Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Plan

It's Super Bowl Sunday. I have a very busy and complicated day planned. Ah-hem. Here we go...

I started a crochet project yesterday and will be working on it all day between all the other stuff I have planned. I usually don't like to give away what I'm making until it's all done, but this is a baby sweater. I bought the pattern on Ravelry yesterday, but I've been eye-balling it for a while now. It feels good to get my familiar crochet hook back in my hands after all the knitting lately. Hopefully it won't be too long before I'm finished. I did most of what you see above last night while watching TV. I think I had four rows done before that. Details to come.

This is where I'll be sitting most of the day with this motley crew. Janie is in another room, as usual. I'll show you her happy spot in a minute.

My seat on the couch looks directly at this view out the windows. I only opened one shade today because I didn't want it too bright in here. It's raining anyway. I'll be watching it rain out this window all day. It turned cold again so I'll probably have a fire later in the day.

I'll be watching some TV, probably crappy TV, until the Super Bowl starts around 5:30-ish, I think. I haven't checked that yet.

I'll be giving this machine a workout today making coffee, tea, hot chocolate.
Best invention EVER.

I'll be watching the clock seeing how long before the Captain gets home from work. He's working until 7:00 tonight. He'll probably get here around half-time.

I'll be getting on what I call "the big computer" on and off. Mostly I'll be using my phone to check email and stuff. I'll probably be gabbing with my brother-in-law during the game. We always do that during football, baseball, or NASCAR races, making our own commentary, and either celebrating or crying when things don't go our way.

Here's Miss Jane in the bedroom on the bed. She likes to stay in there a lot. I may join her for a short little nap later. But I'll go check on her and talk to her every now and then, and I'll help her off the bed when it's time to eat or go outside. Her eyesight is so bad now, she really needs help getting up and down now. She tried to get off the couch the other day and misjudged the distance. She fell and got a rug burn on her chin. I felt so bad for her. She cried. I made a fuss over her and held her and dabbed her chin with a wet paper towel until it quit bleeding. Bless her heart. She's such a sweetie. Don't feel too bad for her. She still likes to play and run outside with the other dogs and is almost always happy. She has great quality of life...she just needs a little help is all.

I got off-track there. What else will I be doing today?

I'll be going to the fridge and opening the door 100 times today seeing if anything new magically appears for me to eat. It won't, but I'll still look. I thawed out some hamburger. I have no idea what that will turn into later today, if anything, but I'll probably make something with it.

I'll be giving Sammi her medicine and eye drops. I took her to the vet on Thursday because she's had something wrong with her left eye for over a week now. She has an ulcer on it, and I have to give her two medicines twice a day and two different eye drops three times a day. I have to write it down every time otherwise I'll forget what I've done and how many times I've done it.

Like I said, I'll be making something to eat. After all, it is the Super Bowl. You have to have some good food for the Super Bowl. It's the law! Okay, not really, but still. I made these chili-cheese fries (frozen fries) last night for dinner. Healthy! Oh, hush. It was so freakin' good! Mmm...slop!

And I'll be lamenting the fact that I'm not wearing my Tony Romo jersey today and watching the Cowboys in the Super Bowl instead of the Seahawks and Patriots.

And that's about it.
What are you doing today?


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  1. Super Bowl sure sounds exciting, I have to say I don't really understand American Football rules though.

    Hope you have a super sporty Sunday - we are looking forward to watching highlights of the first day of Formula 1 testing - we love F1 in this house!! Our favourite ever driver (Kimi Raikkonen) had a trial run in NASCAR a couple of years ago - don't think he did too well tho'!


  2. I hope you're rooting for the Seahawks! :-) It looks similar to our day. I have to do some tidying, our older son and his family are coming over to watch the game, which means we'll be ordering pizza.. :-) Have a *Super* day! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. It looks like a cozy day ahead. We are doing about the same things here. Especially looking for something to eat. POPCORN is calling my name!! Enjoy the day.

  4. Well honey, I just got in a bit ago from doing some snow removal with the snow blower and before I even got the steps and porch cleaned it was snowing again. I won't do no more. My job this evening is to care less about the football which annoys the crap out of me and to watch the commercials. I already chowed down on a bag of chips and I suppose I will find the bit of vanilla ice cream in the freezer for later. That will be my treat for the night, and coffee of course so I can lay awake in the dark later and wonder why I can't sleep. crochet hook will be calling me to work on my afghan and right now I need to go feed my two kiddies who act like they haven't been fed their entire life. Enjoy your evening.
    Susanne :)

  5. Sounds like one of those lovely cosy at home kind of days! I hope that you enjoy the superbowl! Not sure whether to hope that something tasty appears in the fridge or not 'cause it would be kinda freaky if it did!! xx

  6. Sounds like a good day ahead Pammy Sue, enjoy! :) xx

  7. It's my birthday today!!! So it's a GrEaT day no matter what. We went to church where we were the greeters so I got to say hello to some lovely people. The whole church sang Happy Birthday to me. Very cool. Then we went out to lunch with friends and now I'm home, sitting in my recliner in my Hawaiian Mumu with my knitting. We're goinfpg to watch our Seahawks win the Super Bowl again. (I hope!). Hubby just went to the store a fad bought me a chocolate cake for my birthday and he tells me ifI want a new iPad or iPhone to get what a want. Isn't he sweet? Not sure if I'll get their her one but the offer was really nice.
    Enjoy the game.

  8. Love the Super bowl ads especially the Budweiser one.

  9. Its hard enough to know what Aust football is all about let alone American LOL.. but I hope it all turns out well :))
    The pooches have their seating organised cant tell me they dont know the best seat in the house lol.. :))
    It was fence mending for my day... It may last another year....
    Enjoy your day :)) hugs pat ..

  10. Hi Pammy Sue!
    I can't wait to see the baby sweater all finished. Aside from a hat and booties, I've only ever done one piece of clothing and it was a bunting bag with the arms. I fumbled it a bit but it was for my baby. I put it on him when he passed away to keep him warm. I have never attempted another piece of clothing since. That was 34 yrs ago. I was so proud of it.
    My favorite coffee machine. I'm on my second Keurig.
    I love how you framed your doilies!
    I'll be writing about my weekend on my blog later on today.

  11. I was reading and going over your post and pictures and I was like, where's the food... where's the food, woman!

    Good think you saved the yummy picture for the end of the post. As for the Superbowl... meh

  12. Sounds like a cosy day for you. I have never watched super bowl, it's not featured in N.Z. Currently the Australian tennis and our black caps in cricket are getting our attention.Shirley

  13. Super Bowl watching was unique for us. We went to a wild and crazy bar.

  14. I barely even watched the game, I had it on mute because if the Packers are not in I don't care!!!!!!
    I did get some knitting in so at least that is something.

  15. Gosh you fit a lot into a day - you must be exhausted by the end of it. I'm intrigued by the baby jacket - looks like it might be a kind of all in one - or almost all in one ?? Hope Sammi's eye gets better soon. Poor girl. We used to get occasional eye ulcers on our Pugs and Chins - the vet gave us ointment and it cleared them up quickly. Ollie looks as if he's enjoying his food !!!! LOL give him a hug for me xox

  16. Hope it was a good day! Sounds pretty busy but cosy all the same.


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