Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Knit-Wit Rambling

This is what's left of the knitting I worked on all freakin' day yesterday. Ugh. At about 7:00, I noticed a loop of yarn about three inches long on the back side of my work. I carefully took the loops off my right needle and picked up the other loops with my left needle all the way around -- this took about 30 minutes. But when I got back around to where the loop was, I couldn't figure out what to do with it. I ripped out more stitches, but the loop just got bigger and bigger. I finally just decided it was useless to try to fix. (What I should have done is just kept knitting because that loop was on the inside and wouldn't have shown anyway, but I wanted to do it right.)

I ripped it all out, pouted, grabbed some candy, and went to the bedroom to sit in bed and pout. And pout I did, especially when I discovered I had mistakenly bought a small bag of candy that was sugar-free. GAH. And then I started getting tummy cramps and spent a good part of the night running to the bathroom.

So my evening went to shit (pardon the pun) after a lovely, lovely day of knitting and dancing around the living room saying, "Look! Isn't it pretty? I'm knitting like a real knitter!" The Captain was very sweet and played along with me, never once telling me to shut up and sit down because he was trying to watch a movie. I'd even bring my work over to him occasionally and make him turn the lamp on next to his chair so he could see it up close. "Look at the stitches!" "Uh, huh. That's nice."

I can be such a pain in the ass. He's not always that patient and willing to put up with me, but he did yesterday. I should have known something was up and about to go horribly wrong. LOL.

It's all part of the process of learning, and I'll just chalk yesterday up as another practice day. By the way, I did the same thing with the glove I was making. I don't think I ever told y'all that I scrapped it and threw it in the garbage after messing it up and dropping stitches off of both needles and being totally clueless as to how to fix it.

So I'm starting over today, and even if I have loops hanging out all over the place, inside or out, I'm going to keep going! Didn't you hear? The new style this year is having random loops hanging off your garments.

P.S.  Don't forget to go post a picture of your crochet or knit or whatever at Lunamon Design's Link-Up Party today!


  1. Oh I am sorry to hear that. But as you say, it is a part of learning.
    If you drop stitches you can look at my tutorial. I'll end with the link. Hppe that can help you, if not I know you can find a video or ten on youtube :)
    Remember link up party today :)

  2. LOL. We've ALL of us been right where you were yesterday at least once in our knitting life...and more than once if we're honest. My dear Hubby can't believe how often I rip stuff out and start again. He says he would quit completely because to rip out a weeks worth of work would be way too discouraging.
    I'm sorry you didn't feel well during the night. Sugar free candy? Bleh. That would make me sick. :-)
    Blessings always,

  3. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with your knitting and crochet lately. Kudos to you for sticking with it!

  4. Have done that too Pammy.
    Sometimes it is messed up and just keep knitting, sometimes it gets taken apart and redone.
    Have a sweater I knitted, it is not the prettiest, have had comments about it, but it is warm and fits and I knitted it all, so it gets worn. lol

    Keep on trying, you are learning no matter what it looks like.


  5. Oh the trials and tribulations of knitting!! I have the same problem Pammy Sue. I can't fix my dropped stitches. I do want to improve mu knitting skills this year. It's all about the practice!
    I bug poor Greg with my makes too. He politely obliges!
    XO Kris

  6. Oh nooo! This is what I'm afraid of while knitting. If I make a mistake I have NO CLUE how to fix the bloody thing. I can knit for hours but it had better be perfect!
    I am so jealous of your color changes in the previous post. I'm not there yet.
    Gosh, keep going. I'm pulling for ya!

  7. ah yes. I can't tell you how many times I threw my needles across the room and said "eff it!" and then pick them back up and start again. sounds like you dropped a stitch, and I have found the best way to fix that is with a crochet hook, you can youtube that. knit, however lovely, is a pain in the ASS to rip back or "tink" as they say. Its not nearly as forgiving as crochet with the mistakes. don't give up. it happens. chalk it up to a learning experience. knit on!

  8. Oh you silly girl, don't fret, do you think there is one knitter out there who hasn't been where you are right now when learning to knit? We sure have and if they tell you different don't believe their lies, lol. You got it right, all a part of learning, and learn you will. I bet by the end of the year you will be knitting plenty more than loops. I remember having tons of rows done and then discovering I had dropped a stitch....OH NO! I ripped the whole mess apart and was so mad I couldn't see straight to knit for awhile. How hard can all this be, after all I have a brain. I still sit back and envy people who can knit like there is no tomorrow, and some of them are actually men, yep, men! Some of that fancy lace knitting actually involves dropping stitches, yes, yes, as a beginner you can get quite good at doing that, believe me, I've done it many a time. Don't give up.
    Susanne :)

  9. Well, the beginning of that third paragraph did it for me ..... Totally cracked me up LOL you are so funny and I love your blog. Re the knitting, been there done that. You did exactly what I do whenever I drop a stitch so don't feel bad - it's what half baked knitters (like us) do. Sometimes I feel the need to console myself with a bit of crochet - always a wonderful remedy. Push on girl and don't let those needles get the better of you. YOU CAN DO IT. Well, you can try to do it anyway. xox

  10. That is the exact reason why I prefer crocheting to knitting.. it's *SO* much easier to rip out a few rows of crocheting than trying to put dropped stitches back onto knitting. But still, I like to be able to be proficient in both. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Your poor tummy. Sugar free always hits my gut hard. I can't eat any sugar free or even chew sugarless gum nowadays.
    Sorry you had to frog..It happens. Cast on anew

  12. LOL! You crack me up, girl! That dang sugar-free candy was insult to injury!! You need a good stash of chocolate to knit!! No lie. ;) You learn... no matter that it gets frogged... you learn. Got to be good for our brains. ;) Love your writing and look forward to hearing more knitting tales. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  13. You'll get it sister..all in due time and soon you'll be producing beauty with 1 hook and 2 needles to share.

    That magazine is expensive, I bought it thinking it was $4.99, and paid 12.99 with tax on it, too late I was at the register after waiting in line, and I was dancing around in my head because I was happy I came upon it. We live and learn, well at least we should make some effort to do that. Candy and Pouting does make you feel better but diet candy, oh bother.

  14. What a shame! but never mind it happens to most of us, next time it will be perfect you will see and if it's not who cares! Sorry to hear about your tummy, I have been ill too and am now eating a banana when it should be a chocolate biscuit. :( xx

  15. That's exactly why I don't knit. At least when you drop a stitch in crochet, you can figure it out and fix it! Keep trying though. Good luck.

  16. Oh, so unfair for you! After all that hard work. I am sure that you will work it out and it will probably never happen again! xx

  17. I have been knitting for 27 years and I still need to rip out stuff, it is more painful then ripping out crochet I have to say.
    Stay away from the sugar free candy,

  18. I did that with the poncho pattern I'm working on. Didn't like the way the cowl neck looked and when I tried to fix it, I just made it worse, so I ripped it all out and started over.

    That sugar free candy stuff is awful! Does the same thing to me! I hope you're better!

  19. Oh if you could see some of my screw ups, you'd laugh until you peed on yourself. Seriously, knitting and I are on a sort of loose term kind of friendship...but lately, I all I want to do is knit. Go figure! Hang in can do anything ANYTHING you put your mind to! :) ((hugs))


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