Monday, February 09, 2015

Mostly Onions

Happy Birthday, Bonnie!

I want to talk about onions, but since you can't just jump right in with onions, we'll ease into it with a few general photos and comments (and a little bitching).

Miss Jane settling in for a nap yesterday in my favorite Lamb's Wool-covered IKEA chair. I'm too much of a wuss to make her get down. Yes, she's gotten a little plump, but haven't we all. I know I have! Ugh.

The ever-slim Fletch also taking a nap. He's like that girl you know who is skinny but eats everything in sight. He's got the tiniest, narrowest, little ass.

Here's the bitchin' part.

I refused to buy these the other day because they put them in a half-size bag and are charging you $2.98 (Walmart price). What a rip-off! Greedy bastards! The Captain snuck them in the cart when I wasn't looking, but I'm never buying them if I can help it. Good, yes, but I'm not buying into their marketing ploy and flat-out thievery! Nabisco should be ashamed.

I love this stuff. It smells so good and the wood furniture in my house just soaks it up. Be careful because it will make things greasy that are not wood. It makes my mantel look so good. Two thumbs up!

We were standing in the kitchen having a conversation about something, and I had my back to this view. The Captain was facing me, and I could tell he was momentarily distracted looking at something behind me. Then he said, "Will you please put that head up? That's the third time I've thought someone was sitting at our table!" Bwa-ha-ha!

Okay, so the onions...

Holy crap, that's a lot of onions!
But I used every one of them for this wonderful recipe.
I got it from the Susan Branch 2015 wall calender.
I love the recipes she scatters throughout her calenders.
Anyway, this she calls Punxsutawny Pudding.

Here are the sauteed onions, nuts, and partially-baked rice.
She called for Walnuts, but I used Pecans.

Ready to go in the oven.
Yes, I'm finally using my casserole dish for the first time!

And here it is fresh out of the oven.
OMG! I really, really, really loved it.
I can't give you her exact recipe here, but here's a link to one very similar:

My first thought was that it was a little bland, but the more I ate, the more I loved it. Make sure you add enough salt. You could also fry a few pieces of bacon to put in this. I think that would be a wonderful addition. Drain the bacon and use a little of the grease to go along with the butter you saute' the onions in. Get it really brown on top when you bake it. Delish!!

The Captain grilled some bratwurst to go with this, and the pairing was perfect. YUM!

Miss Bunny visited our side yard yesterday evening. I took at least 20 pictures of this wabbit (hee), and this is the only one that turned out half-way decent. All the rest were blurry. I have no idea why. I threw her a piece of celery, but she ran off. Maybe she came back and got it later. I'll have to see if it's still there. (I'm only assuming it was a she. It was smallish compared to some other ones I've seen.)

I'll share some photos from the Fair Isle book I bought tomorrow. Someone asked for a few.

I'm off.  See ya.


  1. Okay, so I laughed out loud at the Cap's "head" comment. Hilarious and I admit it would make me do a double, or triple take too. I've also noticed that the Oreo packaging is getting smaller. It's one of the few cookies that Piper can eat so I used to get them a lot. I haven't noticed the 1/2 size bag though.
    I was just looking at Murphy's Oil soap today. I have got to get something to clean my kitchen cabinets. They're alder wood and everything I use on them still looks dingy. Maybe I should try your stuff. :-)
    That is a LOT of onions. I bet my Hubby would love it though.
    Cute bunny and puppies. I never get tired of looking at your four-legged kids. So cute.
    Blessings always sweet friend,

  2. Ummm, why do you have a head on your table in the first place??? That casserole looks really good. I know my husband would love it! Thanks for the recipe. Whatcha doing today?
    Oh, I love that wood polish too!!
    XO Kris

  3. I will be right over I LOVE onions.

    I love your dogs. I can imagine the skinny butt!

    I would have bought the rip off cookies because I LOVE Red velvet.

    We were in Wisconsin today and we bought brats for my son. And I bought a black and white cookie..f.or me

  4. What a pretty little bunny! She must know you're an animal lover to come so close. That onion dish looks amazing - I love onion anything and especially like things that are a little crispy on top. Yum. I had some brownie last week - it was delish - crispy on top and chewy in the middle with just enough cakey stuff between the two. xox

  5. Anonymous8:46 PM

    The recipe looks yummy! Love the bunny picture! Seems weird to see grass. I'm in Massachusetts and we're up to our earlobes in snow!!! More coming on Thursday!

  6. I love the pix of the fur-kids. You got a good shot of the bunny.. we have some here too. I went to a DAR meeting and then swimming for an hour, then went to Gracie's house to help her to fix her "No comment blogger" thing. Then we went to dinner for prime rib! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. What a cute bunny, the onion dish looks yummy I love onions, I have just been chopping some to put in a soup, I wouldn't buy the oreo's either the cheek but other people will so nothing will change. Your doggies look as cute as ever. :) xx

  8. The onions sound delicious!! xx

  9. Oh, the head is hilarious!!

  10. Very funny I and I completely get that it would be creepy with the hair and all :)
    Bunnies are super cute and love the picture!

  11. Hey we must have the same calendar! I was looking at that recipe! Great minds think alike. I also love that wood polish!

  12. You always make me smile! :) Love that sweet little bunny, too. So hows the knitting coming along? :)

  13. 'Love the bunny photo! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  14. The Captain and the head story made me laugh. Miss Bunny is sure adorable.
    Hugs to you,

  15. Ha ha ha about that head, can see where it would kinda creep one out every time a person glanced in that direction. Same thing with the dress form every time I turned the corner. I haven't been on the past few days but did manage to check out you previous posts. I think you are doing great with you knitting attempts. You keep it up you will be knitting yourself a sweater in no time or whatever else your little heart desires. I have been knitting since I was 12 or 13 and still I admire some of the fancy work that other knitters can do. It is always good to come out of one's shell and try something new. Have fun, that is all that matters, and by all means don't stress out, it is a learning process and you are getting it done. The onion casserole looks good. I love onions! And the doggies, well they are the smart ones to know where the best seat in the house is located and to take advantage of it.
    Susanne :)

  16. Your "babies" look so peaceful taking a nap. I think I would love this dish it looks delicious! I agree with the captain it would scare me to have that head sitting at the table ... Ha ha . It's funny though,


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