Friday, February 13, 2015

I Love...

A Wedge Salad

I'd been craving a wedge salad for a couple of days and finally had one. It was GOOD! A wedge of fresh iceberg lettuce, bacon, feta, tomato, onion, a little cheddar, blue cheese dressing, and fresh-cracked black pepper. Fantabulous!

Making a scarf now.

Four of our Paperwhites out in the backyard have already bloomed.

Now that Fair Isle Book...

This is the cover.
And here are a few things you'll find inside...

A sampler piece they show framed on the wall.

I love these washcloths.

A pretty pillow cover.

An adorable bunny with sweater, scarf, dress, hat, and purse.

And this amazing baby blanket. Wow.
How great would it be to make this?

There are lots of other things in the book too, like sweaters and stuff. I really like the book. Two thumbs up. I love Nicki Trench's crochet books, which I've said here before. That's the main reason I chose this book. She did not disappoint. I WILL be making a few things out of this book some day when I've honed my knitting skills and knowledge a little more (a lot more).

I wish I'd get my KP order so I could finish that baby sweater. I'm chomping at the bit. They haven't even shipped it yet. What's up with your sporadic shipping times, Knit Picks? I wish I Tweeted so I could rip them a new one. I know they monitor social media for comments like that and usually respond. I'd like to know why they're like that. I promise I won't mention it again until I receive my order. I know it gets old hearing me bitch about the same old thing.

In honor of Valentines Day, here are some things I love, some of which you already know. These are in no certain order. You already know I love my hubby and my dogs and my yarny things, so I won't mention the obvious ones.

1.  The NASCAR season is about to start up. The first race is on Saturday night, and then the Daytona 500 is next Sunday. I'm looking forward to it. I love NASCAR.

2.  Suave Rosemary Mint Shampoo

3.  Baby Magic Baby Lotion.

4.  Bonnie Bell Skin Musk.

5.  Eos Lip Balm eggs.

6.  Eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, especially poached.

7.  Buying sheets and pillowcases -- really, anything for the bed.

8.  Road Trips.

9.  Very cool or cold weather and winter clothes.

10.  Swimming.

11.  I have to say it...puppy breath.

12.  Complimenting a stranger.

13.  The sound of our clock ticking in the house and the swing of the pendulum.

14.  Believing in angels.

15.  Taco Bell.

I think 15 is plenty, don't you?
I have lots more!
What do you love?


  1. I'm an Eos girl too! I have a fruity one and a mint one and I use each of them at least once a day. I LOVE wedge salad. I think it's my favorite thing about going to a steakhouse, actually!

  2. Now I want a wedge salad.. yours sounds perfect! Love your pink and white scarf.. I'm proud of you! I've done fair isle, you can do it. I did a gorgeous colorful fair isle knit and made it into a bag.. and it's lost somewhere in this house or attic and probably chewed up by mice now. Bummer! I think you need to CALL KP and ask to speak to a supervisor and give them a piece of your mind about their slow shipping!! And I want to go on road trip today to the beach and my hubby's back hurts and he doesn't want to go. wah. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Love angles and I believe in them too. The salad looks yummy. Now for your knitting, it looks really great, I mean really, really great. It is even and beautiful. Well done!

  4. I love the peak in side this book and the knitting is great.
    I need this wedge salad looks delish :)

  5. Your knitting is wonderful Pammy Sue. I've always loved the fair isle look, the patterns you showed are amazing (the baby blanket especially). Wishing you and the captain a Happy Valentines Day. Heather

  6. Your wedge salad looks I want one too. I've only done a few fair isle projects. I get frustrated easily and never think mine looks good enough on the back. I love that washcloth and baby blanket especially though. We share a lot of the same loves Pammy Sue. I have angels all over my house and believe that their are angels looking out for each one of us.
    Today I had lunch with 11 ladies from our church and we had a lovely time. Another thing I love, time with friends.
    Happy Valentine's Day Pammy Sue.

  7. Been awhile since I have had a wedge salad, but I did go to the store and bought some salad stuff then came home and ate donuts, grrr, but they were good. Your knitting is fabulous, and I'm excited to see what you do next, and so you are doing a scarf and want to do a million other things from your new book and I don't blame you, the book has so many tempting projects. Hard to choose now isn't it? I am between projects, have been catching up on Breaking Bad episodes that I recorded on the DVR. Oh my, talk about your edge of the seat show, I was hooked when I accidentally sat and watched one episode that was right smack dab in the middle of the whole series. Now have to start at the beginning. What I love, so many things, of course I would say God first because without Him there would be nothing. I am blessed because of Him. I still love my husband although he is gone from me now, my children, my grandson, my extended family. I love strawberries and pizza. I love warm days sitting on the porch with a glass of tea watching the birds, I love my crafty things.....I love my faithful friends. I'll stop there.
    Susanne :)

  8. I love when I tell my granddaughter I love her and she says grandma I love you more!
    I love that my daughters clean and sober.
    I love the smell of the air in the morning when I'm running with my friend.
    I love the smell of coffee brewing in the morning
    I love that my husband still puts sticky note love notes all over the house even married 30 years and work together
    I Love old episodes of law and order..can watch over and over.....
    I love the excitement of starting a new knitting or crochet project in planning it out
    I love reading this blog and I love my friend! Pammy Sue who makes me laugh happy Valentine's Day xoxo

  9. You're scarf is going to be beautiful Pammy Sue! If I could knit I would make everything in that book. It's all so colorful and yummy! I Love: *Hanging out with my granddaughters who are 12 and 15. They are so funny, sweet and full of teenage energy. *The smell of the pine forest when we're camping, hiking and canoeing. *Fudgsicles. *Old people. *Meadowlarks. *Baking bread. *Tom Hanks movies. *Riding the back roads of the country on the Harley. *The cello.
    Have a great Valentines Day, penny x

  10. Ive never had or heard of a wedge salad but it does look yummy. I lovk the look of that book too so many gorgeous projects, that baby blanket is amazing. Your scarf is looking good, have a great valentines weekend. :) xx

  11. The scarf you are making is YUMMY!!! LOVE those colors and how soft it looks! I am laughing because I could do most all of your list... but, especially #s 2, 3, 12 and 14!! And, okay, especially the sheets too. ;) Happy Valentine's Day, Pammy Sue! blessings ~ tanna

  12. I'll take your 9 and 10

  13. I haven't had a wedge salad since I was a kid at home! That's basically the only way my mom made salad. No store bought dressing either; just mayo and ketchup mixed together. None of the fancy stuff like cheese and bacon either! Your knitting is looking good. Keep up the good work!

  14. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Love the knit cowl! Love that book too, but it's way beyond my skill level.
    I absolutely love the winter. It's my favorite season! Everyone thinks I'm nuts, but hey, that's me! HA!

  15. Do I see a pink TRAP scarf??????

    I love baby lotion and haven't thought of it in years!
    I love dogs and cats too.
    WEdge salad.mmmmmm

  16. I just discovered your blog page while looking for doily patterns. Reading posts from someone who loves critters, crocheting and has a sense of humor has kept me entertained for quite a while. I found lots of doilies I want to crochet but the one I was looking for is the pink one on the left in your blog header. I didn't find a pattern or even a reference to that one. Can you help me out, please?

  17. OMG Pammy Sue - you are such a brave lady taking on that complicated knitting. I don't think I could cope with FairIsle. The scarf you're working on now looks nice and squishy - beautiful colour too. Look forward to seeing the ta-dah. xox

  18. I love that bunny pattern! How sweet! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  19. Alicia Propst, I sent you an email with the information on that doily pattern (it's a freebie). I used the email on your blogger profile.

  20. A salad would go down a treat right now.. Hot day here in the North of Tas..
    What do i love??? Waking up in the morning knowing I have been granted another day on this planet :)) Then everything else is a bonus :)) Thats it.. hope you had a great day ..
    Hugs pat :))

  21. Love your scarf you are doing fabulous Pammy Sue. I hope you had a wonderful valentines... Love your salad, it looks delicious.


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