift. Glad to hear that knitting is only sitting on a back burner. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  6. I want those graham sandwiches

  7. Those look so yummy!! Love the door knocker!!! And I am anxious to see the finished socks for Cap! Stay warm Tootsie!
    XO Kris

  8. Graham Cracker and icing cookies were my FAVORITE growing up.

    Dad made them one day, when I was in my 20's. A neighbor, who had grown up around Boston (English Father, War Bride French Mother). She had never seen them before. When she tasted them she wanted to know where she could buy them . . . LOLOL

    Made another convert that day :)

  9. Yum! Graham cracker cookies! I've eaten them my entire life and now I make them for the grandkids. Now I need to buy some graham crackers when I get home and make some. Ack! I can't stop thinking about them since I saw your pictures. :-)
    I'm glad the Captain stayed safe at work. It's crazy here in DC today too. We're in a winter storm warning with freezing rain, sleet and a tiny bit of snow. We were the last plane to land here last Saturday and Hubby's plane was one of the last to take off for home this morning. Lucky me, I get to stay and slip-slide around here for another week. Piper makes it worth it though.
    So sweet of you to take care of the birds who must be very, very confused right now.

  10. It's just incredible that you have that much snow. We have already gotten so e flowers and it's supposed to be sunny the whole week. I hope it warms up for you. The sandwishes look great.

  11. I never thought of making your own sandwich cookies - clever idea! xx

  12. They look so tasty, never seen those before. A filled coockie can't be wrong.
    Our dogs love the snow

  13. What a cute door knocker! Those snacks look delish; what recipe did you use? I've never had them before. Yes, I agree with you that the slippers are not the prettiest things in the world. But they are the warmest and most comfortable! Enjoy :-)

  14. I don't remember the graham cracker cookies, but I can't remember a lot of things these days! Glad to see the snow melting. Crazy dogs!

  15. I have never had those graham crackers they look good enough to try out:) I am so bad at knitting I am afraid I could not get two socks to look the same, ha ha, I did manage to make baby socks once and I figured babies don't care :)
    Are snow is mostly gone too :(

  16. Never heard of the graham cookie things, but they look like something I could polish off in an afternoon.
    I pinned some slipper patterns for future knitting, then started a ripple pillow in crochet. So much easier, sigh.

  17. I had to chuckle when I saw Fletch at your heels in the kitchen. We have a Boston, Molly, who never leaves my side when I'm in the kitchen.
    Love your door knocker.

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog, Pammy Sue! My husband and I lived in Kingsville, TX for July-Sept in 1972 and it was so hot and humid I never imagine Texas getting any snow. Now living in the Portland, OR, area which rarely gets any snow [except on Mt. Hood], I can appreciate your comments about folks down your way not being used to driving in snow. Your Captain was smart to stay at work. We have two dogs in our household, a Puggle and a Cocker Spaniel, but they are on special diets so have never been able to lick the beaters [don't tell them what they are missing, please :) ] I admire your stitching ability!!!!!!! I am going to try to crochet a baby hat using Teresa's pattern next.

  19. Poor Sammi - how embarrassing !! LOL. I love your door knocker. Wonder why I'm not surprised its a doggie? Are you planning to move? Those cracker thingies you made look more than interesting. What is the filling? Have to laugh about the line-up for a lick ..... don't think I'll mention that to Quincy or he might expect the same. Look forward to seeing the finished socks you're making for the Captain. xox

  20. We usually put chocolate frosting in ours, but vanilla is yummy, too! Our chihuahua, Maddie, comes a running when I whip cream....she has a delicate tummy, but she can handle licking a bit of cream from the beaters! Looks like a fun blog, think I'll come back & visit again!

  21. Any time we are in the kitchen, our dogs come running! 'Love the photo of Fletch! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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